Fear Of The Dark review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: May 11, 1992
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (76 votes)
Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark

Sound — 8
The sound on this album is pretty good, when considering the recording equipment. The opening track, Be Quick Or Be Dead, is not that good, really. Critics say it's one of the highlights, but I don't think so. To me it's just another up-tempo rocker that's more boring than exiting to listen to (read love, cause that's usually what you do with Maiden songs). From Here To Eternity is the latest (and maybe last) chapter about some guy's romance with Charlotte The Harlot, the saga started on the first Maiden album, Iron Maiden. There are four songs about her: Charlotte The Harlot, 22 Acacia Avenue, Hooks In You and finally From Here To Eternity. Afraid To Shoot Strangers is simply a fantastic piece of art. It's got everything to make a great song, and it really is. My number two favourite on this album. And the songs pass. None of them that I wanna sit back and hear over and over again on a Sunday morning, but none of them are particularily bad of good. They're just songs on an album. Don't misunderstand me. They really rock, but I'm pretty tired of this album by now, got it on 18 December, and can't say that most songs in here really got that replayable value like so many other Iron Maiden songs. I liked the solos, though. Very good, too. Most of them not so striking, but with a lot of effect. Janick Gers, my favourite player, has excanged Adrian Smith, and his fast and furious style really enraptures the iron hearts of HM-fans. However, the grand finale, Fear Of The Dark, is probably one of the best song ever written if you ask me.

Lyrics — 10
After Bruce joined Maiden, (was it 1983) they got a totally new sound. He has a very strong voice, uses a LOT of air while singing, and is nearly perfect in tone and never misses. The lyrics aren't too bad, and there are no "faults" being done, like a non-rhyming line in there. The lyrics also fit in very well with the musical qualities of the rest of the band.

Overall Impression — 8
If I lost this album, I'd buy a new one, maybe not right away, but in a while. It's not the best horse in the Iron Maiden stable, but still a rock-hard classic for most HM-fans. I love it.

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