Reroute To Remain Review

artist: In Flames date: 10/06/2009 category: compact discs
In Flames: Reroute To Remain
Released: Sep 3, 2002
Genre: Rock
Tones: Hostile, Angry, Bleak, Visceral, Aggressive, Menacing
Styles: Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Scandinavian Metal
Number Of Tracks: 14
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 10
Reroute To Remain Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 11, 2003
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Sound: This record's sound is nothing short of amazing. I can't believe how much they've changed compared to their previous albums. Where to start? Well, for one thing, they have two songs on here that particularly stick out, "Metaphor" and "Dawn of a New Day". With the melody just overflowing in this song, and with the acoustic guitars, and even a friggin' violin! Of course, In Flames ARE known for their instrumentals, but still, not with the lyrics. Anders nails it! The guitars are still chock-fulla bad ass solos and killer riffs, so don't think they've turned soft or anything. This is the best sounding and easiest album to listen to in thei entire collection. // 10

Lyrics: My God, the lyrics are just amazing. Pure poetry if you ask me. I know I may sound a bit one-sided, but this band deserves the praise. Not only has Anders improved his vocal skills as a singer, but the guitarists definitely improved, as the songs are much more well-put together and well..everything just seems to flow. The lyrics go well with the music, as most of the music is chaotic, and the lyrics are mostly about the problems the world faces, such as in the song "Egonomic". However, Anders gets in touch with his more personal side in songs like "Metaphor" and "Dawn of a New Day". Great lyrics, great singer. // 10

Overall Impression: The best album In Flames ever put out, which is saying a lot. I'm a big fan, but before it was because I loved their guitars. Now, I can actually get into singing some of their songs, which is a plus, even though I'm no vocalist. Anyways, I would definitely buy this cd ten times over if it got stolen ten time, so that should tell you something. The best songs (hard to pick, they're all good) are probably "Metaphor", "Trigger", and "Dawn of a New Day". Get it. You'll love it. // 10

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overall: 10
Reroute To Remain Reviewed by: castoo, on december 01, 2007
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Sound: This is the first recording of In Flames that's comparable to most mainstream acts. It's the best CD by In Flames ever with 14 tracks. It's the first CD I bought (I now have them all), and it's still my favorite. There is less keyboard than STYE, but it still manages to be very catchy. Ander's first CD with decent vocals. // 10

Lyrics: Honestly, Lunar Strain and TJR were both crap lyrics. Whoracle had the worst lyrics, but it wasn't written by anyone in In Flames. Clayman wasn't so hot imo, pinball map and suburban were the only good lyrics. STYE was personal lyrics, and CC was a combo of social/personal lyrics, R2R is a blend of social/personal/quasi-religious songs and it's good. Ander's voice is the best yet and IMO- he only did good on STYE CC and R2R. R2R features a scream not as harsh as CC but more controlled than any earlier work. It doesn't have the STYE mumbling or any of the Colony whispers, which is nice. The lyrics are the last of the poetic ones by In Flames (STYE is basically a drunken rant, and CC is upfront, there's very little interpertation needed). 01. Reroute To Remain - this song is about trying and overcoming obstacles, co-written with some chick I think 02. System - this song has some great lines 'I hate it when you throw my thoughts against the wall', 'all that I know is that my life has become such was for you'. Uses a harsh voice and at the last line of the song has almost a melodic coo, it's very good. 03. Drifter - this is a love song? 'The words I hear are of scrambled letters, never let me know, I was alright'. Anders shines in the chorus, the lyrics are a bit open ended. 04. Trigger - great song, it's about how people find their identity find their computers and how it's not such a good thing. 'What's my name I haven't checked it today', 'I'm trying to seperate what's real'. I love it. 05. Cloud Connected - against people who keep their head in the sand. No clue what the phrase cloud connected means, but oh well. Anders uses a nasty little whisper similar to STYE (oddly enough this song feels like it could really be on STYE due to the heavy keyboard use) Also seems to be against society 'should I kill or should I be left behind?' and then this really stupid line 'sick and tired of your complaints', not sure how you can complain about people complaining, bleh oh well. 06. Transparent - good song emphasizes how people can change (and how they need to). 07. Dawn Of A New Day - very hopeful, very good, I dislike Ander's voice outside of the chorus. 08. Egonomic - again uses the harsh voice found on system, very fast paced song, lyrics are against society/government and possibly socialism in particular 'they douse the fires with gasoline', or it could simply mean governments do the wrong thing, these lyrics are not straight forward. 09. Minus - this song was also co-written with the girl who worked on the song R2R, Anders shines on the chorus, and the song seems to talk about how children are creative and encourages that 'I love that lulluby', 'the world inside is yours tonight' and talks about how dreamlands can be created. 10. Dismiss The Cynics - a semi-love song 'you and me, that's all we need' and continuing despite the cynics and self-doubt. 11. Free Fall - 'This is the free-fall' w/e that means, not my favorite vocal exhibition. 12. Dark Signs - darkest lyrics so far and has a harsh (but clear) voice on this song strangled and abused, it's a good song. 13. Metaphor - great lyrics, bit on the downside, seems to be a plea to someone to let the past go. 14. Black And White - great closer for the CD, quasi-religious, tries to assure people of salvation by saying no ones a saint (some parts I agree with some parts I don't, but great none the less). // 10

