The Dream Review

artist: In This Moment date: 10/16/2008 category: compact discs
In This Moment: The Dream
Released: Sep 30, 2008
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 11
The Dream, unlike their last album, features more use of clean vocals and harmonization rather than Maria Brink's high-pitched screams.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
The Dream Reviewed by: Nikki Christ, on october 16, 2008
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Sound: In This Moment's sophmore album, "The Dream", may leave the old ITM fans suprised with what they hear. Unlike their debut, "Beautiful Tragedy", there is a lot less screaming on the new album, and most of the songs have a more melodic approach. With that being said, the band still has kept it's edge, and there is actually more impressive guitar work on the new album. Songs like "Forever" and "Mechanical Love" contain some catchy solos and interesting chord progressions. One song, "Into the Light" was almost entirely piano based, and even though it was unlike In This Moment, it was breath-taking to listen to. "The Dream", the title track of the album, was really the only terrible song on the album. It was way too drawn out and boring. Overall, the sound is a lot more poppy than ITM's first album. I was pretty dissapointed by this at first, but there was still plenty of musical integrity left in the sound of the album. // 7

Lyrics: As I mentioned, Maria's screaming was hardly evident on the album. Songs like "The Great Divide" did stick closely to what you may have heard in Beautiful Tragedy with Maria Brink's feirceful screaming vocals, but most of the songs like the single "Forever" and "All for you" have vertually no screaming and have very catchy choruses. I for one missed Maria's screaming, but she also has a very imressive singing voice, and this album shows it. "Violet Skies" is the one song in my opinion that really emphasizes her range. Lyrically, the album makes me think of a concept album. All the lyrics seem to be tied together, mainly with themes of preseverance and hope. // 8

Overall Impression: Since In This Moment is one of my favorite bands, it was hard for me not to like this album. However, if you are an ITM fan because of their hardcore sound, you may be dissapointed. If you're an ITM fan regardless or you're into more melodic metal, then this is a good buy. "All for you", "Her Kiss" and "Violet Skies" were among my favorites, as they all had a very catchy appeal but stuck true to the definitive ITM sound. I did like Beautiful Tragedy better, but overall a good effort // 8

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