Dance Of Death review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Sep 9, 2003
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (121 votes)
Iron Maiden: Dance Of Death

Sound — 7
The sound of the Dance Of Death album is unique compared to some of the older albums. This one keeps the momentum of Maiden's life going. It's full of energy and sounds awesome. The Dance of Death track itself uses acoustic along with the song Journeyman. Some say this album is heavy and some say lighter than some of the rest. The boys are still at their guitars playing some really good riffs and Nicko can still hit those drums bloody well. Quite alot of background effects have gone into this album to make it even more special. When Paschendale plays, I can't help but really listen to it, the first few lines are excelent then you get to the main song. The lyrics are: "Laying low in a blood filled trench". The way Bruce makes it sound is really really good. Also, right at the start on the hi-hat, it's morse code for SOS. The boys aren't sure if it was intentionally or not, but it really is a great piece of musical skill. No more lies is one of these songs that just goes on and on, abit like Can I play with madness. A song I don't really listen to.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are some of the best. Especially in Paschendale, a world war song, that describes one man's life in the trenches. My personal opinion is that it is better than Metallica's 'One'. However the rest of the songs include some really great lyrics. Plenty of verses and very memorable choruses. Really you can not get bored listening to these songs, they just grab you and take you into the world of Maiden and I suppose Bruce Dickinson's voice helps. there are so many verses in this song it's unbelievable, but they all come together and make one awesome track. 01. Wildest Dreams - we have Nicko's count at the start of "1, 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4!". It actually makes a good intro for the song. The lyrics in this on are good and meaningful. 02. Rainmaker - really good, powerful lyrics. Chorus could of been better, but still the verses are very well put together. This is one that really sticks in your mind. 03. No More Lies - as I said earlier, it goes on and on which isn't good for a song. The verses are still remarkably good though. 04. Montsegur - almost a Powerslave entry, Bruce puts a lot into this one, focuses on the power. Very decent verses and a bloody awesome chorus. 05. Dance Of Death - if you want lyrics like no other song, this is the one. Dance Of Death. It tells the story of a man, that is kidnapped and taken to an 'unholy place'. Where he is summoned to the dance of the dead. He actually enjoys the time away from his spirit, and dances with the dead. Then the urge to run away. He does so. At the end of the song he tells of how he will never go dancing until he dances with the dead. This is one of the best songs maiden have ever recorded. 06. Gates Of Tomorrow - sounds quite similar to songs such as: Brave New World and Wildest Dreams. The lyrics all the way through are very good, catchy tune. 07. New Frontier - powerful song throughout, the start is high in energy, quite fast. Chorus is one of the best I have ever heard. The verses are quite small but do make a difference. 08. Paschendale - everything about this song is so good. From start to finish you'll be amazed at how good this song actually is. It gives you a mental picture of what it was like for this man. Very emotional and a very powerful song another that will be a true classic in the furture. 09. Face In The Sand - the tune at the start is brilliant, the Maiden boys really make this sound great. This one is based on politics and the chaos in the world. A good song nether-the-less but not one you could listen to a lot. 10. Age Of Innocence - take Still Life and take away the voice at the start. The start of this song sound pretty much similar. The lyrics are really good in this one, I really like it. Similar lines as Face in the Sand. it tells of how politicians used to be innocent and how they tell lies now-a-days. 11. Journeyman - what can I say, this is one of the most emotional songs Maiden have recorded. Bruce put absolutely everything into this one song. The lyrics really get to you. It sounded really good at Dortmund in 2005 on the Death on the Road album. I recommend you buy that one too. This song is slow but powerfull. That's it for lyrics, my overall impression is: absolutely breath-taking. It really is that good believe me.

Overall Impression — 8
Best songs: Paschendale and Dance Of Death. If you want a song to play while driving somewhere, it has to be Wildest dreams. Song that gets me in the mood has been Rainmaker. One that made me happy when feeling sad was Journeyman. I don't hate anything from this album, it's just that some of the songs do go on and you they do get boring. This album is one of the best maiden have done over the years. You cannot go wrong with this one, trust me. It's well worth it and if you're new to Maiden you may of already heard of this album, but I am telling you it's even better if you buy the Death on the Road album with it aswell. That way you get, the studio version and the live tour one and they both are fantastic.

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    erotic sweaters
    it is definitely a fantastic album, but it has a few weaker songs, not quite as good as Brave New World.
    By the sound f the new song; The reincarnation of benjamin breeg, its gonna be incredible. Just out of interest, did ne1 else notice the heavy Wishbone Ash influences on this album? Not that its a bad thing, there both amazin bands but especially the intro thang to no more lies is very wishbone ash. Dont get the wrong idea here, i love maiden and this is an incredible album, i just listen to 60s stuff aswell lol!
    When I first heard this album, it blew my mind. It sounds just as good as classic 80's Maiden. Maiden is simply the greatest band ever. Up the Irons!!!! \m/
    Silas S Thompso
    UP THE IRONS UP THE IRONS UP THE IRONS UP THE IRONS!!!!! Now for everyone that hates maiden and says they sound the same. Take a banana and shove it up your ****ing ass. Unlike Metallica (not Megadeth) they can still take you and let their music **** you over and over again until it starts to skip.
    F*** everyone who says the lyrics lacked, I nearly cried in Paschendale, it was an epic and so was everything else.
    ibanez6soad wrote: This is the big reason why I do not like this album. I cannot stand the lyrics. Here's a taste of what the big Maiden-heads are praising: I'm gonna organise some changes in my life, I'm gonna exorcise the demons of my past I'm gonna take the car and hit the open road, I'm feeling ready to just open up and go I'm on my way, Out on my own again I'm on my way, Out on the road again.
    that's just ONE SONG. you seem to be making an unfair judgement after listening to one song in the album. Dance of Death, Paschendale, and Montesegur, just to name a few, all have superb lyrics.