Different World review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.9 (136 votes)
Iron Maiden: Different World

Sound — 10
This CD is a single from Iron Maiden. It contains "Different World," "The Trooper," and "Hallowed By Thy Name." "Different World" is from the CD "A Matter of Life and Death," while the other two tracks are from other CDs but are modern renditions that were recorded in 2006 with no real changes to them. Bruce, Harris, Smith, McBrain, Murray, and Gers deliver.

Lyrics — 10
As always with Iron Maiden, the lyrics are great. "Hallowed By Thy Name" has some of the best Iron Maiden lyrics ever. "The Trooper" has lyrics that convey the image of the military charge it is based on right in your head. Bruce Dickinson is the most talented singer I know.He can hit those really high notes and not lose it. He's singing is almost operatic. It is a real joy to listen to.

Overall Impression — 10
I have to say, this is one of the best singles I have ever heard. Three great Maiden songs on one disc. All three songs are very impressive. I love the song structure and the emotion conveyed in the music that some artists cannot even attempt to do. The song "Hallowed By Thy Name" can actually make you sad. I got this for a little over six dollars, and for that price, you cannot go wrong.

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    i am a huge maiden fan as well and i has no reason to buy this. i have these songs and like them. i dont need to buy them again.
    i think the album is VERY overrated!! i think its really badly produced! and im a massive maiden fan!
    angels side
    ariaproII wrote: i think it is shitty maiden is one of the worst band i have ever heard in my life time KIFE
    I agree. i like metalcore way better
    ariaproII wrote: i think it is shitty maiden is one of the worst band i have ever heard in my life time KIFE
    every store that i've seen this at,it costs $6.why would you spend that kind of money on this single when you could just buy the whole album for a few dollars more?the new album is 70-something minutes long a has 10 new songs on it.this single has 1 new song and 2 old songs on it.every maiden fan already has the songs the "trooper" and "hallowed be thy name",so basically they're just making you pay 6 dollars for the one new song.JUST BUY THE NEW ALBUM!!!
    A Matter of Life and Death is a great album, definitely not Iron Maiden's crowning glory, but quite a powerful album with great lyrics. I wouldn't have bought the single, but that's because i buy albums, not singles. I think that if there are Maiden haters over here, they shouldn't be in forums about them... just do your homework or something.
    Nhex (PT)
    ja k nao me deixam postar em ingles digovos ja k um dos melhores albuns d maiden pa kem souber ler portugues xD
    if u ****ers dont like maiden then dont comment on their reviews. i mean if u dont like the band then why do u even look at stuff about them? i have no problem with u not liking Maiden (the problem is urs...) but dont come here and ruin this forum
    metalcore is screaming. screaming. and screaming. throw in a little melodic vocals here and there and u gt metalcore. pls, half the metalcore bands out there can even beat IM, wat the hell u mean metalcore is better than IM's style of music. just go and die.
    da f*** is all your problems. Dont hate on a band just becuase you may not like them. And blashpemy is. Why would you post on something you dont like? Der... your a bunch of retards. Geez im 13 and i know what good music is. Just go jump off a cliff and take your crappy ideas with u.
    worst song on AMOLAD IMO. and the people talking about metalcore being better then Maiden. can any of those shit bands write like steve can? i don think so. metalcore = Shit on a stick
    slann101 : u think? i thoght it was one of the poorer singles on the album
    I agree. It is not a bad song, but definitely not the greatest, also not very representative for the album. Benjamin Breeg s a proper single, though
    i think it is shitty maiden is one of the worst band i have ever heard in my life time KIFE
    i think it is a good song, great album, unbelivablely kick ass band
    ariaproII wrote: i think it is shitty maiden is one of the worst band i have ever heard in my life time KIFE
    Fuck yourself with a red-hot iron poker and die.
    geez since when did people become Maiden haters? they're ****ing awesome, it is a great opener to a CD... maybe not the best choice for a single, but sitll good nontheless... yeah i don't like buying singles, so i wouldn't have bought thsi unless i collect maiden stuff... nontheless Miaden ****ing own you faggots who dog on them! they've been doing this for like 30 years give them a break they're sitll making awesome music
    iron maiden scamed u bud lol they just made like 2 bucks off the songs u allready have... should have just burned the 3 onto a disk
    The U.S. edition sucks big time... really poor quality printing in the artwork, and the B-sides were in others releases before. I'm glad Maiden quit Sanctuary and keep EMI for Europe, cause they deliver a real product with top quality. I know the B-side was nothing fantastic (the song Iron Maiden live in the last tour)but for me as a collector counts a lot the way it looks and the american release is very, VERY POOR in this matter. And this is not a great single but still better than most of what you can chosse from.
    This album is actually excelent (how the hell is that spelt?!) all the way up to For The Greater Good of God. The last 2 songs suck. Different world isnt bad, but every single song except the last 2 own Different World.
    Different World is seriously under-rated, the rest of the songs are pretty much epics but this one gets a lotta hate for being short, catchy and more radio-friendly but I still think its a great song and good album opener.
    Bruce Dickinson is the most talented singer
    not realy but thats my opinion
    to be onhest it isnt a excellent album that the songs come from, its over rated if it was a lesser known band it wudnt be as big
    I think the dvd single of it was much better, I wouldn't give this a 10 Rating