Death On The Road [DVD] review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Feb 21, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (68 votes)
Iron Maiden: Death On The Road [DVD]

Sound — 10
After watching Rock In Rio a billion times, I was semi-skeptical that this was actually "Iron Maiden's most stunning concert ever." But I was at future shop first thing on teh morning of Feb. 21/06 so I could make sure my Maiden collection was up to date. With 'Dance Of Death' being my favorite maiden album, when I first heard there was going to be another concert DVD, my first thought was "Holy shit, I'm going to get to see paschendale and dance of death live!" Being plagued by not seeing either of my favorite songs on Rock In Rio I was left with a feeling of emptiness. This DVD has filled that void.

Content — 10
With a total of 3 DVD's in the case, you are riddled with mass amounts of special features, which for a Maiden fan such as myself, is fantastic to watch and drool. The actual concert was astonishing. After noticing that it had a couple songs already done on Rock In Rio, I was worried it would be repetitive, but that was a horrible assumption after watching it. The same songs they had played on the DVD before, were amped up and blew the other versions away. There was a lot more passion in this concert, which I feel makes it amazing. Bruce was very busy during each song wearing costumes, dancing, and making plays during each song. I found the intros to each song astonishing, especially the paschendale one, which consisted of flashing lights, rain sound effects, and exploding shells; giving more of a story to each song. Janick again shows his insane abilites of running around on stage and absolutley amazing me, but the one thing I noticed more of was Adrian. Most of the time he was left in the background playing the basic cords to the rhythms of the songs, but he was center stage pretty much every song, and really showed what he was made of.

Production Quality — 10
Having almost 3 years since the actual concert, maiden put alot of editing and production values into this DVD, having the perfect amount of flashing and different angles. I noticed in Rock In Rio you never really got to watch the fingers during the solos becuase the camera would be flashing everywhere, but they really did a good job this time.

Overall Impression — 10
This DVD was exactly what every fan has been waiting for. The solos are revamped and Bruce's voice is on a new, renergized level. My main attraction to it was knowing that dance of death and paschendale were on it, which meant a fantastic show, and they really lived up to my expectations for the songs. Another note id like to say is the song rainmaker. It was played and sung exactly as it was on the album, which is extremely impressive for a live show, let alone halfway through it. This DVD will make your collection complete and deserves every so called maiden fan standing in line to buy it.

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    Sun King
    AHH! thank you, you answered almost every one of my questions.. later man, im so getting that.
    HALLOWED BE THY NAME, PASCHENDALE!!! Miracle songs of our lifetime! UP the IRON!!!!
    a agree amazing dvd they should have played something from powerslave and somewhere in time tho...o well
    anty wrote: surprised that dance of death is your fav album, fare dues for you liking it.
    Ii was thinking the same thing, what about Fear of the Dark, Number of the BEAST and Piece of Mmind... Those are still better than alot of stuff. Then again, Maiden is better than anything else anyway...
    Can't wait till mine comes in. I got it off ebay though and the guys location was apparently "IN HEEEELLLLL!!!!" Probly shouldn't get my hopes up on that shipment...of course the dude on the cover of the case would probably shred anybody that tried to insult the holiness of Iron Maiden.
    WICKED. I'd say Iron Maiden owns in every way. Instrumentally, vocally, and just wow. Gods they are.
    Dave, Janick and Adrian are the holy trinity, Steve is the god of all bass playing, Bruce is the best singer ever and Nicko is the coolest man alive, IRON MAIDEN ARE THE GREATEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF METAL, ROCK AND ALL THINGS IN BETWEEN
    Dude u have no idea how greatful i am for u letting me kno holy shit im going insanae cant wait to see it thnx.....put the irons up
    yeah u sure answered my questions. im sure getting this masterpiece. iron maiden is incredible
    Editing during the first song is terrible, but the rest is good. UP THE IRONS
    surprised that dance of death is your fav album, fare dues for you liking it.
    Maiden rules \m/(+_+)\m/ Have the poster for death on the road on by wall above my head =]
    totally agree... bought it the 21st as well, simply amazing. once i saw paschendale live i started learning the tapping intro and it quickly became my new fav riff. from someone who has almost 9 of their studio albums, the rainmaker single, shirts, flags, patches, vinyl records, saw them live at ozzfest, and visions, early days, rio, and now this, it is simply put.... untouchable! captures everything you see live, only you can watch it over and over and over again, with excellent background info on the extras disc.. definite 10/10.
    nice review ... ill probably buy that ... anyone know anything about them touring u.s. for their studio album? Up The Irons!!
    Is it me or do all the DVDs skip on 'Brave New World'. I have replaced the DVD twice & it keeps skipping on that same song