The Caitiff Choir Review

artist: It Dies Today date: 11/15/2007 category: compact discs
It Dies Today: The Caitiff Choir
Release Date: Sep 21, 2004
Label: Trustkill
Genres: Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
The band's ability and promise are without question, boding well for things to come.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.7
The Caitiff Choir Reviewed by: Horvat, on december 07, 2005
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Sound: If you're into good rockin' metalcore, then you will like The Caitiff Choir by It Dies Today. Complete with shrieking vocals, crunching guitar riffs, and some mad snare drumming, this album is heavy and most of all, full of good headbangin' music. Their sound is similar to bands like Unearth and Trivum, but with some good elements of hardcore aswell. If you're into breakdowns, this CD has plenty of them. // 7

Lyrics: I like this lyrics a lot on this album. They're abstract and well thought out. They have some good meaning to them, on a range of topics. Some songs talk about random things, but some focus on specific themes and messages. All in all, the lyrics are not bad at all. The vocals are good aswell. The singer has a weird scream, kind of a mix between black metal and hardcore, and I like it. His singing voice is really good aswell, very similar sounding to the vocalist from Trivium. The contrast between singing and screaming is good, and keeps many of the songs fresh and interesting. // 8

Overall Impression: Not a bad album. One of the better metalcore albums out there at the moment. Has a few off moments, where some songs become a bit repetitive, but otherwise a very good listen. The tracks to check out are "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident," "Naenia" and "A Threnody For Modern Romance." Overall, a good album to listen to if you like metalcore or hardcore. Certainly not the best, but one of the better ones. // 8

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overall: 10
The Caitiff Choir Reviewed by: Infamou$17, on november 15, 2007
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Sound: Buffalo's premier metalcore band, It Dies Today, released this album a few years back. Even today, this is a strong album, regarded as one of the best metalcore has ever seen. It has a big sound and excellent production, excellent riffing(obviously a few dull moments, but every band has theirs), and in general, everything that was done was done right and it exceeded my expectations. // 10

Lyrics: The album is based on Dante's Divine Comedy. Nick Brooks' uniquely identifiable screaming is better than ever here, and it is still unparalleled in metalcore. His flow is perfect. The singing is tolerable enough. Lyrics are pretty well-written. Totally solid all-around. // 10

Overall Impression: The Caitiff Choir is one of my favorite albums of all time, if anybody steals this from me then I will follow them and while they run away, jump from a roof and headbutt them in the orbital bone. I like "Defeatism", "Revelations", FGFA and "My Promise" a lot. If you think metalcore is a totally dry genre, get this and, you'll at least make a case for IDT being great. // 10

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