Sleep Through The Static review by Jack Johnson

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  • Released: Feb 5, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (142 votes)
Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static

Sound — 8
So Jack's been a way for not too long and the rumor was that this record would be a lot darker then the previous ones. Well, kinda. Old hits like "Bannana Pancakes" or "Better Together" type sound aren't found here. The CD could be considered darker but in reality it's surfer music so how dark can you really get? In This CD they have a newcommer Zach Gill (who used to tour with them) to play the Piano. It brings a new edge to the typical Jack Johnson type sound. Now I wouldn't say it's a boring CD because it isnt, but, compared to his other works this is the least interesting album. it's still more complicated then the others but jack is just better without so much sound so should stick with just a guitar, voice and drums.

Lyrics — 8
Well acording to Jack Johnson he says, "Some of the songs on this album are about making babies. Some of the songs are about raising them. Some of the songs are about the world that these children will grow up in; a world of war and love, and hate, and time and space. Some of the songs are about saying goodbye to people I love and will miss." In my opinion it's still the same kinda music he has been writing in all his albums. Not to mention this guy lives in Hawaii which is a relaxing state so the lyrics reflect that. (Its got that green sticky icky appeal if you catch my drift).

Overall Impression — 9
Jack Johnson got Ben harper's producer to produce this album. They had done it in other CD's. This time it didn't work out for them as much as they wanted to. The CD isnt bad, but it isnt great. Recomended tracks: Go On (the piano makes this song sound great), Hope, All At Once. I will admit this, Jack is the type of artist that you need to hear the songs more than once to appreciate them for what they are. This CD requieres extra Patiance. He evolve with this album but not too much. I still prefer the old stuff. But I will still hear this CD about 40 more times today and then realize that I like it a lot more then I do now and wish I wrote a better review. O well, Se La Vi.

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    I figured out the problem. Jack Johnson recently added a piano player named Zach Gill (from ELO) and he was a fantastic addition to the band. BUT, Sleep Through The Static was co-written with Zach Gill, giving it that darker, more piano influenced feel. This album would have been better if Zach had been left out of the writing process and added his flair afterward. Like on "A Weekend At The Greek", Zach and Jack have a great dynamic, making songs like Good People and Never Know spectacular crowd pleasers. But Sleep Through The Static lacks those "Banana Pancakes" or even "Rodeo Clowns" songs.
    A little dissapointed but still some good songs on here. Not his best album at all though. My vote for his best album would problably go to "in between dreams"
    i really enjoyed this album and i didn't know too many of his other songs besides a few singles. i loved the sound of it and some of the lyrics are really great. p.s. i think it's spelled "c'est la vie"
    Robert I.
    I can understand why people don't like this album as much as the others, but personally I think it's fantastic! I like the tremolo-drenched guitars, the kind of melancholy lyrics that reflect the ****ed-up world we live in and are sooooo catchy! I just love the way that one sentence melds with the next in songs like "Sleep Through the Static" Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, so that's mine
    this is different, and for now thats not a bad thing. im glad he didnt make a rehash, its just that this slower, darker sound isnt as strong as some of his other albums. that being said, this is one of those cds you just pop in late at night and just chill to. it has some deep, heavy stuff in it that really makes you think. theres a few songs that i dont think shouldve made the cut (enemy, they do they dont, adrift) but theres also some of his best stuff on here too (go on, the first 3 tracks, if i had eyes). i wouldnt start here if you're just getting into jack johnson, but if youre a fan i would definitely get it.
    are all of you crazy? saying songs from in between dreams are his best?? all i can see is that you don't really follow JJ save these last 2 albums, and are pretending to know what you are talking about. STTS is much more in-line with brushfire fairytales and on and on than that load of too-happy pop trash aka in between dreams. I think it's safe to say that Jack redeemed himself with this album.
    I thot it was a pretty good album, at least up 2 par with his last ones...just different. I like "If I Had Eyes", and "Go On"
    This album is great... It s not his best album... but still a bloody good album... The first songs that i really liked were all at once, angel and adrift... though i reckon every song was bloody good... and they didnt have to grow on me.. first time listen i enjoyed alot....
    I liked the album but I will agree on the fact that he never sounded better than when the songs were just his singing and his guitar, and even with the drums and the bass.
    I know exactly what you guys are all saying. I bought this a while be and I didn't like it for a while. At first just the title track, If I Had Eyes, and Hope were the only songs I'd listen to. Just as when I first started listening to Jack Johnson, it grew on me and now love it. It does take some time to get used to the slow tempo, but it's nice and relaxing. It seems like a lot of the songs however don't grab you right away like other bands find a way to do, maybe it's in the intros of the songs, maybe its something deeper than that, but just continue listening and its great.
    Yeah, nothing can really compare to his other albums, especially In Between Dreams. Still a good listen though.
    Point blank... JJ has still got it together. I agree, it's not my favorite album he has done. But by far it's better the most of the stuff out there. The guy makes music he loves, and tunes that people can connect with. As a lyricist, he is at the top of the game; thats alot more than can be said about most acts out now. (nickleback) who are content with following the AC/DC style of put out the same album a dozen or so times.
    i love the album but some songs just sound like pop songs. on some songs i dont think it sounds like surfer music anymore. but i love most the songs.
    Really good, but could be better. And was that supposed to be a guitar solo at the end of "Sleep Through the Static"? That could also be improved.
    the new albums got some old jack on it. but it aint the same some songs like "if i had eyes" are killer cause they are like his old happy joyful stuff which is why people like him his new stuff is a little depressing and he is a surfer and he needs to stick to the whole relaxing ont the Hawaii coast kinda stuff
    Jack is still the man. He tried a little something different and all you wanted was the same old thing. All at once, Sleep through the Static, Angel,...etc, I was about to name the whole album, but every song is excellent. We have to let Jack do his thing. May I quote the immortal Jimi "Man, I'm not a walk'in jukebox". Neither is Jack, to listen to him is to love his music. I lived in Hawaii 4 years (USMC), and yes it is laid back, and pakalolo is abundant. Chillax and enjoy.
    You spelled alot of words wrong and forgot when to capitalize. And I like Jack Johnson you swine!
    His songs are still relaxing. It's just that he doesn't always have to sound happy. Have you even listened to the lyrics? This man is a genius. Some of his songs you just have to listen to a few times to really like them. I love that he sounds different on this album instead of the same old same. Don't get me wrong, i also love his happier songs, (like the ones from In Between Dreams) but they're not always my favorite