Overall Impression: It's heavy enough for me to like it but not so light that it can just be set as background music. 01. Reroute To Remain - big intro with keyboards, that's really the best part. 2. System - very heavy and fast song, with a slower chorus- very very good. Has best solo on the CD. 3. Drifter - my favorite, but I know it's not the best, bit slower. 4. Trigger - no surprise that this song got it's own EP, has another great solo. Trigger in lyrics in everything is great, though it took me a while to like. 05. Cloud Connected - great keyboards and has a riff similar to the intro to colony/crawl through knives, it's friggin great, first song I heard from In Flames. 6. Transparent - the beginning sound is not so hot and the singing on parts of the chorus is not audible, but a great song anyway. 07. Dawn Of A New Day - best acoustic of In Flames? Has a great continous beat and a very uplifting chorus. I really like this song. 08. Egonomic - fast drums lead the song on, and it's a bit short, but I still like it. 09. Minus - this song is really melodic, and even has an acoustic guitar in the chorus, one of the better songs of the album (though I think all of them are really good). 10. Dismiss The Cynics - has a great intro with drums and a guitar rift. 11. Free Fall - has cheesy keyboard intro that falls in the rift of the chorus, it's alright. 12. Dark Signs - dark song, almost reminiscent of horrible (think dialogue with the stars). 13. Metaphor - another great acoustic with a mandolin, it's a great song and just seems to roll on. 14. Black And White - starts with almost a static and then just starts blasting in the ears, excellent closer. The CD art is great behind CC, it's semi-religious with blank faces and people wandering, there are stars and typical celestial references. One of them has on figure pointing a figure at almost a shadowfigure, and another features the snake from the garden etc. It's great and I would buy it again and again, it's great. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Reroute To Remain Reviewed by: nfldguitarist, on june 09, 2008
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Sound: In flames originate from sweden.They are one of the 3 founders of the "Melodic Death metal" subgenre that they have constantly re-invented over time and time again.As albums progressed In Flames eventually formed into a formidable Alternative Metal band.This Album was there first shot at a totla Alt Metal approach to their already chaotic Melo-Death sound.Guitarsits Jesper Stromblad and Bjorn Gellote plugged their ESP Guitars and turned their Peavey amps all the way up to 11 and cranked guitar snorts that would make all other Metalcore bands quiver with fear.The Album is a perfect display of their chaotic death Metal based sound with electronics and clean vocals.To put it short this album kicks major league ass. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics continue in the same vain as Claymn's lyrics did.Personal Struggles seem to be the main focus of this album.Anders delivers his usual extreme vocal performance.It goes from death Metal Growls and Light melodic singing.This will undoubtdly leave an impression on you. You can bitch as much as you want about them selling out but I personally found this a great album. // 8

Overall Impression: This is my favourite In flames album.Whether They growl, sing, scream or do anything else I can't seem to get enough. I love songs Like Drifter, Trigger, Cloud connected, Reroute to remain and Minus. I loved old In Flames and I actually can't get enough of new In flames. The songs have also gotten a lot better live. You here songs like Moonshield and Upon an Oaken throne and you think they're amazing on the album but you here it live and the songs just don't sound quite the same, but if you here the song Trigger for example, it almost seems better live. I would Atomic bomb the persons house and then poop on their grave for ever stealing this album. // 9

