Light Grenades review by Incubus

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.8 (274 votes)
Incubus: Light Grenades

Sound — 7
When Incubus emerged in the late '90s, they sounded like Pearl Jam to the next alternative-rock level, replete with DJ scratching, white-boy pseudo-rapping and a virtuoso guitarists' rabid fretwork. But something happened over the course of five albums. By their sixth and latest release, "Light Grenades," the group has evolved into a taut, pop-rock outfit.

Lyrics — 8
Love Hurts" and "Dig" are shimmery and clean--this is straightforward stuff with likeable everyman singer Brandon Boyd in the spotlight. Indeed, his populist lyrics should invite more of the mainstream into Incubus' tent. "We all have something that digs at us," he sings on "Dig." Elsewhere, the old Incubus surfaces on tracks like "Oil and Water" and through the funk boogie of "Rogues," with Boyd announcing, "Hats off and applause to rogues and revolution!"

Overall Impression — 7
Light Grenades is hardly the smash it's name suggests. Instead, Incubus is holding onto it's youthful edge while working extra hard at writing accessible, melodic, pop rock. It's an effort best summed up by lyrics from it's closing track, "Earth To Bella (Part 2)": "You're treading water successfully/But are you really?"

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    album's pretty good(that can change to 'excellent' after a few more listenings) Incubus, RHCP and Audioslve are the only bands making some decent music nowadays, Come on Pearl Jam, buck up, we miss you
    wow i personally thought that this was an amazing cd. Incubus is one of the only bands out there that instead of going mainstream go even wierder then they have musically, rogues is my favorite song by them
    It's pretty cool to see them still having the element of making a good album but I kinda miss Dirk
    personally i dont see why pendulous threads isnt brought up more. it got mentioned by one of the reviewers as far as i saw. it was the most amazing song on the CD. ive listened to it at least 40-50 times and it still isnt old.
    Build An Army
    This album is good but personally i dont think that it is as good as the older albums. I have been into Incubus for a very long time and the older albums are much more experimental and to me, it is more Incubus.
    bazzyb wrote: how can some people give this "10"? 10 is led zeppelin iv, appetite for destruction, back in black etc
    well, its a 10 in their opinion so let them have it... frankly, i don't think this album is 10 worthy but it is definately a dope album by any stretch... dig followed by anna molly followed by love hurts is probably the longest string of songwriting genius i personally have seen in awhile. and for those who say incubus is turning poppy, sorry to break it to ya but they have been poppy for over a decade now if making popular music is a crime.
    i can't believe none of the comments above mentioned "Oil & Water"!!! that was, hands-down, the best song in the album. followed by the crazy "Light Grenades" & "A Kiss To Send Us Off".