Brushfire Fairytales Review

artist: Jack Johnson date: 01/16/2006 category: compact discs
Jack Johnson: Brushfire Fairytales
Release Date: Feb 6, 2001
Label: Enjoy
Genres: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock,Singer/Songwriter
Number Of Tracks: 13
Johnson's voice, which is hauntingly like Wes Cunningham, makes Brushfire Fairytales a decent record. He's not noisy or gregarious. He's content with his new creative finding.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Brushfire Fairytales Reviewed by: TravisWongPG, on january 16, 2006
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Sound: The sound is uniqely Jack Johnson. You can tell a Jack song from the moment you hear it. If your into smooth, easy listening, then this is the CD for you. Jack's stuff tends to be more on the relaxed side. There isn't any crazy guitar work, in fact most of his songs or very simplistic, acoustic riffs, but the songs themselves are more than a worth a listen. I do have to give praises to songs like "Flake" and "F-Stop Blues," definitly some of Jack's best work. // 8

Lyrics: Johnsons easy going vocals flow smoothly over the subtle but strong lyrics. The former surfer has a knack for producing fitting lyrics over his gentle, uncluttered, acoustic ballads. The guitar work is nothing to be amazed by, but his songwriting skills are amazing. Jack has a way of expressing a strong point in a mellow song. "It seems to me that 'maybe' pretty much always means no," from his song Flake or even "Why don't the newscasters cry when they read about people who die?" from his song The News, show just some of his lyrical skills. // 10

Overall Impression: Jack Johnson is a gem. All his songs are gems. The only problem is that he lacks diversity. All his gems are from the same bag. Dont get me wrong, he is an amazing artist but if your not in the mood for Jack, you wont be able to turn to his diversity for a new taste. Overall, he is a wicked musician, and if this CD was stolen or lost, I would definitly buy at again. // 9

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