Edward The Great Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 08/11/2007 category: compact discs

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Iron Maiden: Edward The Great
Released: Oct 31, 2002
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 16
22 years at the top of heavy metal, and they are still going strong.
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 8.9
 Overall Impression: 9.9
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 10
Edward The Great Reviewed by: PsychoWolfD, on september 08, 2004
2 of 3 people found this review helpful

Sound: This compliation is a great start for people who are getting into Iron Maiden. About the sound: from the first track to the 14th, there are 2 guitarists playing (Dave Murray/Adrian Smith from 1st to 12th, and Dave Murray/Janick Gers from 13th to 14th). From the 15th to the 16th live track, there are 3 guitarists, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. It is awesome when you listen to the first 14 tracks, which are heavy and powerful enough, and then go through track 15 "The Wicker Man" with 3 guitars, which makes it even more heavier. The 16th and final track is a Rock in Rio live track "Fear Of The Dark", where 250, 000 fans are singing with them, so its great! "2 Minutes To Midnight" I thought was a strong song. One thing I regret was that the CD didn't have the song "Phantom Of The Opera", which I think has the best riffs ever, and I thought it was worthy of this compliation. Great, no, brilliant CD when it comes to sound. The bass played like it was playing a lead guitar or something! Steve Harris is a great bass player! // 10

Lyrics: On tracks 1 to 12 and 15 to 16, sung Bruce Dickinson, 'The Air Raid Siren', and the master of Iron Maiden singers. Tracks 13 and 14 sung Blaze Bayley, who replaced Bruce when he left. I haven't heard much of Blaze before, so its gonna take me some time to get into his singing. He's cool, though. 01. "Run To The Hills" - I love the intro riffs, and its hard for me to play it!! This song is about the White Man taking over the Indians', er, Native Americans' land. 02. "The Number Of The Beast" - Yep. 666... but no, Maiden aren't devil-worshippers! This is perhaps THE song/Album that made Maiden famous. 03. "Flight Of Icarus" - I love the chorus as well as the verses. This song is about Icarus, who tried to fly with artificial wings, but as he flew, when he got too close to the sun, the wings melted and he fell to his death. I think it was something from Greek mythology (I think it was Greek, tell me if I'm wrong) I love the rhythm and riffs too. 04. "The Trooper" - I love the riffs, bass, and singing. Something about a war trooper fighting er, some enemy. I forgot which one. 05. "2 Minutes To Midnight" - In my opinion one of the greatest metal compostions ever. I love the solo adn where the rhythm gets all slow in the middle. 06. "Wasted Years" - Brilliant intro. I love the lyrics. 07. "Can I Play With Madness?" - This is pretty good. I like the chorus. 08. "The Evil That Men Do" - This is also good. 09. "The Clairvoyant" - I like the lyrics. 10. "Infinite Dreams" - Ok song. 11. "Holy Somoke" - One of the first Maiden songs I've heard, and I'll never froget this one. 12. "Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter!" - Great song. I think its funny how he pronounces "daughter". 13. "Man On The Edge" - One song with Blaze Bayley. I'm gonna have to listen to it more often to get into it. 14. "Futureal" - Same with 'Man on the Edge', but I liked the chorus, sort of. 15. "The Wicker Man" - features 3 guitarists and I like the chorus adn the ending to the song. 16. "Fear Of The Dark (live At Rock In Rio)" - I love this song, especially the riffs and chorus, and the 250, 000 fans singing with them on Maiden's biggest live performance ever! // 10

Overall Impression: I love this CD, I listen to it every day, but I still regret it doesn't have "Phantom Of The Opera". Blaze Bayley was cool, but can't beat Bruce Dickinson! The guitars were brilliant, and even more brilliant in the last 2 tracks. The bass plays like a lead guitar or somethin', man! The drums are awesome too, but he never wrote any of the songs. He does in their recent album 'Dance of Death'. Most of the songs Steve Harris (bass) wrote. God, he writes good stuff! Great song for compliation - lovers or people just getting into Iron Maiden, one of the best metal bands ever! So forget Slipknot and buy Iron Maiden's Edward the Great! // 10

