A Matter Of Life And Death review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Sep 5, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (762 votes)
Iron Maiden: A Matter Of Life And Death

Sound — 7
I know that this is weird comig from me a total maiden fan, but this ablum to me didn't really match up to some of their big guns that they have released like killers, SSOASS, Brave new world, Dance of death, somewhere in time, and powerslave. Although the sound was very iron maiden, it's very easy to see that it's not like the old days anymore when they would basically just spit out and album one year after another. This album sounds as though they had a lot of time to work on it, the guitar riffs are much more complex and the solo are no longer the classic rock out scales but actually worked out solos that are harmonized to the song. The recording quality is great, and the songs are really good too, just not exactly was I expecting from a band that openly disputes that their best music was made twenty years ago.

Lyrics — 10
Like I said above, they really took some time here to work everything out on this album and I think that the lyrics really show that, and I know that it's hard to say about maiden, but I think that this time it's the lyrics and cool storylines that they have behind the music that really makes most of these songs great. The tales that they tell wind pretty deep into the current state of things in this album, like war and confliction with the people that we live with, it really makes you stop and really marvel and say that "wow, not only can maiden rock, but they can words that are pretty moving too". For me the lyrics make this CD worth having, some catchy lines make up for some sly, un-Maiden worthy riffs.

Overall Impression — 8
It definetly doesn't compare to other albums that maiden has released within the past 30 or so years. If this album got lost or stolen, I would hate to say that I would probably just get someone to download it for me or something because I would much rather go out and buy a very good classic maiden album than this one. But this of course is just my opinion, in fact the last song is deadly catchy and I had it stuck in my head for months. But it just wasn't how I was expecting it and for that I'm sure that fans can agree that it's of course an amazing album but in Iron Maiden standards, not the best.

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    The Powerslave
    bassplayer_87 wrote: The album was great, but I have to agree with the person who said that most of their songs is in Em. Ouf course the best melodies comes from the minor scale, but it's not fun for a guitar player to play it over and over again. I think that a person who doesnt play any instrument will enjoy this album more than me, but i kind of liked it anyway.
    When playing the music by itself you are right, its quite boring, but if you play along with the songs, or with someone else they take on a new life. Not sure why, but when you play everything together they take on a new life.
    isnt it funny how people can listen to slayer, and metallica, and claim there the best bands. no one compares to iron maiden. bruce dickinson countinues to write amzing lyrics. the band is the greatest. no question