Best Of The Beast review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Sep 24, 1996
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (50 votes)
Iron Maiden: Best Of The Beast

Sound — 9
Best Of The Beast, is the only Greatest Hits compilation of the undisputed kings of metal Iron Maiden. It has in it all the classics, and basically everything a starter or a collector needs.The package skips over Paul Di'Anno-era material, favoring songs culled from the Bruce Dickinson-led lineup. Apprioximately one hour and fifteen minutes long, this compilation was the album I started out with. After falling in love with the best of the beast, I fell in love with the Number of the beast, which in my opinion is among the best metal albums of all time.

Lyrics — 10
How can one ignore the lyrics which forms the backbone of all maiden songs. Some of the greatest lyrics in Hallowed be Thy Name, Wasted Years and actually all their songs. Singer Skills? Well, I need not go into details, but in short Brilliant Vocals. I love the solos in all their songs, and honestly I was disappointed when I saw that the Best Of The Best did not include Children Of The Damned, which is among my favourite songs. Anyway, this is an awe inspiring 16 track classic album.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, this is a good buy and a great CD for collectors. For starters I would prefer Number Of The Beast but nevertheless this is a great compilation. My favourite songs are Number Of The Beast, Can I play With Madness, Fear Of The Dark (live), and Aces High and Trooper. If I lost it I probably wouldn't buy it again cause I already have all their albums but all the same it is a classic compilation.

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    i disagree,i think virus is a great song, except for the solo what isnt realy a solo, the intro/main riff is great and sticks in your head , further i think the album box looks great and this is indeed a nice collecters item, or just for anyone who wants to get to know iron maiden
    Get rid of the 2 tracks, "Virus" & "Man on the Edge" and you've got a great collection of Iron Maiden songs!
    como estais amigos isnt very good...thats my vote for worst song. its sad that the only songs that can actually be considered sub-maiden are from the blaze era. There are a couple of snores on on Fear o' the dark and no prayer, but in comparison they blow virtual and x-factor out of the water. the best song from those 2 albums is sign of the cross, and only cause it blows my mind in the rock in rio set. 10 times better than the studio version!
    Modernmusich8er wrote: He said it was the only Maiden gretest hits. What about The Essential Iron Maiden?
    I don't think the Essential Iron Maiden was authorized by the band... but it is a greatest hits collection. By the way thats the best cover art... all the versions of Eddie.
    Modernmusich8er wrote: He said it was the only Maiden gretest hits. What about The Essential Iron Maiden?
    What about Edward the Great
    The real Best of the Beast really defines Maiden. But this, my friends, isn't that version. This is an American localized version with only half the tracks. The real version has 34. Look it up on HMV and especially on the bands website.
    And the Paul Dianno era wasn't so bad...after all, without it where would Iron Maiden or Phantom of the Opera be? Not to mention Killers or Drifters! Even though Bruce is the band's best singer, you have to give props to the band when such great works happened. No matter how much Blaze Bailey sucked, we still got The Clansman and Sign of the Cross out of it. And a lot of people don't like the No/Fear era, but they must be deaf, because Maiden has some absolute classics in there! Sure, not every song is perfect, but if they all were, we wouldn't be able to weed out the best and our favourites! Basically, I think we can all just agree that Maiden kick total ass no matter what.
    a real DEAD one
    They have Edward the Great too wich is also a greatests hits album (which i like better than Best of the Beast)
    best of the beast is a pretty good compilation album, most of it is good, the first 5 albums are all solid and everysong is worth listening to, so this disk is pretty awsome. i have to agree, virus is a a horrible song the first 5 albums are godly, number of the beast, piece of mind and powerslave a classics that all maiden fans should have
    Modernmusich8er wrote: He said it was the only Maiden gretest hits. What about The Essential Iron Maiden?
    or edward the great
    oops it didnt show any posts that had this already... i swear i'm not just stupid
    Stop Messin'
    Blah 'Man On The Edge' is not only the worst Maiden song, i think it's the worst song period.