Brave New World review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: May 30, 2000
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (96 votes)
Iron Maiden: Brave New World

Sound — 9
Brave New World is an exciting new album of Iron Maiden's, they're first of the new millennium. More of a fast paced album, every single song on Brave New World is complex and fun to listen to. If you thoroughly listen to this album, you'll fall in love with each and every song for a few days. Although Bruce Dickinson has gotten much older, his voice is still very much the same. You can tell in parts he can't quite squeeze out what he used to do in albums such as Number of the Beast, but he still can do his piercingly high singing, a good example is the song "Thin Line Between Love and Hate." Iron Maiden keeps it's unique sound on this album, but it seems to have a slight shift towards more modern rock. But believe me, it still has incredible vocals, great guitar riffs and excellent solos that you can hardly compare to any modern rock.

Lyrics — 10
Bruce Dickinson may as well be one of the best singers in existence. Although Steve Harris (the bassist) does most of the lyrical work, Bruce shows he has an excellent ability to express emotion when he sings and makes his lyrics become real when you listen to them. Most of the lyrics are about stories, which cause some of the songs to be rather long, but hey, that's a good thing if you like them right? "Wicker Man" is probably the most catchy song of this album and the chorus has a simple, but powerful sound that you'll want to hear over and over again. Bruce Dickinson works his singing to perfection in this song, and you can tell when the lyrics are angry, sad or even happy, just by the way he sings it.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Wicker Man - the first song off of the album and it sure gives you a ride! The booming chorus in this song is very catchy and the interlude/solo is fairly simple, but all the instruments combine to make a great upbeat riff. 02. Ghost Of Navigator - one of their longer songs, and has good lyrics that tells a good story. Probably one of their better songs off of the album. 03. Brave New World - has the same feel as "Ghost of Navigator" and I actually feel a connection with this two songs, as if they could have been combined into one. 04. Blood Brothers - this song is full of amazing guitar riffs, and has a slow calm feeling as you listen to it. It's a very different song compared to the rest of their songs on this album. 05. The Mercenary - you'll absolutely love the lyrics in this song. The entire song isn't the best, but the vocals are excellent. 06. Dream Of Mirror - one of their best long songs, coming in at 9:21. It starts out slow, but slowly builds into a powerful course and an awesome bridge/interlude that makes you want to head bang until you're brain dead, oh and did I mention this song contains one of Iron Maiden's best solos? 07. Fallen Angel - fast paced song with a strong bass line in the background. The vocals are a little out of pattern compared to other Iron Maiden songs, but other than that it's a great song. 08. The Nomad - a Middle Eastern sounding song, and just builds and builds as the song continues. 09. Out Of The Silent Planet - has a great guitar riff that you'll want to learn the first time you hear it. The vocals are amazing on this song as well, telling a great story and Bruce really demonstrates his ability to make his lyrics sound as if he's actually experiencing what's going on. 10. Thin Line Between Love And Hate - this song has a fairly slow tempo, but nonetheless, is a great song. Sometimes when you're sad and down you need to hear that song that makes you just feel good again, and this is a perfect song for that. Overall this album is amazing. One of Iron Maiden's best releases I think. Nobody over does their job on whatever they're playing and it makes for a great recording of Iron Maiden's symphony of instruments.

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    well this is a great album by Maiden; all of it's songs are cool , my fav is THE WHOLE ALBUM
    blaze isnt on this album bruce is and blaze is terrible i'll take any bruce album over and blaze album in my opinion the worst years of maiden wer with blaze
    tom-the-lawn wrote: I like most of the guitar on the cd it's just that on most songs I stop listening when the singing comes in I really dont like his voice anymore
    then you don't like singing at all.
    this is a masterpeice of anthems and new music that sounds classic. i especially like blood brothers and the mercenary.
    -metalhead- wrote: tom-the-lawn wrote: What the hell are you guys on, it wasnt that good? It has some classics like The Wicker Man and the Ghost of Navigator. Still it had the boring concept of "death, death is so cool. Lets write a song about it, or 12" which was the idea behind most of their albums still I love them though death, death death? maiden has way more deep and mystical lyrics thnan that, besides maiden could have written songs about watches and still kick ass.. Norway!
    hahahah they probably cu hav written songs about teddy bears and still kicked ass.... maiden is such a great band!!!!!
    Without a doubt one of the top 5 Maiden albums of all time (Killers, Number of the Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time). Bruce and Adrian returning to the band is what they needed! Up The Irons! \m/