The Number of the Beast review by Iron Maiden

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  • Released: Jan 3, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (219 votes)
Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast

Sound — 9
Maiden's CD "The Number of the Beast" is somewhat different from their other music, but it is definitely one of their best CDs. I'm sure many Iron Maiden fans think so as well. It features great hits like "The Number of the Beast", "Hallowed Be Thy Name", and "Run to the Hills". The first few tracks have more of a different sound. Such as the first song, "Invaders". I'm not sure exactly what it sounds like, but it's not Maiden. Another song, "Children of the Damned" sounds like Metallica, especially the intro guitar. The fourth track on this CD, "22 Acacia Avenue" has a more old school Metallica sound or a MegaDeth sound. The rest of the songs are like true Maiden.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics in these songs are great, like any other Iron Maiden songs. If you're a Maiden fan, you probably know that a lot of their lyrics have to do with fighting. Songs suchs as "Run to the Hills" and "Invaders" have to do with battle and war and staying alive. Then songs like "Gangland" and "The Number of the Beast" are leaning more towards death. Pretty much every song has great, thought out lyrics. And the singer is just what brings all those lyrics to life. Bruce Dickinson is an amazing singer. His voice can go so high, and because he's a man, you may think that would sound bad or creepy, but it's awesome. Like Bruce himself said, "My lungs were blessed by God". They say his voice is like a siren, and it is, just in a good way. Yes, Bruce Dickinson has epic vocal skills!

Overall Impression — 10
"The Number of the Beast" is a great album, one of their best. Like I said before, some songs compare to Metallica or MegaDeth, but it is mostly pure Maiden. The best songs from the CD are probably the ones everyone knows: "The Number of the Beast", "Run to the Hills", and "Hallowed Be Thy Name". I just love pretty much every song on the album and I love the style of the music, not many bands do metal like Maiden! There's really nothing to hate about the CD. I'm just not crazy about a certain song, "Invaders". It's good, but not one of their best. If I lost the album, maybe I'd buy it again, most likely. If were to get something else to replace it, it would, of course, be another Iron Maiden CD.

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    Those who don't know that NOT Nicko McBrain but Clive Burr was drumming on this album shouldn't write a review about it...