Prehistoricisms review by Intronaut

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (12 votes)
Intronaut: Prehistoricisms

Sound — 9
This band will change the way you think of metal, rock, and at the very most, music. It has things I've never heard before on guitars, drums, and, most notable, bass. Let's start with their style. Metal. Check. Progressive. Check. Jazz. Check. Doom. Check. Death. Check. They have this amazing trance-like, sychedelic brutality that they have made themselves. Triple Check. This band is so innovative. The guitars clash with each other with chugging and diminished chords. I bet you're thinking, "So what?". That's because a majority of this album does something fairy new (at least to me). It combines that sound of guitar with a bass, but the bass acts more like the lead guitar then the lead guitar! It sounds weird in words, but on the record, it's awesome. Also in innovation, the guitars will melt the colors with the bass, the drums will direct your hand and the vocals will paint the picture. The guitars will use an awesome couple of chords new to me. Ok, from a sound quality point-of-view, it's fairly decent, everything's pretty balanced volume and tone wise, and overlaps well. The only problem I hear is the vocals sound a tad quiet at times, unless this is on purpose? I get a perception this album is describing humanity's present and it's influence on the future because the extent of our actions effect everything more then we want to realize.

Lyrics — 9
My impression of the lyrics is that they are insanely well written. They are simple, relatively short, sometimes repeated, but they are very deep and metaphorical. The lyrics blend very well most of the time, some parts are questionable, but mostly work out in the end. The lyrics are screamed, but not in such an extreme sense that it kills it for people not used to screamed vocals, his voice is consistent, but a tad boring for my taste. (Keep in mind he plays lead and sings.) This album, if possible, should be enjoyed as a whole, start to finish. The songs are: 1.Primordial Soup: starts with low distortion guitar and ambient background effects (on guitars? ) leads in track 2 2.The Literal Black Cloud: starts with a heavy, dramatic guitar riff. About 1/4 of the way in, you'll hear a small sample of the awesome bass with acoustic guitars. This song mostly gets you ready for one of the best roller-coaster ride you've been on for awhile. 3.Cavernous Den Of Shame: this song starts with some spoken words, sound like T.V. Or radio? Turns into a cool guitar with some slide riffs and harmonics. You'll get a slight taste of the trance like state in this song. Then after a while, the bass gets a little solo and pulls off the same slide part. It's hot. Guitars come in and all blend real smooth like. Comes into nice double bass that works with the slow guitar part well. 4.Prehistoricisms: amazing intro, trying to figure out some of the noises on this intro, one sounds like a helicopter. There is no keyboardist either... Leads in to a nice little bass solo. Bass runs the first minute of this song. The vocals are some of the best on this song. Real good song, deserved the album name. 5.Any Port: again, nice bass part, drums are pretty tight here too. This song sounds real dark early on, almost struggling, or even commanding like sound. This song is ready to explode into the climax of the album. 6.Sundial: this song takes off with some nice effects and riffs at the start. You'll start to hear how rhythm is the main focus for these guys. Some good breakdown like sections. Real trance inducing song. There'a a real slow part mid-way through that sounds like a man giving a speech that leads into a drum solo, acoustic guitars and another bass guitar-like lead. The drums build on this section well, you can feel the next song/section getting ready to kick you in the face. 7.Australopithecus: this is my favorite song on this album. Powerful the whole way through. Blasting guitars after the first 20 seconds. Bass and guitar are perfect in this song. About a minute in, a real hard chugging lick. Then, a somehow beautifully mind-controlling chorus, followed by chaos. It repeats the chorus once or twice, then the most mellow bass part on the album. Then the best outro, goes right into chorus then, a real cool, unheard of dark, deep bass. Listen to this song if you want to preview this band/album. 8.The Reptilian Brain: this is hard to describe in words. It's an instrumental clocking in about 16 and a half minutes. The divided parts bellow sound how you think they would. This is the most progressive song on the album. You feel as if you are doing these things, and it seems all to routine and familiar. The bass sounds like a bee in part one. Listen to this song yourself, I can't describe it anymore then music can.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is different from their last album, but in a good way. They are similar to several bands, but ones that stick out in my mind are Between The Buried and Me, Cynic, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath and Dream Theater. It's as if all those bands had babies and that baby was corrupted, in a good way! I loved the bass like lead idea, the different, yet smart roles of the guitar, and the overall mellow, hypnotic and even dark sound. I didn't like some of the vocals at times, could been a slightly better intro song and people not fond of Progressive might only like one or two songs, if any. If there are any faults, they are minor at best. This is the album I wish I would have wrote. They are, for some reason, fairly unknown, even though this album is so good and original. The last song I'll sleep to, I did it last night! So, if I lost this album I'd get it again or else I'd end up sleep deprived like in Fight Club and I'm a wimp and can't fight so. If you like progressive metal, jazz, a unique sound, a breath of fresh air, hypnotic songs or if you play the bass, you should get this album. Anyone else, give their song Australopithecus a try. Your ears will thank you.

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    this is seriously the only post-metal album I'll willingly listen to. More post-metal needs to be like this. Seriously, awesome album, one of the best metal albums of last year. Missed my chance to buy it legit, though
    James TH
    well said Baroness, Rwake, Mastodon, there're all in the same boat man, check those out
    Australopithecus my favorite song on the album, but on all the songs you acn hear the talent of each player. Danny walker has got to be my favorite drummer, the way he uses the cybals just sounds awesome. and the fretless bass just fits the songs so well, one of few metal bands where the bass really stands out