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overall: 10
Edward The Great Reviewed by: conorqz27, on april 07, 2004
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Sound: Picture this: you're listening to the Greatest Hits of one of the Best Metal Bands to walk the Earth and Each of them are being blasted out of your speakers and while you're listening all you can hear is a thundering voice, crashing drums and outstanding guitars. You're right I am talking about Iron Maiden's Edward the Great. You would think a lot of the early stuff would sound dated but believe me they sound as great as the day they were recorded. Fantastic Sound! // 10

Lyrics: How could you not be blown away by the lyrics from Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast and many other tracks? As I said when I wrote my first ever review on Brave New World each song sounds strange and scary even when they're trying to be serious. Bruce Dickinsons voice! I mean what more could you ask for from a singer? Brilliant Stuff, Lyrics couldn't be better. // 10

Overall Impression: I just can't say how great this was I guess the only way you can believe me is to hear it for yourself. I think I should tell you the line up: Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast, Flight of Icarus, The Trooper, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Wasted Years, Can I Play with Madness, The Evil that Men Do, The Clairvoyant, Infinite Dreams, Holy Smoke, Bring your daughter to the Slaughter, Man on the Edge, Futureal,The Wicker Man and to finish it of there's Fear of the Dark live at Rock in Rio which is breathtaking. The crowd number is 250,000 people and the song is great, probably my favourite on the Album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Edward The Great Reviewed by: IamRandyRhoads, on may 28, 2004
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Sound: The music styles used in this ambum are basically typical Iron Maiden heavy metal because it is a greatest hits CD. All of the songs are well recorded and the last song (Fear of the Dark) is Live at Rock in Rio. // 10

Lyrics: As always, Iron Maiden has great lyrics. I think the best song for lyrics is the Flight Of Icarus because it tells a good story. I like how in Iron Maiden songs they flow right from lyrics to amazing guitar solos and make a good transition. Bruce Dickinson's voice is amazing as always, and he has a great range of notes he can reach. // 8

Overall Impression: I think that this is a greatest hits album that acurately represents the artist's best work, mainly because Iron Maiden chose all the songs to be on the album. I still think that Seventh "Son of a Seventh Son" is Iron Maiden's best album. The most impressive songs on the album are The Number of the Beast, for its amazing guitar solos and lyrics, Fear of the Dark (Live at Rock in Rio) for its sheer Live perfection, and the Flight of Icarus, because it is their best early song. I love that the songs are arranged in order from time they were released and that they are all really good songs. I do not hate this fact but I did notice that most Iron Maiden songs sound the same in terms of tempo. If this album were stolen from me I would definately spend the money to get a new one. Edward the Great by Iron Maiden is very woth buying because you will love having all of your favorite Maiden songs on one album together. I'd also like to say that Dave Murray does not get the respect he deserves, because he is a truly great guitarist. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Edward The Great Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 24, 2005
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Sound: I just thought that I'd make that clear. This is an awesome CD, except for it is missing a couple key songs of their's. I honestly with I could play guitar like Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. The fact that they both solo is so cool to me, cause any band that I've been in has been hard to work that out in. I think the cool part about songs like "The Trooper" and "The Number Of The Beast" song complicated, and really awesome, but when you learn them they're easy enough that people hear you playing and are like, "god that guy's good, he's playing iron maiden stuff." // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics, I think are a little weak, for the first couple songs, because they don't sound. I think the word for it is mature. Look at this line from Number Of The Beast: "I left alone... my mind was blank... I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind." the major part that bugs me about that song is that mind is repeated in a way that you don't need to, and I think it shows poor lyrical construction. Otherwise, the singer's voice is amazing, sometimes he goes so high that it amazes me. // 8

Overall Impression: This is an amazing record, and if it were stolen or lost, I would get the person who burned it for me to burn it again. The best song on this album is to me, "Can I Play With Madness" I love that song, even if the solo isn't the most impressive on the record, it still is a really good song. I think that Iron Maiden is the best in their genre. // 10