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overall: 7.3
Reroute To Remain Reviewed by: Glufius, on october 06, 2009
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Sound: In my opinion, Reroute to Remain is where In Flames starts "over". From this album and out, they've written all their best music. These are songs that people remember, and I think that it's from here that In Flames startet their real journey. Now, I know that many die-hard fans, that's been loving the band since they're first Record would disagreed, but In Flames has Changed so much since the begining, and I think it's important to look at the bigger picture. Also, IF sais themselves that this album is "Modern and more Mature", and has helped the band reach goals thought unreachable. A typical thing from In Flames(and many others)though, is that even though many of the songs are good, there's also some that, really doesn't aproove to the rest. Now, this can also be due to my own taste in music, and of In Flames themselves, so I won't go any further. However, they have many songs that really get your atention, and makes you(want to sing/scream along. Reroute to remain is a brilliant song, and an excelent way to start an album. Any other song as Track 1, would probably destroy the whole experience of the album. System was kinda, right-on-slightly-too-hard-for-me kinda song. And then the first calm part came in, and I started to listen more to it. And when the Chorus came, I was sold. Very, very catchy, with nice background, and simple, heavy rythms with Anders' awesome clean vocals. And the break thingy is pretty awesome. And with the keyboard solo on top makes this song complete, even thoug In Flames and keyboard solos really don't match good together, this one is really cool. Drifter is not really my taste, I think that IF could do a little better with this one. But there is a really catchy riff, but it doesn't last long enough to really enjoy the rest of the song. Trigger is a pretty cool song, but it's easy to dislike it if you've heard it to often in short time. The Chorus is awesome, but most of the rest is kinda Clich. Not boring, but you'll feel like you've heard the song before, and by that I mean of course that it can resemble, or remind you of older and other IF songs. Cloud Connected is one of the best songs IF has ever written, no question about it. It's heavy, catchy, and really easy to digg. I havn't grown tierd of, even though it's long passed 5 years since I heard it the first time. Nothing more to tell! Transparent was one of the songs I was most sceptical too. The die-hard intro with an out of rythm high-hat, going into total f--kin' mayhem made me question the song. But in time, it's very easy too like. Even though it starts too hard than early IF, it get's "back on track" fast enough to digg the rest of the tune. Dawn Of A New Day is the first of 2 ballads on the album. It's a really nice tune, and a lot of atmosphere. However, I think it becomes a little too much. I wish they didn't use so much effects, and played it a little more "clean", as they do once in the middle of the song. In my opinion, it'd be the spot over the "I". Egonomic is slightly to fast too my taste, or, to put it in an other way. I think IF should keep the heavy riffs, and keep down the tempo. When IF makes fast songs, such as this, they should really consider they're riffs. The After-Chorus Riff is a great example. But it's a really cool song all in all. Minus' intro is too "cordy", and the later riffs is not exactly for my taste, but the chorus is really cool, and the later riffs will blow your mind! Dismiss the Cynics's is neither of my taste, and the melody comin' in is too short. If it was twice as long, I think I'd aproove to the entire song, at least like it more. But this song also has the only Chorus that I DON'T like, I don't know why. I think it's because it's too different from the others. The Calm part however, is where you really get too rest your ears. I just wish they'd put it earier on the album. Free Fall could also be too cordy, but I feel like it doesn't matter the slightest bit, 'cause it's really cool, and has a nice String"melody" in the background. Also, I like the way they used the Music Box in the intro and in the middle of the song. All in all, this song is one of the catchiest on the album, and almost reminds one of Only For the Weak. Dark Signs' intro is one that you'll feel like you've heard before, so it automaticly feels kinda boring. But the verse and the chorus totaly changes the tune, and get's exstremily cool. Metaphor, feels like it isn't IF. The mellow tones and the vocals just don't sound like the way you want IF to sound. But the later guitarmelody is definetly worth checking out, and deserve a real listen. Also the "break", or whatever it is, is really chill, and almost makes you want to sleep to just that part, stuck on repeat. A Beautifull song, but not really IF in my opinion. Black and White is the last track on the Album, and has one of the heaviest riffs, specialy for an intro. And the Chorus is probably one of the coolest they have. Yet an other great song from IF. The Music-style in general is Gothenburg-metal, or Melodic-Death-Metal, if you like. But some songs, and some parts are so heavy, that you might as well call it "real"-heavy-metal. The reason for the "real", is 'cause most of the (now ancient) old heavy metal bands weren't too heavy at all. One of the cool thing about IF, is that you can always find a song, that almost everybody can listen too, and enjoy at the same time, and I think that even though it's not the same song for all, it's one on each Album. // 8

Lyrics: This Album offers only 2 songs that passes 4 minutes, and one that's even shorter than 3, so the amount off lyrics are minimal. Wich is a good thing, if you have a hard time memorizing it. However, with such short songs, I really don't feel like they get the entire meaning, or story, in the song, just small parts of it. Also, in some songs, it's kinda hard to get the real point of what they're trying to tell us. So, I'll spare you an explanation, 'cause I really don't think I get the point in their songs, so I might be wrong and make a fool out of myself. However, Anders Frieden is a very skilled singer, and nails every single track to perfection. No one else in the world could make a better voice to IF. // 7

Overall Impression: Not many of the songs compare to earllier albums, though you can still hear it's IF. Of course, some have a small resemblance, but it's still a unike pice off art. A small list of songs that is my favourite: Reroute to Remain Trigger Cloud Connected Dawn of a New Day Egonomic & Free Fall. These are the ones I think are the best songs on the album. In one way or an other, these songs have that little thing that makes the whole album worth enjoying. I love the heavy riffs, the melodies, and the Vocals just to make it short. The way they play all together is just amazing and wonderfull, and becomes an oragsm to your ears. I can easily say, that there is nothing that I hate about this album, just like a litte less than love. It's a fantastic album, and even though I collect CDs, if I'd loose this one, I would without a doubt buy it again! // 7

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