Minus The Herd Review

artist: Ion Dissonance date: 02/21/2008 category: compact discs
Ion Dissonance: Minus The Herd
Release Date: Jun 5, 2007
Genres: Mathcore, Beatdown Hardcore
Label: Abacus
Number Of Tracks: 10
This is definitely a record that needs to be listened to over and over to understand the complexity and the musicianship of the band.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Minus The Herd Reviewed by: hopespaul, on february 21, 2008
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Sound: If you are into heavy metal and you haven't heard of Ion Dissonance yet, you have been missing out. They are one of the Canadian tech-metal wonders flooding the American scene lately (see Beneath the Massacre, Despised Icon). I will start off describing the band's overall sound fist. The unifying theme of Ion Dissonance is brutal tech-downs with piercing vocals. This record will leave listeners with either a big headache or feeling of satisfaction for understanding their complex time signatures and 7-string brutalness. This is definately a record that needs to be listened to over and over to understand the complexity and the musicianship of the band, except for the opening track, which should be an easy nut to crack for almost any fan of death metal, but full of emotion and raw energy that will satisfy a fan of hardcore. There are times when this record falls short, it builds up a lot of tension with off-timing but doesn't always resolve it with melody or correct timing leaving an unexperienced listener with a bitter taste in the ears. This might also be a good thing for people looking for discomfort, but at times you will find yourself skipping through certain tracks because they just don't offer enough resolution to all the chaos, unless you like that. // 8

Lyrics: Minus The Herd has been written for intense listening with the booklet along the side (or lyrics from the internet). Knowing or following the lyrics greatly enhances the listening experience. The lyrics are very dark, and the main themes are that of horror, self-actualization (that things aren't as good as we think), unleashing rage against women (very prominent in a lot of hardcore/metal). If Minus The Herd was a horror movie, it would not attract large audiences because of it's complex psychological dissonance instead of just plain gore (like in most death metal). Singer's skills are fairly decent, however at times he cuts off his thoughts at inapropriate times within a song, making the lyrical flow quite awkward. His voice sounds as good as it gets for tech metal (fairly easy to understand and follow). // 9

Overall Impression: Do not listen to this as background music! This is not a bathroom magazine. You need to allow yourself some space in your mind before you try to listen to this unless you love migraine. Also, intermediate to advanced heavy metal listening skills are required. Minus The Herd is hard to compare to other tech metal albums simply because it creates a whole new listening experience. I would highly recomend this to any fan with good listening ability, and I can't stress this enough, because it will be frustrating to listen to if you have no idea what is going on. if I lost this CD (if my hard drive crashed) I would take my CD and put it on my new computer. If I have happened to lose my CD as well, to be completely honest, I would not buy this again. The reason why is that I have listened to it so many times I can't possibly get much more from this as I already picked up. However, it took quite some time for me to be completely comfortable with this record, and it will be the same for you, so pick this up (or download) and enjoy the brutality. // 9

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overall: 6.3
Minus The Herd Reviewed by: forresterc, on may 06, 2009
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Sound: First review on Ultimate-guitar. Yay. I've come to offer a bit more musical insight then a perfect 10 because I like a band or a 1 because I hate them... So here we go. This is my first Ion Dissonance Album. Overall the album is inlayed with many time signatures, 4 beat guitar chugs, no solos, hardcore screaming, and more 4 beat guitar chugs. If your a hardcore mathmetal fan you'd probably enjoy the album. My first criticism toward the album is that I felt a massive overuse of the incredibly low 7 string guitar chug. At some parts it's pretty cool, but after listening through the album it gets pretty repetitive. Honestly I find the whole middle half of the album quite boring. A friend of mine criticized the lack of melody on the album, but personally that's what impressed me the most. The band got together and clearly avoided any musical resolve on purpose. If you like melodic metal, avoid this band. Notable tracks: The Surge, Scorn Haven, Void of Conscience, and Tarnished Trepidation. // 6

Lyrics: Lyrics consist of your normal hardcore/metal stuff. Most of the songs are introspective, philosophic thoughts, often from a serial killer perspective. Vocabulary of the songs is not lacking though. Throughout the album holds a common theme I it's lyrics which help unifies the album. This, along with the similarity of the songs tracks, creates a decent album. There is a definite goal throughout the album, which I appreciate; this is opposed to some bands that just list up an album full of unrelated singles, which I find quite inartistic. Singer does a good job. He often moves in and out of speaking and screaming the lyrics. I find it quite interested and I enjoy it. It adds to the diversity of the album. Of course death metal fans might not find his voice aesthetically pleasing, but to my ear the diversity proves a positive addition to the album. // 6

Overall Impression: I don't own any other albums from this band, but from what I hear from others they toned down their "chaos" from their last albums. Originally The album really didn't impress me. I thought it was boring and only had one or two good tracks. For some reason though, I found myself continually popping it into the CD player and listening to all 30 or so odd minutes of the album. I guess over time the album grew on me as a whole. I would recommend buying this, or at least downloading the recommended tracks, if you enjoy Devil Wears Prada, Suicide Silence, WhiteChapel, and those like; but as a note, I'm not a fan of those bands, and I do enjoy this album. // 7

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