Light Grenades review by Incubus

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (274 votes)
Incubus: Light Grenades

Sound — 9
I love incubus' sound, one of the greatest sounds in the world of music. Every song varies so much, and every one is amazing. All of their past albums are imense, Morning View and Make Yourself being the best, in my opinion. I find incubus use more affects in this album, the first track, "Quicksand", is based mainly on affects. Although there are also some amazing guitar riffs in this album, such as the song "Light Grenades". Incubus fans may be aware of the lack of guitar solo's in their songs, but there are 2 noticeable solos in this album, from "Light Grenades" and "Pendulous Threads". Those are my 2 favourite songs on the album, along with "Anna Molly". Overall a very good sound, although with some repetitiveness.

Lyrics — 10
I find in every incubus album there are some amazing lyrics, and this album is no different. In the song "Diamonds And Coal", the lyrics stand out for me. "Hey now, in spite of this we're doing just fine, even diamonds start as coal. Give us time to shine, even diamonds start as coal". The rhythm pattern of the lyrics catches my attention, such as in the song "Light Grenades", it is quite fast pace and intense, and also in "Anna Molly."

Overall Impression — 10
I find this album quite different to other their other albums, but that's because I've listened to the others so much. It is a very good album, and if it got lost I would definintely buy it again. Some people may find it takes a while to get into the album, but overall every song has strong points. The best songs for me are "Anna Molly", "Light Grenades", "Oil and Water", "Rogues" and "Pendulous Threads". A very well thought out and nicely constructed album, but not my favourite from Incubus.

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    "the first time Incubus has ever split up a song on a record." I'd have to dissagree with that. They made a 4 part song on the Halo soundtrack called The Odyssey. Very good songs. As for the new cd, I'd have to agree with whoever said "They've changed, but in a worse way in my opinion." I'm not fond of it. It's ok, but it wasnt what i expected.
    how can some people give this "10"? 10 is led zeppelin iv, appetite for destruction, back in black etc This is poor. Nowhere near as good as SCIENCE and Make yourself. I think they've got worse in the studio and live shows. Its just predictable they play all their modern stuff and brandon will take his shirt off after 3 songs... yawn Bring back old school incubus. They rocked. This album has a couple of OK songs. I'd say its one for die-hard incubus fans
    ill agree, this isnt there best. its just addiqueat (if i can learn to spell). make yourself was much better. and yes...
    bazzyb said: Bring back old school incubus. They rocked.
    GOD GAVE INCUBUS TO YOU PEOPLE!!! Incubus if you read this... This is your greatest masterpeice, "Love Hurts" is my favorite on "Light Grenades" but the whole albulm is great. I found that "Love Hurts" is one of those songs that sends shockwaves through my spine and when that happens I know I have found a song so pure its Heavenly...kinda like Staid's "Outside" God I hope you make more music like all the music on "Light Grenades" Incubus....ROCK OUT WITH YOUR C*** OUT!!!
    I can appreciate Incubus' latest sound as much as I can all of their previous, i just wish they would have added a few more songs to it because it feels a little short in my opinion (or atleast kept the 2 japanese b-sides as part of the original cd ["Look Alive" is awesome])
    Light Grenades is definitely a more sophisticated sound for Incubus. I have heard of many people (fans of early incubus) not liking the new album. Personally, I love their more "mature" sound. Bands grow. Incubus has evolved into a great rock band, writing complex music with deep lyrics. I believe they have reached their goal. I can handle their "mainstream" attention as long as they keep writing amazing music. Congrats guys.
    i have to agree i prefer there old sound, i still love this album and every song on it but if they got back to there roots it would be so much better. i think it could have been alot worse than it is though, this album is awesome just not 10 awesome, maybe 9 awesome
    Big fan of Incubus here!! Light Grenades is a great CD I'm very happy with it but I'd definitely like to read a review on here by someone who isn't a really big Incubus fan. With all the 9's and 10's, all of those reviews are probably from Incubus fans. (The first review by UG was a critical but fair one admittedly). That's all, "Dig" is the best!!!!!
    What cracks me up, is how many people give albums perfect 10's. I'm not saying it is a bad album, not my favorite, but don't mind it, but it is amazing how many perfect albums are out there.
    TheJoeyH Show wrote: Yea the album is #1 .. and Incubus sold out the first leg of their North American tour the first day... Kinda impressive, I suppose. Incubus rocks. Period.
    really, thats pretyt impressive, althoug whats mor impresive is Muse selling out a gig at Wembley stadiumk (around 90 000 people) in 5 minutes. so fast i couldnget get tickets argh! incubus= cool
    its an alright cd, some of the songs will make their greatest hits cd, but A Crow Left the Murder, was far better, i think that pretty much sums it up, does anybody agree?