Colony review by In Flames

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  • Released: Jun 22, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (53 votes)
In Flames: Colony

Sound — 10
This album is definitely one of In Flames' best. It is, as all the others, very well played. The band sounds very tight. All the songs on here are worth a listen, I think even if you're not really into this kind of music, because it's so well done and. I will go through and describe each song individually. 01. Embody The Invisible - first off, his song really doesn't sound like a lot of their other stuff, and I'd be hesitant to call it death metal. It isn't as heavy as their other stuff. It is still very very melodic and well put together though. I have no idea what the lyrics to this song mean though, something maybe about being more than what you are as you are in your bodily state. Something like that. 02. Ordinary Story - I'd be quicker to compare this to Embody the Invisible than I would any of their other songs on this CD. It's just about as heavy and keeps a melody throughout most of the song. This song also features a piano that adds a very nice touch. This little mini solo/bridge in the mid part of the song accents it very wall also. The vocals in this song are mostly a growling half-shout, but at some points he sort of talks/whispers in a melodic way. The lyrics in this song are about the world as it is today and how most people are completely caught up in their selves and fashion and how morality has almost no place in the day in time. He says he's losing himself as he has to be someone he doesn't want to. 03. Scorn - now this has more of the traditional In Flames sound! The intro features very melodic and heavy guitar and base while the drums just beat away in the back giving it an overall very heavy feeling. The reason this got an 8 instead of a 10 is because at some parts of the song I feel kind of bored as there really isn't much going on. The vocals, as always, accent this very well as he sings in a heavy growl. The lyrics may have something to do with how some guy shuts him self off from the rest of the world and lets himself die because there is some girl he can't have. Doesn't really sound like In Flames to me, but it works. 04. Colony - not one of my favorites. It starts with a synthy, symboly, and bassy intro and then goes into a more In Flames sound, that sounds awesome, but after that, I just don't like the sound of it that much, and the solo is almost annoying. Buy overall it's a nice song. The vocals in this are nice though, as he mixes his growl with a low wisper. The lyrics are about a colony of cyborgs in his mind that are superior to humans in every way? Sounds about right. Cool idea. 05. Zombie Inc. - I loves me this song! It's not as heavy as their other songs, which may be good or bad depending on how you look at it and depending on who you are. I like the melody kept in this song. The reason this is one of my favorites is for the mid part. it's absolutely mesmerizing and very well thought out. The vocals are still his signature growl. The lyrics though, I couldn't tell you what they mean, but by listening to it, I think it might have something to do with some kind a kingship and a female queen/ruler/goddess who warns of partaking in the dominion of the king and warns of their destruction if they do or something, and also making someone suck. Yeah. Really good song though. 06. Pallar Anders Visa - This is instrumental and very very good. It uses just guitars as far as I can tell. Towards the end there is a little synth sound though. No vocals. This is very very good though. Slow and melodic. 07. Coerced Coexistence - now for the most part this sounds like In Flames! I like the song a lot. The thing that gets this an 8 is in 3 parts of the song when he says "Pine, I'm selling my soul today, Pine, I need some sympathy" I just don't like the sound or the vocals. Other than that it is great. The solo is awesome. The vocals are still his growl except when he kinda scream shouts at some parts. The lyrics are about having to live with other people and things in the world even though you never intended on it. 08. Resin - I just don't like this song as much as the others. The thing to remember though is that I'm basing the songs off of each other and that that is how I'm rating them. 7 doesn't necessarily mean mediocre, just that it's not as good as the others in my opinion. Anyway, let's get down to the song. The guitar is nice as some parts, but seems kinda droll and repetitive most of the time. The drums use way to much cymbal and it sounds kinda sloppy. Not what I'd expect from In Flames at all. The vocals kinda get on my nerves too. The lyrics are I think about being held prisoner and how much of a hell it is. He says he crawls into a hall of giants everyday to beg for mercy, which I guess can only mean he crawls to his superiors in hopes on release or less harsh punishment. 09. Behind Space '99 - like, Oh Ma GHAWD! What, wait, I'm sorry for that, but I love this song. This song is originally from their first album Lunar Strain. The album is not listed on this site I'm guessing because there were only two of the current band members involved in it's making, same with the second and third albums, Subterranean and Black Ash Inheritance. Now, if you want true death metal, this is the way to go. It sounds a lot better than the original but still keeps it's sound intact. This song is definitely genius, and has the most head-banging riff of all of their songs I think. The vocals are awesome. The lyrics I think may be about the ultimate God or controller of the Universe. Awesome. 10. Insipid 2000 - now, I love th intro and the main riff of the song, along with the solo, but it's the two parts in the song where it cuts out to Anders talking that gets this song an 8. I would love to hear the sound of the intro or the main riff played throughout the entire song, but sadly, they don't do that. The vocals are spectacular. Anders uses a high Screamy growl to sing with and it's awesome. The song is a mystery to me though. I have no idea what the lyrics mean. It has something to do with a deserted area that may be just the town he speaks of or the entire world. I don't know. Pretty good song overall. 11. The New World - this song is maybe the best on the album. I am tied between Behind Space and this. The intro may be a bit too repetitive and may start to bore you, but don't change the song! After the first verse this song really picks up with song very melodic and well thought out guitar! about 2/3 of the way through the song it hits an amazing climax to finish off the album with a big bang. The solo is amazing, I mean it. The vocals aren't really anything to be that excited about, but are still very well done. The lyrics are about I'm guessing a start in a new area for a group of people and how they say it's a new world, but only the idea has changed and that everything is still the same.

Lyrics — 8
For the most part. The lyrics on this album are very well done. At some times it is hard to understand what he says, but I've never actually listened to music for the lyrics, only for the way the vocalist sings and compliments the song with them. He certainly does have a singing style that is common, but his voice and the way he uses it is unmatched in my opinion.

Overall Impression — 9
Well well now. This album is amazing. I really think that this is a gem that most people I know and have talked to have overlooked. It is definitely worth picking up. If it were lost or stolen, yes I would pick it up the instant I knew I have lost it! I urge you to pick this up and their other stuff too!

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    Yeah, Zombie Inc. got one of the nicest solo's I've ever heard. In Flames on fire!
    best cd ever, it just has a bad recording i love how energetic it is... but considering one fourth of the songs are rereleases... uggh
    It pains me to choose, but this is my favorite IF record. Zombie Inc. has passion that's rarely matched in modern music. The clean section is simply amazing. The Colony solo, annoying? Blasphemy!