Reroute To Remain review by In Flames

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  • Released: Sep 3, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (46 votes)
In Flames: Reroute To Remain

Sound — 10
This record's sound is nothing short of amazing. I can't believe how much they've changed compared to their previous albums. Where to start? Well, for one thing, they have two songs on here that particularly stick out, "Metaphor" and "Dawn of a New Day". With the melody just overflowing in this song, and with the acoustic guitars, and even a friggin' violin! Of course, In Flames ARE known for their instrumentals, but still, not with the lyrics. Anders nails it! The guitars are still chock-fulla bad ass solos and killer riffs, so don't think they've turned soft or anything. This is the best sounding and easiest album to listen to in thei entire collection.

Lyrics — 10
My God, the lyrics are just amazing. Pure poetry if you ask me. I know I may sound a bit one-sided, but this band deserves the praise. Not only has Anders improved his vocal skills as a singer, but the guitarists definitely improved, as the songs are much more well-put together and well..everything just seems to flow. The lyrics go well with the music, as most of the music is chaotic, and the lyrics are mostly about the problems the world faces, such as in the song "Egonomic". However, Anders gets in touch with his more personal side in songs like "Metaphor" and "Dawn of a New Day". Great lyrics, great singer.

Overall Impression — 10
The best album In Flames ever put out, which is saying a lot. I'm a big fan, but before it was because I loved their guitars. Now, I can actually get into singing some of their songs, which is a plus, even though I'm no vocalist. Anyways, I would definitely buy this cd ten times over if it got stolen ten time, so that should tell you something. The best songs (hard to pick, they're all good) are probably "Metaphor", "Trigger", and "Dawn of a New Day". Get it. You'll love it.

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    i think that the best album by in flames is the jester race/black ash inherritance
    In Flames is a good enough band to release multiple CD's with a perfect ten though.
    Briljant album with 3 songs that are already classics to me: System, Trigger and especially Cloud Connected. More metal than those songs seems to be impossible to me...
    This cd is their best. They really caught my attention with their Whoracle cd, but this kicks whoracle's ass
    while im not trying to argue any kind of point about the cd at all, the reason im commenting is actually to see if anyone else is wondering why this review has so many misspellings
    best in flames cd... 14 songs and NONE OF THEM SUCK, isn't that nice?