Light Grenades review by Incubus

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (274 votes)
Incubus: Light Grenades

Sound — 10
Incubus' sound on every record is incredible. Brenden O'Brian is I think a genius producer. After taking a short time off after the ACLOTM tour, Incubus went on and just relaxed. The improvements on this album are obvious. Brandon's voice is fierce on this record. He sounds his the best he ever has. Mike's songwriting capibility is incomparable. The songs are so unlike anything else on other records. His song craft has changed, and for the better. He has many chances to show off as well, and they are great. Ben I feel is a great addition to the band. I love Dirk don't get me wrong, but since Ben has joined, everything has a different feel, and I think he helped the band in many ways. Jose there is not much to say, other then he is untouchable. I think he is the best. And Killmore I think had the most impact on this record more than any other albums he has been a part of. On the break the band took, he took the opportunity to learn more instruments, including the mellatron. His presence in all the songs is very satisfying.

Lyrics — 10
When it comes to Incubus, there is not much to complain about lyrically. There are all great. One my favorite lines is from, the great Paper Shoes "Your about as reliable as Paper Shoes in bad weather." Brandon Boyd is the most creative writer of music today. He is so innovative, so poetic and prophetic. As a singer, Brandon is my idol as well. His voice sounds clear as day on this record. Beautiful, incomparable, amazing, unstoppable.

Overall Impression — 10
Incubus is my absolute favorite band of all time. I believe when a band can create a new sound on every album, then that says a lot about the band. Incubus has successfully done that from Fungus Amungus, all the way through to ACLOTM. Light Grenades has been so highly anticipated, and I am here to say it all but dissapoints. If this CD were stolen, yes of course I would be mad, but then again yet another person would be exposed to this album, which is great. And I have backup copies that I bought. I would like to go through the album song by song. 01. Quicksand - more and intro then a song. You can clearly hear where Mike and Killmore experimented with keyboard songs. Gives the album a great feel. 02. A Kiss To Send Us Off - starts the record off with a bang. The melody line in the verse is very catchy, and then the chorus just cathes you off guard. To me an unconventional Incubus song, but I love it. 03. Dig - one of my favorite songs on the record. Brandon sounds unbelievable. The song has such a cool groove to it. I remember months ago on the Incubus website, Brandon had a posting where he said Dig is one of the heaviest songs we have ever written. At the time I was anticipating something reminiscent of S.C.I.E.N.C.E., but what he really meant was totally different. The lyrics are I feel heavily conceptual, and the song is heavy, just in a different sense of the word. It's big. 04. Anna Molly - the first single off the record. Different from any other single released by Incubus. I love the guitar riff. 05. Love Hurts - the lyrics to this song are one of my favorites. It has a really cool sound to the song. I feel like towards the end it's a totally different song, which I love about Incubus 06. Light Grenades - chaos! After hearing all the songs they did for the Halo Soundtrack, I was hoping for similar songs on the album. And this is one of a few. Great. 07. Earth To Bella - probably the most buzzed about song from the album. Somehow brings me back to Morning View. 08. Oil And Water - in my top 2 favorites on the record. So catchy, so different, I absolutly love it. When I heard the 30 second clip I called that it would probably be the best song on the record, and on the podcast Brandon said the same thing. 09. Diamonds And Coal - another song in a totally different direction. It's so catchy, the music is one of my favorites on this album. 10. Rogues - another crazy song. I hope they play it live. It kicks ass. Lyrics are phenomenal, amazing. 11. Paper Shoes - mikes best acoustic riff I think on any song. The timing brings a great feel. Usually I don't like ballads out of 4/4, but they make it work. The bongo sounding part is actually Brandon and Mike banging on their chests, with ambient mics on them. 12. Pendulous Threads - Mike best guitar work. Hands down. The solo at the end brings me back to "Sick Sad Little World" Jose kicks ass on this, and once again Killmore's presence on this track is perfect. And again, Brandon sounds his best, as on the whole album. The melody is so catchy. 13. Earth To Bella 2 - the first time Incubus has ever split up a song on a record. It's the same music, but not at the same time. The guitar work is incredible. It's incredible. Don't forget about the 2 bonus tracks included on the Japanese import of the album. Punch Drunk, and Look Alive. They both are fantastic. I love this album.

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