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overall: 9
Edward The Great Reviewed by: shadows666, on october 11, 2005
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: Dude! Iron Maiden greatest hits album is awesome. The tone on the guitars is phenomenal. This covers a lot of the music they made into one disc of pure enjoyment! Definitely worth the buy! // 9

Lyrics: Bruce Dickinson's voice gives me chills everytime he sings "Run To The Hills." His falsetto voice has character, raw emotion, and power. The lyrics are typical metal lyrics. You've got your battle lyrics (The Trooper), your satan-esque lyrics (Number Of The Beast) and your rock anthem song (Fear Of The Dark live from Rock In Rio). The lyrics are great but some of them don't really go with the music like on the track "can I play with madness?" Overall though, it has a good lyrical sound. // 8

Overall Impression: This album has some of the best of Maiden's stuff ever. The solo's of Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, and Janick Gerrs are true classic heavy metal. The only problem I have with the album is that they left off the track "Aces High." The best tracks are The Trooper, The Wickerman, Run To The Hills, and the Number Of The Beast. This disc also includes the live version of Fear Of The Dark from their performance at Rock In Rio and reall kicks ass! I would go and buy it again if it were lost or stolen! // 10

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overall: 8.7
Edward The Great Reviewed by: bass_newb37, on january 16, 2006
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: To start off, this was my first maiden album. It gives you a great taste of what they have to offer, from fast songs like "The Trooper" to more melodic songs, like "The Clairivoyant." As a matter of fact, while Bruce Dickenson was on his solo career, their temporary singer also had 2 hits, "Futereal" and "Man On The Edge." They bassist, steve harris, is amazing. Unlike many other bands, you can hear the bass very well, and it helps to provide richness to the overall sound quality. They have some amazing solo's, and the drumming is superb. Because it is a greatest hits, theyre really isnt any overall theme to it. I would like to add, this is probably the best introduction album to maiden that you could get. // 9

Lyrics: About the lyrics, I am indifferent. many times, the lyrics arent well written in songs like "Number Of The Beast," the lyrics can get repetitive, make little sense, and well, boring. However, just because they werent well written, doesnt mean that they weren't well sung. Bruce Dickenson has an amazing voice. He can hit some very high notes, without any hint of diffuclty. The lyrics fit very well into the song, woven in expertly, with very little flaws (the only flaw is the words). Bruce has amazing potential as a singer, but writing he has to work on. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is among my favorites. I have had it for a year now, and it is still in my CD player everyday. The best songs on it are the trooper, the clairvoyant, and 2 minutes to midnight. The worst song, is man on the edge. If I lost this album, I would just get another copy of it. Or, I would go out and buy any of the maiden CD's I dont got yet. Definitly is amongst my favorite CD's, this is a must buy. // 9

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overall: 10
Edward The Great Reviewed by: quacco, on august 11, 2007
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: If your just begining to listen to iron maiden, I highly recomend that you pick up this album. When I firsted started to atcually like music back in 2003 I bought 3 maiden albums and this was the first that I listen to. Basically this album gives brief look through the history of the bands speedy guitar and loud ass bass by Steve Harris. Since it's after a compilation album, there's no music breakthrough or new style created when it came to iron maiden. I would never like music if I never listened to this great album. // 10

Lyrics: Though you never hear any of the original Paul Di anno songs you get a great dose of bruce dickinson, who I think is one of the best singer around today. Blaze baleys two songs are the low point of the album with "Man On The Edge" and "Futereal" where the lyrics get really repetitive and the chorus is just repeated multiple times. The lyrics in each song tells a horror story that takes you away. Wether it's about wars bettween europeans and indians (run to the hills) or wether a mans fate is doomed (can I play with madness) Bruce Dickinson really fills the last holes with the music. // 10

Overall Impression: Since it's a greatest hits album from such a great band, all the songs are fantastic on this album. This album gave me the impression that maiden is one of the greatest metal bands of all time. I would never give up this album. I love the fast that there are virtually no dissapointments about this album. All the great songs are there and it must have been difficult for maiden to decide which songs to chooses from when making this. // 10

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