Live After Death [DVD] Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 06/11/2008 category: compact discs
Iron Maiden: Live After Death [DVD]
Release Date: February 4, 2008
If you've been aching for the days when Iron Maiden ruled the metal scene, the band's new DVD Life After Death will provide you with a much-needed dose of nostalgia.
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Live After Death [DVD] Reviewed by: UG Team, on february 18, 2008
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Sound: There just aren't a lot of bands with the showmanship that embodied Iron Maiden during the 1980s, and thankfully we get the opportunity to relive those years through the band's latest DVD Live After Death. The new release looks back to what could certainly be called Iron Maiden's most grueling tour and features 2 disks that are a compendium to the double album of the same name. A lot of us out there feel that you really couldn't go wrong with Maiden most of the time, but Life After Death is the ultimate in terms of a visual greatest-hits package. The first disk covers the 1984-1985 World Slavery Tour, which pretty much set the standard for touring bands everywhere in terms of it's duration. The featured concert on the disk was filmed over 4 days at Long Beach Arena, with a setlist that included classics like The Trooper, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Flight Of Icarus, and Run To The Hills. These are all songs that most Maiden fans embrace, and the band never disappoints with it's live performance. In fact, seeing the energy and flawless sound of Bruce Dickinson and the boys is a true testament to why they have become legends in the metal world. The second disk is worth the price of the DVD itself, with a full-length documentary called The History Of Iron Maiden: Part II. It goes beyond the tour and tells what exactly was going on behind the scenes -- whether that be getting drunk and playing Connect Four, making the video for 2 Minutes To Midnight, or the feeling the pressure of the unrelenting World Slavery Tour. There are interesting stories from pretty much every member of Maiden, and you certainly get a better idea of what the personalities are like within the band. // 10

Overall Impression: The main feature is the 90-minute long World Slavery concert that features 13 songs, but you don't just get classic songs on Life After Death. The documentaries should be just as interesting to most Maiden fans, and finding out all the behind-the-scenes dirt that went on during the tour will likely make you want to re-watch the live show all over again. Even if the DVD didn't include 2 disks, either one would have made a pretty essential piece to add to the Maiden library. If you are someone who longs for the classic songwriting and performance ability of early metal bands, Live After Death should be on your DVD wish list. // 10

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overall: 10
Live After Death [DVD] Reviewed by: GNRrockslife, on february 18, 2008
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Sound: This DVD was recorded at Long Beach Arena, the main concert was filmed March 15th 1985; the second of four sold out nights of Iron Maiden headlining in Long Beach. The footage was previously available on VHS and Laserdisc, but the new DVD transfer is much improved. The color is quite vivid and looks fresh, which will be a nice treat for old fans who have worn out their old VHS tape. I can't comment on the 5.1 audio track as I don't have a 5.1 system, but all reports on it in reviews I've read have been nice. The band was spot on this performance. Often the live album is the same name is held in regards as one of the best metal performances in history, the DVD really shows it. Maiden were at the peak of their creativity in '85. Bruce's voice is a little whiny in spots, but they had also been touring for 8 months straight when this was recorded. // 10

Overall Impression: Live After Death is without a doubt the essential Iron Maiden DVD. The live footage captures the band in their prime and at the height of their popularity. The documentaries offer an insightful glimpse into the world of Maiden in '84 and '85. I don't really have any complaints, except for the inclusion of only half of the Rio gig. I have the bootleg of the whole show on a DVD somewhere, and the footage of the rest isn't too much more deteriorated than what was included. My guess is it was cut for time purposes. I would buy another copy no doubt if it were lost or stolen. Coming from a die-hard Maiden fan, the most impressive thing was that there were no promises about it not kept. The last few years in the Maiden world, everything has had something go wrong and they had to break a promise. I'm glad to say this is not like that. The DVD appears exactly how they said it would. Up The Irons! // 10

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overall: 9.8
Live After Death [DVD] Reviewed by: Irish Dman, on june 11, 2008
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Sound: What can I say? This is Iron Maiden in the pinnicale of their career! Bruce Dicknson on Vocals, Arian Smith and Dave Murray on Guitars, Steve Harris on Bass and Niko Mc Brian on Drums is the ultimate line-up for a metal concert. The songs on this DVD are mainly off the Powerslave album. Examples of these songs include 2 Minutes To Midnight, Aces High, Powerslave and the epic Rime Of The Ancient Mariner! Also included off previous albums are Revalations, The Trooper, Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden, Sanctuary, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills and Running Free in which Bruce includes the crowd spectacularly and is a prime example on how this band is one of the great metal bands of all time! This DVD was recorded in LA's Long Beach Arena in which they sold-out four consecutive night's during the World Slavery Tour. // 10

Overall Impression: This DVD is essential to any fan of Iron Maiden or Metal! The most impressive thing about this DVD is the concert Live After Death itself but everthing on this DVD is amazing! If I lost this DVD I would buy Two of them to make sure I'd never lose it again! I would recomend this DVD to any fan new or old of Iron Maiden as it is a grea insight to the band and their history during the time when they ruled the metal universe! // 10

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