Our Love to Admire review by Interpol

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  • Released: Jul 10, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (82 votes)
Interpol: Our Love to Admire

Sound — 10
Interpol has come a long way! While Antics was a tremendous achievement, it left listeners with the sense that something was missing. On Our Love To Admire, Interpol has found it. The band explores a much more experimental sound with a depth that was missing from Antics. There are a lot more "spacey" songs on this album, with almost eerie reverb guitar effects and pounding/echoing drum beats. The guys in Interpol took their time to create something really incredible.

Lyrics — 10
Paul Banks does sound similar to Ian Curtis from Joy Division, yes, that doesn't mean anything. As always, his voice blends perfectly into each song, whether it is groovy, mellow, dark, or eerie. It takes on an echo-y brilliance for the haunting track, "Lighthouse". And he can still pour out the quirky-yet-catchy lyrics to fit each track. In the intro track, "Pioneer To The Falls", Paul builds up slowly along with the music, reaching a peak at "And you fly/Straight into my heart/Straght into my heart." "I will rest/My chemistry" Paul sings over the slow, grooving track, "Rest My Chemistry". The catchiest lines of the album come from the first single, "The Heinrich Maneuver", in "And I don't want to take your heart/And I don't want a piece of history/And I don't want to read your thoughts/Any more/My god/But today my heart swings." My favorite lines come from "All Fired Up" where Paul sings: "I've got this soul/It's all fired up! /This soul/It's all fired up!"

Overall Impression — 10
This album has a very mellow and spacey feel to it. While it still has its upbeat, "PDA"-type tracks ("The Heinrich Maneuver", "Mammoth", "All Fired Up") Our Love to Admire delivers mostly somewhat experimental tracks with lots of different effects, arrangements, and more depth than Antics. It's not better than Turn On The Bright Lights, but tremendous as a step in a different direction. I doubt Interpol would try to make another Bright Lights as they evolve to an even better band. I would definitely buy this again, maybe even the special edition at that. Key tracks include "Pioneer To The Falls", "No I In Threesome", "The Heinrich Maneuver", "All Fired Up", "Rest My Chemistry", and the masterpiece closer, "Lighthouse".

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    They go back to old roots and come up with a mixture of sounds from there first and second albums making one awsome soundtrack.
    i love the album, but i wish they were a bit more ambitious this time around.
    I'm sorry, white_noise, but Length of Love is not the worst song on Antics, and it certainly did not fail. In my opinion, Length of Love is much better than Mammoth.
    this is one great ****ing album. it was worth the damn 3 year wait. as soon as you put the cd into the player of your choice, it hits you, that specific feel of Interpol's leads and intros is all over this album. It's VERY Interpol-esque. amazing album. :-D here's a breakdown of the song list (in no particular order other than they way they're placed on the album.) amazing songs: -Pioneer To The Falls -Scale -Mammoth -All Fired Up -Wrecking Ball good songs: -No I In Threesome -Pace Is The Trick -Who Do You Think? decent songs: -Heinrich Maneuver -Rest My Chemistry -Lighthouse bad songs: none... surprisingly, there's always at least one i don't like at all. The intro to "Lighthouse" REALLY reminds me of "NYC" from Turn on the Bright Lights. anyway... go out and get this album. good intro into the sound of Interpol. Be sure to see them either here in houston on Sept. 25 or in austin on Sept. 26. (if you live in texas) that's my two cents, not a great review... but that's what i think.