Sirens review by It Dies Today

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (124 votes)
It Dies Today: Sirens

Sound — 8
I see this CD as one big change for It Dies Today. It has become one of the better CDs this year after listening through a few times. The sound on this CD has become a bit more of the singing, faster-paced part of the genre. It Dies Today has made themselves into a better band with the new sound, making themselves open to more opportunities on the metal, hardcore, or emo scenes. Nick is now trying new kinds of screaming, yelling, singing, whatever you call it. The CD still has the sick sound It Dies Today puts out, the sound that will always separate them from everyone else. Like every other CD that has come out this year, It Dies Today has followed this trend where everyone just keeps going in different directions. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the sound in this album, just as good as The Caitiff Choir.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics It Dies Today has put out on this CD are a bit more heartfelt and still mind-boggling with the big words It Dies Today uses (not that I can't understand it, just when I try to figure out lyrics, it's a bit harder with Nick screaming words you can only figure out the meanings in the dictionary). But, the CD they put together goes along with the lyrics. Songs like "Sirens", "A Port In Any Storm", "Reignite The Fires" and "A Constant Reminder" have shown that IDT is still one of the elite bands. At first, I got a bit annoyed with Nick's new kind of screaming, but I grew to it and really am impressed. Nick has now shown that he can sing, scream, yell, basically anything. He is an extremely talented individual. But overall, the lyrics and singing in Sirens compare well with The Caitiff Choir.

Overall Impression — 8
This CD has compared well with every other artist that has came out with a new CD this year. To me, change is good, and every band has changed a lot this year with the new albums. It Dies Today shows they can still be good while reaching out to a lot of ends on the genre spectrum. They are still metal and hardcore, with a touch of screamo on the side. I compare their change to the new CD of Norma Jean's "Redeemer", where It Dies Today has become a little bit softer with the sound, but hell, they put together one great CD. The most impressive songs on Sirens are Reignite The Fires, Sirens, A Port In Any Storm, Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur), and Through Leaves, Over Bridges. I loved the new kinds of singing Nick has put out on this CD, It Dies Today has shown that they are still one of the elite. I also love the new breakdowns they put down on the CD, it makes me want to bash my head off the wall. Nick's singing has also improved, and also the instrumentals have improved. What I don't like about this CD is the constant sound we get in some of the songs, where you know that a chorus or breakdown is coming up. I like the element of suprise. If this CD was stolen from me, I would for sure go out and buy another copy. This was one great CD, pretty comparable to The Caitiff Choir. They still have a great sound, but I do know this CD will attract some new fans, and probably turn away some of the old, where It Dies Today has become a bit lighter. My opinion, It Dies Today's "Sirens" is one awesome CD.

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    iv just ordered the sirens album, i shud get it in 2 weeks hopefully, i luved caitiff choir and iv heard 3 songs off sirens as well and yes it is very different i agree, extremely different id say, but they arent just going to put out the exact same sounding record as before. personally i luv the change, but i also luv the heavyness of caitiff choir, but the band still rocks so im still buying their record
    this cd is every bit as good as Caitiff Choir. I listen to this more often actually. And I typically am not all too crazy about the type of music they play. Just like 36 Crazyfists, its just something in their sound that keeps me clinging to them. This CD was so much better in terms of pushing themselves. The guitar parts are much more technical and layered. The song structures are more complex. The singing is just the simple ass heavy verse, light singalong chorus. So I definitely appreciate what they did more on this one. But Caitiff Choir was still a good ass record!
    Listening to IDT while driving is dangerous! i always go in mindtrips with this guys theyre really good!
    Yeah, but compared to Caitiff Choir, even Forever Scorned, this is quite a shit-storm. I compare it to Caitiff Choir even though there really aren't a whole lot of metalcore albums out there that CAN.
    sloppy sandwich
    i thought that this album was really good, but i thought that the caitiff choir was better. nick should have done less of the yelling/screaming thing. but you get used to it the second time u hear the song. i liked how nick did more clean vocals. the best songs on the album are: a constant reminder, sacred heart, reignite the fires, the sixth of june (aka damsel of death) and the bachannical affair. overall, it is good album and i'd recommend it to anyone else who likes metalcore/screamo music.
    This album was recorded with Nick as the singer before he left the band. I haven't been to an IDT concert recently, so I don't know how well Jason does compared to Nick. Anyway, great album. "A Constant Reminder" is amazing, could anyone possibly make guitar tabs for that? I just wish they could do something like "Forever Scorned" again though.
    didnt they switch Singers for this album? by the way Sacred Heart is an Amazing song
    oh yeah on i really like the chorus on black bile white lies. the guitar part is amazing. :]
    if it's so good, why has user rating dropped to a 5? someone hate IDT and vote it bad? wtf? i'm voting it up. eff haters.
    What the hell is this? All I hear is Aiden, Bullet for my Valentine, Atreyu, some random emocore shit, and IDT all thrown in a blender and watered down. And the singing is poppier than ever! Man I miss their older stuff, especially The Caitiff Chior.
    thanks guys, i really like the positive feedback on the Cd. i've really grown to Sirens now.
    This cd is pretty damn good. I've had it for about 2 weeks now and it's one of my favorites that I own. My only complaint is that the heavy songs are way less heavy (even though the cd is in drop B instead of C) and there are fewer breakdowns, which is kinda what IDT are known for. I still love it and I'm definately catching them in concert in Columbus. You guys should def give it a listen.
    very good band that not many ppl have heard of (but those ppl are stupid!) sirens was so good, it forced me to get caitiff choir as well, great songs, quite catchy, regnite the fires overshadows some of the other songs, which can be bas because the other songs arent necessarily bad, in fact, they're awesome!
    I would have to say this record was really only a grower in the guitar area. Although, I have to say that Nick's singing voice was better on this album, his overall vocal performance was definitely lacking. Granted they wanted to change up their sound or whatever, they should have put some more screaming in it imo to kinda differentiate the songs from one another. Cuz I'm not gonna, when you listen to the album the whole way through you start to notice that the songs start to sound similar, and its mainly cuz of Nick's constant singing.