Piece Of Mind review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1983
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (52 votes)
Iron Maiden: Piece Of Mind

Sound — 10
While Number of the Beast is what provoked most people into becoming Maiden fans, they must have really gone wild when Piece of Mind came out. Such concert staples like Where Eagles Dare, The Trooper, and Revelations have had such a huge influence on rock and roll it is unmeasurable. Maiden certainly should be admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame within the next few years because they are so big on the music scene even today. The power brought forth on this record from a band that brought heavy metal to new heights has made fans scream all across the globe. Where Eagles Dare might be ny favorite Maiden song because it has a really fun riff to play and it is a kick to play on the drums. The Trooper, thankfully, has become cliche. One might have the song may have been integrated into the mainstrem but no it still holds tight to it's classic status. Die With Your Boots On is one of the most energetic songs by the band and possibly my second favorite on the album. Sun and Steel might be one of Maiden's most underrated songs but I get entertainment out of it. This album is solider than a block of Plutonium.

Lyrics — 9
How can you not like Bruce Dickenson. The guy is sixty years old and still kicking ass every time Maiden plays. Bruce might be the ultimate frontman in the history of rock and roll. However, he doesn't use his astoundingly apparent stage presence to cover up his singing talent. Bruce is an amazing and versatile singer who writes music too! I love a singer who does more than just sings, ZP. Anyway Where Eagles Dare is about landings in the World War and so is the Trooper, a war song. Maiden love to write about that sort of thing, along with the thrill of intense battle. Quest For Fire might be one of the worst songs by Maiden though, because it just sounds dumb. On Sun ans Steel it would have been nice if instead of having there be only one set of lyrics in the chorus, to have more than one because at one point they repeat the same thing FOUR TIMES! Then it's just annoying. All performances though by Bruce were outstanding. Especially Flight of Icarus.

Overall Impression — 10
Maiden will forever keep the flame of metal burning in the hearts of the people in the world. They will carry the torch to the top of the mountain while flying like and eagle... yeah. Maiden really have made a landmark in the world of music folks. This album is way better than Number of the Beast because first of all the songs are simply better and second, Sanctuary Records liscenced Number of the Best (song) to Harmonix to use in Guitar Hero! What a fag... But listen, anyone who tells you will think very highly of this album. If they don't then immediately give them a lobotomy and leave them bleeding on the ground. Remember, as Hammerfall say, "A metal heart is hard to break!"

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    I love this album. Probably my favorite of theirs. I can honestly say my only complaint on the album is one vocal line: "IN A TIME WHEN DINOSAURS WALKED THE EARTH!!!" I honestly lol'd the first few times I heard that. The rest of the album is superb.
    Get this album on vinyl cos it sounds way better! and vinyl makes you listen to the whole album so you cant skip sun and steel (which i like)
    Sun and steel is a good song i don't know y everyone is complaining and the verse "life is like a Wheel" does make sense
    "To tame a land" looks like an extremely underrated song. I love it! It feels prog-rocky, has amazing riffs and vocals! Just a perfect song.