El Dorado [Single] Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 06/17/2010 category: compact discs
Iron Maiden: El Dorado [Single]
Released: Jun 7, 2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: EMI
While this song is not a ground-breaker, it does not mean that "El Dorado" is not a good song.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
El Dorado [Single] Reviewed by: optisailor2002, on june 17, 2010
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Sound: When Iron Maiden placed a countdown timer on their website, fans all over the world got excited. Was this going to be an announcement of tour dates? Or perhaps announcement of the release date of the upcoming album? But what was at the end of the countdown was far more than what most fans would have expected: the announcement of the new album art, album tracklisting, the first single, and *gasp* an mp3 download of this new single: El Dorado.

Eddy has once again transformed, this time as an alien. Maiden has taken a bold step on the cover art of the single, with a comic book style concept and calling El Dorado the "incredible sci-fi stories from The Final Frontier". How then would this new song from Maiden fare? // 9

Lyrics: Fan reactions varied, with one extreme proclaiming this to be Maiden's best work yet in their career spanning 30 odd years, whille others criticising this as one of their worst works ever. There are also the in-between, sitting-on-the-fence fans, who say that it's not a bad song and it grows quickly on the listener.

The song starts off with a somewhat Wasted Years-inspired guitar introduction which breaks into a very melodic riff, reminiscent of Edguy's latest works - somewhat uncharted territory in Maiden's earlier works but can be progressively seen in their newer stuff. The instrument section remains clearly strong, with Steve Harris' signature galloping riffs on his bass and the harmonising axe-wielding trio. Halfway through the song, a solo featuring each individual guitarist was included, allowing them to show off their skills and influences.

As could be clearly heard from the song, age definitely took its toll on Bruce Dickinson. On first listen, I have to admit that my reaction was somewhat similar to those of the negative extreme, mainly due to Bruce's vocals. Unlike their previous works, El Dorado is void of Bruce Dickinson's famous soaring and wailing vocal parts, which was quite a bummer for me. Another gripe is also how low Bruce's vocals had been mixed, not doing his full potential justice, at times even making him sound unmotivated. // 7

Overall Impression: While this song is not a ground-breaker, it does not mean that El Dorado is not a good song. To be really honest I got put off for the first listen (and ONLY the first listen) but like songs on Maiden's previous album, A Matter of Life and Death, it slowly started to grow on me, with new discoveries with every listen. Also, unlike AMoLaD, where there was a dark overtone throughout the album (with the exception of opening track Different World), El Dorado has a lighter tone, which hopefully is an introduction to the good things to come.

Up the irons! \m/ // 8

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overall: 7.3
El Dorado [Single] Reviewed by: PDBGuitar, on june 25, 2010
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Sound: Maiden is a special band to me. I vividly remember sitting in my room and my brother came home with a new album. He was all excited about it and he put the needle to the record and Ides of March came on. I was only about 6 years old when killers came out, but I knew what I was hearing was jaw droppingly awesome. So when I checked the Iron Maiden website and saw a countdown, that same excitement came back. What was it? More concert dates? Date of the new album release? The single off the new album?! My excitement was off the charts, so much so that I didn't want to download it right away. I calmed down a bit and then clicked on the YouTube link. A big Em blasts away and then a little Wasted Years like intro. Pretty cool so far, but I'm only 25 seconds into the song. Then comes the trademark gallop and the opening riff. Definitely Maiden, the impression that I was getting was kind of the No Prayer for the Dying sound. Once Bruce comes in it reminded me of his solo stuff that he did with Adrian. Feels like Bruce and Adrian had most of the input on the song. The song feels more upbeat than the last album, which was a good thing. There are three solos right in a row. First Adrian's solo comes in, very well composed and delivered very well - we'll give it an A. Next up is Dave, with a solo that has more of an improvised feel to it, but fits well. Finally Janick comes in with a solo that to me felt like many of his solos, uninspired (a big bend at the beginning and then some shred, another bend and some more shred). I hate to rip on the guy, because he's obviously a great player, but when you have Adrian and Dave do a nice dual lead and then put Janick in it just never seems to match to the quality by the other two guitarists. When he's playing on a song that he wrote, he's usually comes up with a much better solo. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics were pretty well written, and went along well with the music. The first listen I wasn't sure about the song because Bruce sounded like he either didn't have the vocal power of old, or the mix was off for him. Not sure, I saw a YouTube of El Dorado live in Houston, and Bruce's voice sounded strong. Going back and listening a couple more times I'm thinking that they went with more of the sound from Bruce's solo stuff for this song. // 7

Overall Impression: This is a song that's growing on me, and I still have high hopes for the new album. There are flashes of glory in the single, but I've put Maiden up so high on a pedestal that I feel like the rest of the songs have to step it up a bit to be called a great album. Upsides to the single are that I liked the feel of the song, it's fun to play and watching them live this song should be fun! Downsides: Bruce's delivery of the lyrics are slightly disappointing and Janick's less than memorable solo. If I lost this I'd replace it just because it's Maiden, but I have a feeling that the more I listen the more I'll like it. // 7

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overall: 9
El Dorado [Single] Reviewed by: Swiggles, on october 11, 2010
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Sound: Firstly, after listening to Fear of the Dark (haven't listened to the middle albums), the sound I expected would include keyboards and over the top progressive-style music. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard a clash of the 5 instrumentalists in action and felt a core sound that was similar to their live sound from the Somewhere Back in Time tour shown in Flight 666. Bruce's vocals are excellent for both his age and in general, and the chorus comes alive in this sense. The solos are all addicting, fast, and ran through my head the entire day. The bridge is also a archetypal Maiden build-up and thoroughly fits in the middle of the song. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are clever and unique this time, and were based on a Spanish myth as an allusion to a probably greater moral or message. The feel brought out by the lyrics was much quirkier, though less remarkable than anything from Number of the Beast through Powerslave, my personal golden age of Maiden. Maiden is definitely back to stay, but I haven't found it in me to shout these words out while I hear it. // 8

Overall Impression: Out of every album I've heard in the past two years, this is definitely what rock should be. Iron Maiden placed their best riffs into one quick and energetic song to boost their come-back after 3 years or so, and this song is definitely worth the download. It's free on their site too, so there is NO reason to not experience El Dorado. // 9

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