Blood review by In This Moment

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  • Released: Aug 10, 2012
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4 Poor
  • Users' score: 6.6 (54 votes)
In This Moment: Blood

Sound — 3
I wasn't all that impressed. It sounds like they're trying to incorporate dubstep into their sound. I gave it a 3 - only because of Maria's voice and "Scarlet" was pretty good. I'm still a fan of the band, but this will be the album I pull out once every 2 years or less.

Lyrics — 5
Well, I was too distracted by their pseudo-dubstep to pay much attention. I caught myself singing songs by other artists while listening to the album, that's how unimpressed I was. Although, credit where credit is due: Maria's vocals are good as always. She put in a solid performance that I was unfortunately not able to follow due to the (and sorry that I'm repeating myself so much) dubstep.

Overall Impression — 4
This is destined to be either the album that killed their career, or the album they try to distance themselves from. I really like "Scarlet", the intro ("Rise With Me") is kinda cool and "Adrenelize" is alright, although a bit too much like just about everything else they play on Octane (XM radio).

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    I've never really got much of a kick from their music, but I just listened to the title track for this and I actually really liked it. The electronics work well (seriously, dubstep? congratulations on adding to the number of ****ing idiots on this site) and her voice is great on it. Also I would touch her inappropriately.
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    Erm, what? I'm 8 songs into the album right now and the only time I could hear anything like dubstep is in 'blood' where they over use a certain effect (don't know what it's called, or how to describe it) and this effect is widely used within all musical genres. It seems to me you have just heard something that somehow resembles dubstep (I can't hear it) and made a review that is basically "ermehgurddd doobsteep" without really mentioning anything else about the album. I don't like dubstep so I can tell you now, if I could hear it in this album I would turn it of straight away and throw it in the trash.
    agree. i will say everyone is using electronics here lately but i liked the darkness of the album. not their best but i enjoy it
    Wow, what a poor definition of dubstep then, a few splits of some notes here and there does not equate the label of dubstep. This album is pretty dark and was a little diverse, it was pretty good. Really enjoyed self-titled song, and also enjoyed from the ashes, you're gonna listen, and scarlet. Not as good as the Dream in my opinion, but no need to slam them, it's professionally done, I just with there were elements of the song structure from the Dream combined with the dark brutality of "blood" the song, that's where I would appreciate them the most
    It sounded more like an Evanescence or AFI (decemberunderground) influence than a dub step influence in my opinion.
    Ps: hate to double post, but I really doubt this album kills their career. If anything, the people I know that have heard it and aren't fans of the band actually like it. We can argue validity in music taste all day, but I wouldn't be surprised if Whore, Adrenalize and/or Burn got some serious radio play, and actually helps there career. I would like to see a mix of this album with the heavier songs on A Star-Crossed Wasteland for their next album.
    I don't think this reviewer knows what dubstep is... Electronic, of course. Dubstep, imo no. For what it is, a mainstream metal record, yeah, its okay. Listenable all around. Bands like ITM are what makes it possible to listen to music in the car with your not-metal girlfriend and not want to bail out at 65 mph.
    I was about halfway through writing a review for this but stopped because it was hard to really describe why I like it. I'm in the group that wasn't impressed with The Dream, and liked their first album and most of the third album, so I wasn't expecting to like this one after hearing Blood. It's a different direction for sure, and reminded me of a lot of albums partially written by a producer (Ozzy's last one, manson, zombie), but I can't help digging it. It's top heavy, with the bulk of the good stuff being Blood (which grew on me...and that video didn't hurt) through Burn being pretty solid, and the second half being just kind of ok. I don't know. Great performance overall by Maria, the electronic elements actually fit the songs well, and it's catchy as hell. Not a good guitar album, for sure, but there's some good stuff here. I would give it a 7/10 because the first half and Burn are just solid, but the taper off at the end, while still decent, wasn't up to their previous albums. If you add in the Japanese bonus track, Remember, and got rid of Blood Legion, I would put it up to a 9. Remember is their best song, in my opinion.
    the start stop rhythm has been a characteristic of nu metal for a while now...
    I wish you could learn how to spell beautiful. Album doesn't suck... if anything, their fan base has grown like crazy since they released this album.
    You're right, in that I didn't have much to say about the album other than 'ermehjdigs dubstep'. I listened to it once and it didn't hold my attention. Did you read the part where I wrote that I caught myself singing songs from other bands? Yeah. And as to the 'incorporation of dubstep' comments I made- well, I'm not a fan of dubstep. Anyone that likes dubstep, that's fine for them. It's just not for me. And why I feel that ITM is trying to incorporate dubstep- it's that start-stop thing, disjointed rhythm thing. Not a fan.
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    "And why I feel that ITM is trying to incorporate dubstep- it's that start-stop thing, disjointed rhythm thing." What? I don't even understand what this is supposed to mean. Please give an example from a song where it is obvious, any song, it doesn't have to be In this Moment.
    The first minute of the title track... it's synth background, with guitar accents. Which then breaks apart (with editing). Followed by the chorus, which has all kinds edited break-apart / repeat crap. That is exactly what I dislike about the album. All the editing which sounds an awful lot like what Skrillex did with Korn. If that isnt dubsteppy, then WTF is?
    All the good members joined James Durbins band. So they were screwed. Looks like that was all the talent in the band besides maria.
    the lead guitarist who was with her from the beginning who wrote most of the material stayed... it was the rhythm guitarist that left...i havnt heard blood yet but either way the core songwriters are still there..
    Regardless of what you think of the album, that was a horrible review by gnurph. There are only slight electronic/dubstep sounds on the album, and to claim that these minor effects that happen fairly infrequently detract from Maria's vocal performances, which happen almost the entirety of every song, is ridiculous. I for one enjoy the album, and appreciate the more groove oriented direction. I think the band is growing, especially in the songwriting department.
    Everyone is trying to play dubstep. It's just a matter of time until someone makes new better sound out of dubstep, and then everyone will start loving it. [Stating Muse:] Just like what RATM has done with hip-hop.
    This album really felt like it lacked the creativity that the last two brought. Kinda disappointed, but its listenable.
    Look this is more of an industrial shift in style and musicianship. Dubstep is not industrial and this album is not dubstep at all. I have listened to it and yes electronic elements exist heavily but no more than industrial albums.
    The effects they used in this album are more from the industrial side of things, think Renholder, Nine Inch Nails and Kidney Thieves. While some of it's done well, and some not, it is without a doubt very far from any dubstep influences.
    If youve noticed there latest albums seem to follow a theme thus depends on the style they seem to play
    Veronique Vega
    I bought the album and it totally sucked except like 2 songs. There was like a tiny dubstep sound to it i guess but it was more like they were trying to be all industrial metal or somenthing IDK. I wish they would go back to Beatiful Tragedy of the Dream.
    I wouldn't say 'dubstep', but there is a clear overuse of electronics on this album. In my opinion this album is distinctly average. Not up to the standard of their previous 3 whatsoever.
    I actually really liked this album. It definately wasn't as good as Dream or Tragedy but still nice to listen to. I didn't like the 'electronic-y' stuff, but I love that they are still experimenting with their sound. I LOVE when bands discover their limits. It's the point, really. Havin' fun.