The Mirror's Truth [EP] Review

artist: In Flames date: 03/17/2008 category: compact discs
In Flames: The Mirror's Truth [EP]
Release Date: Mar 10, 2008
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genres: Metal
Number Of Tracks: 4
In Flames supply us with a very promising appetiser for what is to come.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 8.7
The Mirror's Truth [EP] Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 14, 2008
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Sound: In Flames fans have been incredibly divided by their output since the new millennium. Their two albums 'Reroute To Remain' and 'Soundtrack To Your Escape' are continually criticised as being 'nu metal' and too commercial, especially when put next to classics like 'The Jester Race'. However, their last album, 2006's 'Come Clarity' was a definite step back towards their earlier, more melodic sound. So, this single/EP functions as a little taste of what to expect from their upcoming album 'A Sense Of Purpose' released next month. The sound is a very interesting one, as it takes the aggressive double-time punch of 'Come Clarity' (mostly thanks to Daniel Svensson's consistently stellar drumming) and the more melodic vocals of 'Reroute To Remain', but most interestingly the EP is filled with lead guitar work that was paramount to In Flames' earlier music. The only track that will appear on the full length, single 'The Mirror's Truth', is defined very much by a highly melodic chorus with an infectious lead guitar melody and a solid vocal line. Similarly, 'Eraser' and 'Tilt' are filled with brilliant little licks and harmonised riffs that bring together their sounds from across the years. Closer 'Abnegation' is an update of the first song fans heard from the band since 'Come Clarity', and unfortunately it is still fairly lacklustre but it still boasts a fantastic guitar solo. This EP really shows that In Flames have found a great sound for the band they are today, rather than attempting to copy their early sound or churn out more albums like 'Soundtrack To Your Escape'. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics from vocalist Anders Fridn haven't been too strong for a good number of years, but the lyrics here seem to be a big step up from the poor attempts on 'Come Clarity'. The vocals themselves have also improved. Anders has clearly abandoned his vocal style from the band's 90's output but his new style has got better with each album it appears on. It's still far from ideal but it now suits the music quite well. The single itself features lyrics which seem to be about society and their reaction to political and environment events and with a topic like that the Anders of old could have easily made something very whiny out of it but he does a good job, and it's very promising. // 7

Overall Impression: This EP is incredibly promising, featuring three outstanding tracks and one mediocre one, which was thankfully left off of the full album. If you're new to In Flames, this EP isn't going to be the best introduction, but perhaps the newest full length will be. If you're a long-time In Flames fan who has given up on them ever making decent music again, you should still check this out because really their new sound has incredible potential and there are moments on all of these songs that could quite easily fit onto albums like 'Whoracle' and 'Colony'. Don't dismiss this band just yet. // 10

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overall: 10
The Mirror's Truth [EP] Reviewed by: clayman999, on march 14, 2008
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Sound: Right from the start, this EP shows why In Flames is still top of the game. Sure you can say they sold out, but not every band can sound the same album to album. This EP continues the trend started with Reroute to Remain and Soundtrack to Your Escape; for better or worse (better, in my opinion) this is the direction they are taking. Right when you press play, you can tell that it is, indeed, In Flames; the signature guitar work is hard to miss. Each song has a different feel; "The Mirror's Truth" is aggressive, with blinding drums, solid bass, amazing guitar (even a small solo thrown in), and it comes together amazingly; "Eraser" brings much the same feel, with a slightly more synthesized feel to it, which In Flames is getting the hang of; "Tilt" has a slightly slower pace to it, but still feels like an IF song; and "Abnegation", I can't say enough good things about this song. While first appearing on Viva La Bands Vol. 2, this is a reworked version of it; slightly different lyrics, better vocals, and an overall tighter feel. I didn't think they could make that song any better, and I was surprisingly shown wrong. This song is so tight, it is easily top 5 among their extensive career, along with Take This Life and Trigger. Unfortunately, only "The Mirror's Truth" will be on their new album, but if this is the stuff that didn't make the cut, I cannot wait to see what they pull out. // 10

Lyrics: Anders Friden has been criticized for changing his vocal styles starting with Colony and Clayman; However, he is now a prime example of a Grade-A vocalist. He hasn't lost any aggressiveness in his singing, and proves with these songs that he can sing a melody or two. His lyrics have shown that he is growing as a songwriter as well; I cannot describe how well thought out and constructed his lyrics are. The vocals are multilayered, allowing for a more focused sound, whether it be raw or melodic. Again, I cannot wait to see what the new album holds in store. // 10

Overall Impression: This, in my opinion, the strongest work In Flames has put out, which is saying a lot, as Come Clarity rarely leaves my CD player. As part of the Melodic Death Metal scene, they have shown an amazing maturation along side their counterparts, Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity (their latest albums also receive heavy, heavy, rotation with me). "Abnegation" has over 100 plays on my iPod in the last 2 weeks, I just cannot get enough of it; The only downsides I find with this EP is that (1) it is not longer, (2) 3/4 songs aren't gonna be on the new album, and (3) the wait for the next 2 weeks until "Sense of Purpose" comes out is going to be even longer. Even at 4 songs and 16 minutes length, I would buy new copies whenever something happened to it. // 10

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overall: 8.7
The Mirror's Truth [EP] Reviewed by: sleepwalker16, on march 17, 2008
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Sound: In my hands I am holding 'The Mirror's Truth' EP, the taster for what's to come on the new In Flames album, 'A Sense of Purpose'. Three of the songs on this EP won't appear on the upcoming album, and what can I say about that? Get the EP or you're missing out big time. Two out of the three songs, titled 'Eraser' and 'Abnegation' are some of the best work I've seen from the "new" In Flames (Reroute to Remain and on). Those songs possess great guitar work, amazing keyboards that blend in very well, skillful drumming, a few solos, all mixed very well and great sounding. On the other hand, another song that won't appear on the new album, 'Tilt', is better off left out, as it's rather mediocre and sounds much like filler to me, even though it has a few great licks. The last song, 'The Mirror's Truth', will appear on the new album and is neither filler nor great, it's just good. Overall, the sound of this EP is best described as the 'Reroute to Remain' vocals meet the 'Colony' guitars and keyboards, producing some great work. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this EP are great, even though they are kinda cheesy at times, take the rhyming in the first verse of 'Abnegation' for example. That doesn't rid them of their appeal, again, I'll use 'Abnegation' as an example, lines 'We believe but we are not free, this wasteland is our prison' and 'This torn land, I'd rather not live here anymore' clearly adress the pollution and waste issue. The problem with the EP is that not all lyrics are published in it, only the ones for 'Abnegation' and 'The Mirror's Truth' are. That's a problem easily solved, thanks to Anders's great pronunciation and vocal style. // 9

Overall Impression: This EP provides me with high hopes, with In Flames producing some of the finest material they produced in years, the new album is bound to be good. This EP is worth spending money on just because of 'Eraser' (the best song on the EP in my opinion) and 'Abnegation', as these tracks won't appear on the new album, and are very good. I can safely say that In Flames have found a great sound, not as good as their old stuff (everything up to Clayman), but much better than the one on their recent efforts. I just hope that they can keep it up on the upcoming album. // 9

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