Best Of The Beast Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 12/06/2012 category: compact discs
Iron Maiden: Best Of The Beast
Release Date: Sep 24, 1996
Genre: Heavy Metal, British Metal, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Label: Raw Power
Number Of Tracks: 16
A nicely packaged selection of the finest recorded moments of Leytonstone's finest export has got to be something of an irresistible proposition.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Best Of The Beast Reviewed by: black_sabbath, on april 19, 2006
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Sound: Best Of The Beast, is the only Greatest Hits compilation of the undisputed kings of metal Iron Maiden. It has in it all the classics, and basically everything a starter or a collector needs.The package skips over Paul Di'Anno-era material, favoring songs culled from the Bruce Dickinson-led lineup. Apprioximately one hour and fifteen minutes long, this compilation was the album I started out with. After falling in love with the best of the beast, I fell in love with the Number of the beast, which in my opinion is among the best metal albums of all time. // 9

Lyrics: How can one ignore the lyrics which forms the backbone of all maiden songs. Some of the greatest lyrics in Hallowed be Thy Name, Wasted Years and actually all their songs. Singer Skills? Well, I need not go into details, but in short Brilliant Vocals. I love the solos in all their songs, and honestly I was disappointed when I saw that the Best Of The Best did not include Children Of The Damned, which is among my favourite songs. Anyway, this is an awe inspiring 16 track classic album. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a good buy and a great CD for collectors. For starters I would prefer Number Of The Beast but nevertheless this is a great compilation. My favourite songs are Number Of The Beast, Can I play With Madness, Fear Of The Dark (live), and Aces High and Trooper. If I lost it I probably wouldn't buy it again cause I already have all their albums but all the same it is a classic compilation. // 9

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overall: 10
Best Of The Beast Reviewed by: steveharris3, on june 12, 2006
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Sound: When I first lisened to Iron maiden I lisened to this album. I never herd Maiden or any hard rock/metal. This album is what got me interested in the music I enjoy today. The style of Iron Maiden is unique. Steve Harris (bass guitar) writes songs so that he plays bass and the guitars follow what he plays. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics could be worked on a bit. Children Of The Damned is a great song just way to descriptive lyrics, I'm not haing on descriptive lyrics I'm just saying when your describing pain for 4 sentences it starts to suck. Bruce Dickinson is a frikin beast. Bruce is one of the top vocalists of all time along with Sebastian Bach, and Ozzy Osbourne. // 10

Overall Impression: Yes it does. This folks is the best metal album of all time and the 2nd best hard rock album of all time (1st Appitite for distruction by guns ns roses). Go out and buy this no matter what music you like rap techno hell I don't give a damn buy this album. If this was stolen I would tear the flesh off the person who stole it. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Best Of The Beast Reviewed by: merabharatmahan, on july 30, 2007
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Sound: Maiden, what words could be used to describe the sound of the gods. A sound which has changed substantially over the years. This album consists of various of their greatest songs till 1996. It includes some of their greatest metal songs ever, including Number of the Beast, Fear of the Dark, The Trooper and Hallowed be thy Name, some of which have already become metal anthems. The album consists mainly of their heavier, more catchier and relatively shorter songs such as The Trooper. There are various heavy, solid guitar riffs, backed by some amazing bass and a solid supporting drum beat, with various drum rolls. There are also some amazing, fast and characteristic solos. Some songs include solos by more than one guitarist, providing more character to the song and versatility. Some songs also have a little synth in them, backing the main sound. Overall, the sound of this album is amazing with some great guitaring. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics, as usual with Maiden, are very poetic. Many of the songs are related to death, satan, war or hell. However, unlike other metal albums, these lyrics are sung and give a very different form to the songs, a more subtle, entirely different feel. The versatility of Dickinsons voice is truly remarkable. He has the ability to reach extremely high notes and low notes, and change between them in a fraction of a second. He has often tried to use his voice as an instrument. But this has worked against him in some songs, for example, in Clairvoyant, the song could have been better with fewer long, elongated notes. The lyrics suit the song well on most songs, and comply and adjust to the music accordingly everywhere. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is a must buy for any person who hasn't heard Maiden till now. It gives them an insight into what Maiden will be for them, once they fully get into it. This album carries some of their best songs and is the one which got me in love with them, and forced me to get their discography and savour the brilliance of Iron Maiden. Although, some of their best songs, such as Dance of Death, have not been included in the album, for no apparent reason. A must buy for anyone new to Maiden, but if you've already heard them and liked them, I recommend you go ahead and get their other albums. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Best Of The Beast Reviewed by: helltothee, on december 06, 2012
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Sound: This is a compilation album, and generally features the best Maiden songs you can ask for. Nothing on here is bad Maiden by any means! This compilation features heavily from 1982-1984, although completely airbrushes out Paul Di'Anno's contributions, replacing the essentials with lives sung by Bruce, which is interesting. The album cover is pretty cool, featuring lots of Eddies. The problem with Iron Maiden is that they have so many good songs, you have to work out which songs to include on 'best of' albums. Inevitably, the singles such as "Run To The Hills" and the "Trooper" are favoured over album tracks such as "Deja Vu" and "Children Of The Damned" which is unfortunate. Maybe the album should have been called 'Greatest Hits' or similar? Saying this, the songs included are not bad ones. Bear in mind this was released in 1996, guys, and everything from "Virtual XI" and the new Bruce albums weren't around then. "Virus" is the new song on this CD. It's a number taking the metal ballad structure of quiet going on loud. It isn't bad. It isn't fantastic. Let's be honest, "Man On The Edge" from "The X Factor" could have been left out, but retrospectives have to be fair to all eras of the band (of course, let's forget about Paul Di'Anno). To be fair, Bruce Dickinson will always be THE Iron Maiden vocalist and many of their best albums come from him, even after 1996. You know what their stuff sounds like. The epic "Hallowed Be Thy Name", anthemic "Aces High" and downright evil "Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter" - all here. Could have included a few others but overall not a bad selection for first timers (this was my first Maiden album). 10/10 for the quality of the songs, 7/10 for the song choice. // 8

Lyrics: One of the good things about Iron Maiden is their lyrics for sure. I mean, you get history lessons through listening to some of their songs, for god's sake! Maiden consistently write high quality lyrics about a range of topics. "The Number Of The Beast" is about Satan (obviously) and how Steve 'Arris saw him in a dream. Once. "Running Free" is about being sixteen and leaving your crappy city on a newly acquired vehicle, fueled by dreams and hope for the future. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is a man's last thoughts before death. Iron Maiden write lyrics, and you're going to enjoy them. Okay? // 10

Overall Impression: Iron Maiden are a NWOBHM band that pioneered the combination of metal and punk. Thrash metal bands like Metallica upped the punk for their speed, but by then, hardcore was taking shape. Iron Maiden aren't as breakneck or heavy as these bands, but their importance and influence is written all over all the bands that followed in their wake. Give any young metaller this CD and he'll love it. I wouldn't bother buying it again due to the fact that I went out and got all the other Maiden albums, so I don't need it as much anymore, unless I want to be completist. A good introduction to Iron Maiden. If you like it, get their discography. Marked down for missing out a few classics.

// 8

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