Earthwalker review by In Hearts Wake

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  • Released: May 2, 2014
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (13 votes)
In Hearts Wake: Earthwalker

Sound — 10
Ever since their UNFD debut album "Divination" released in 2012, In Hearts Wake fans have been anxiously clawing for more music. "Earthwalker" (released May 2, 2014 in Australia and May 6, 2014 worldwide) is exactly what fans familiar with the scene will love. The members of In Hearts Wake are directing the theme of the album towards the protection of the planet. 

Intense and powerful screams provided by lead vocalist Jake Taylor couple with mesmerizing clean vocals provided by bass player Kyle Erich mesh perfectly in many different areas on the album.

It opens up with your standard instrumental build-up entitled "Gaia." Nothing really special with it, but it does provide a pretty solid transition into the heavy-hitting "Earthwalker." The title track definitely does a fantastic job of showing what these guys are capable of. Next up, the first single from the album, "Divine" shows off everything the band has worked to achieve and everything they learned along the way. The strength continues throughout the album with "Healer," "Rebirth," "Afterglow" and "Truenorth." "Gravity" is the perfect example of both vocalists utilizing their skills to create one of the most powerful sounding songs on the record. Right away, you can tell that they are consistent in the message they send and strong in the delivery.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on "Earthwalker" follow more of a "earthcore" theme.

In my opinion, "Sacred" shows off the point in the best straight-across fashion.

"We cannot have infinite economic growth/
on a finite planet/
Disengage everything that you were ever told/
We must restore the balance/
I believe"

The song closes with a powerful final line:

"Starving children will inherit a wasteland/ 
so what the fuck will money achieve?"

The first single off of the album, "Divine" showcases a more overall benchmark for the band.

"I can hear her calling me home/ 
Mother nature suspended in time/
We are one/
We are divine"

Overall Impression — 9
In Hearts Wake is the perfect example of metalcore done right. Perfectly blending powerful unclean vocals with a high range of cleans is not an easy feat. It's one that many bands in modern metalcore miss. "Gravity" remains as one of my favorite examples of what the genre is all about and "Wildflower" showcases the soft side of the band. 

The final track, "Mother," would have been much better if replaced with a full length song, but it gets the message across, through and through. This album will definitely be one that I will keep near the front of my playlist for years to come. If you like metalcore at all, in anyway, In Hearts Wake is the perfect band for fans from Suicide Silence to Northlane to blessthefall.

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    Yes, very good band I love all their materiel i bump there early stuff (lol), but i don't like how about every review on/about a new post-hardcore band or album are negative. HOWEVER when a band that has somewhat metaphysical lyrics everyone gets their dicks hard, I mean like issues or palisades alums are really great but got alot of negativity but i guess i cant speak for eveyone
    Definitely a huge fan of this band ever since I heard Divination. Was not disappointed with this album.
    GS LEAD 5
    Loved Divination. Straight up, typical Metalcore IMO, but oh so very well done. Doesn't ever get boring, thoroughly enjoyable.
    Man Jake has got some pipes on him, very powerful and a lot more controlled unclean than other metalcore bands, loving this album!