Flight 666 [DVD] Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 03/24/2010 category: compact discs
Iron Maiden: Flight 666 [DVD]
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Its hard not to be a true believer in the power of metal (and Iron Maiden) after viewing the new DVD Flight 666.
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overall: 9.8
Flight 666 [DVD] Reviewed by: UG Team, on june 19, 2009
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Sound: Logistically, the setup of Iron Maiden's 2008 Somewhere Back In Time World Tour was not going to be easy. After all, the legendary metal band opted to tour 21 cities in about 45 days, racking up 50,000 miles along the way. But thanks to vocalist Bruce Dickinson's skills as an airline pilot, the lofty goal became accessible via a Boeing 757 (Ed Force One), plenty of stamina, and a full airline crew (often donning Iron Maiden t-shirts as their uniforms). The new DVD Flight 666 follows Iron Maiden as the band hit everywhere from India and Australia to Japan and Brazil, and this is one documentary that has a very distinct feel about it. Had the film crew followed a long list of other metal bands that shall remain unnamed, there might have been drama from minute one and onward. But chronicling the day-to-day lives of Dickinson and bandmates, it's obvious that you don't need conflict to make for a historic, memorable event. Featuring 2 DVDs (the documentary film on disk one and 17 live performances on disk two), Flight 666 delivers Maiden at its best. The Somewhere Back In Time World Tour essentially revisited the band's 1984-1985 World Slavery Tour, which featured such key songs as The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, Wasted Time, and Fear of the Dark. During the DVD, Dickinson points out that this was not a tour put on for the sake of nostalgia, but rather, a gift to younger fans who had not yet had a chance to experience the older material live. Yes, the band might be a little older, but it soon becomes obvious that neither energy nor top-notch performances are an issue. This is one band that could still teach a lesson in live performance to today's younger metal musicians. Because the band is able to hit so many countries/cities in a short period of time, Flight 666 provides an in-depth and often emotional glimpse at the band's effect on the world. Each country has its own unique way of welcoming Maiden into their home, but there is one constant: Overall hysteria. Some are crazier (in a good way) than others, but the film relays just how essential one metal band has become in their fans' lives. The most extreme examples come in areas like Colombia, where tears of joy are shed before and after the concert. Another example comes in the form of a Brazilian priest dubbed Father Iron Maiden, who not only has 50-plus Maiden tattoos, he also delivers sermons relating to the lyrics of his favorite band. The chemistry within Iron Maiden has never been more cohesive and powerful, with every single member being on the same page musically. The second disk delivers full performances of 17 tracks from various cities, and the band doesn't disappoint on any of them. In terms of backstage antics, the grueling tour could have made for conflicts galore, but Iron Maiden is a band that consists of pretty easy-going guys. The biggest issue along the way? When drummer Nicko McBrain is hit in the arm with a golf ball (and there is plenty of golfing footage, by the way), there is a slight worry that the big Costa Rica date will be canceled. Luckily tragedy was averted and the show goes on, but no real feathers are ruffled through it all. It's an exhausting tour, but the guys in Maiden rarely let it show. // 10

Overall Impression: If you're an Iron Maiden fan, you will be far from disappointed with Flight 666. Not only do you have an opportunity to relive songs like Run to the Hills and Can I Play With Madness (with Dickinson still sounding like the monster vocalist he was in his 20's), you also can't help but feel a connection with some of the fans interviewed throughout the film. In one of the last moments of the DVD, Dickinson looks back on Maiden's effect on the world and the possibility of truly having achieved something with his life. For anybody that doubts the power of metal, you just have to see Flight 666 to be full cognizant that Dickinson's quote is likely an understatement. Just ask Father Iron Maiden I'm sure he could churn out a sermon or two on that very topic. // 10

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overall: 8.8
Flight 666 [DVD] Reviewed by: SwampAshSpecial, on march 24, 2010
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Sound: This is the story of one of Iron Maidens world tours. The idea of this tour was to bring classic Maiden to fans in countries that wouldn't normally be able to go to see big bands like Iron Maiden play live, and so the DVD is all very reminiscent of Iron Maidens early days in the 1980s. Its great to see some of the brilliant technique all 3 guitarists use, but I would have liked a more in depth look into the substantial amount of rack mounted gear and Marshall heads backstage. // 9

Overall Impression: The best thing about this is quite definitely the wonderful live videos. As I said before in this review, this DVD has me lusting after some Iron Maiden tickets - the show is pure '80s metal - loud, elaborate and in your face! I also really enjoyed the insight into how an established band such as Iron Maiden pulls off a world tour - its more personal than I expected in many places! I only wish this DVD had a little more insight into the gear Iron Maiden use in their live rig! // 9

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overall: 9.3
Flight 666 [DVD] Reviewed by: VanHalen96, on may 03, 2010
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Sound: Legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden modified a plane in order to tour more countries in a shorter period of time than any other rock band. The plane, a customized Boeing 757 dubbed "Ed Force One" was piloted by none other than vocalist Bruce Dickinson. The plane had to be modified to carry the band, 60 odd crew members, and 12 tons of equipment. With the airline staff wearing Maiden T-shirts as their uniforms and the aim to travel 70,000km in just 45 days, I could tell this would be good. Maiden were trying to play their old songs to a generation of younger fans, who hadn't seen them play those songs live before. // 10

Overall Impression: I loved the concert footage the most in this DVD. Just the energy Maiden have in their performance blows you away. This is pure 80's metal. However, it was funny seeing them backstage as well, Nicko being hit by the golf ball, "Father Iron Maiden", who had over 50 Maiden tattoos and used their lyrics in his sermons. After watching this, I really want to see them live! I would of liked it if I knew exactly what amp settings to use. Great DVD though. Up the Irons! // 10

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