Sleep Through The Static Review

artist: Jack Johnson date: 02/21/2008 category: compact discs
Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static
Release Date: Feb 5, 2008
Label: Brushfire
Genres: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
No matter what instrument he's playing or what he's singing about, his music still feels the same, which is enough to satisfy his fans but not to win him many new ones.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Sleep Through The Static Reviewed by: nextcrusader, on february 21, 2008
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Sound: So Jack's been a way for not too long and the rumor was that this record would be a lot darker then the previous ones. Well, kinda. Old hits like "Bannana Pancakes" or "Better Together" type sound aren't found here. The CD could be considered darker but in reality it's surfer music so how dark can you really get? In This CD they have a newcommer Zach Gill (who used to tour with them) to play the Piano. It brings a new edge to the typical Jack Johnson type sound. Now I wouldn't say it's a boring CD because it isnt, but, compared to his other works this is the least interesting album. it's still more complicated then the others but jack is just better without so much sound so should stick with just a guitar, voice and drums. // 8

Lyrics: Well acording to Jack Johnson he says, "Some of the songs on this album are about making babies. Some of the songs are about raising them. Some of the songs are about the world that these children will grow up in; a world of war and love, and hate, and time and space. Some of the songs are about saying goodbye to people I love and will miss." In my opinion it's still the same kinda music he has been writing in all his albums. Not to mention this guy lives in Hawaii which is a relaxing state so the lyrics reflect that. (Its got that green sticky icky appeal if you catch my drift). // 8

Overall Impression: Jack Johnson got Ben harper's producer to produce this album. They had done it in other CD's. This time it didn't work out for them as much as they wanted to. The CD isnt bad, but it isnt great. Recomended tracks: Go On (the piano makes this song sound great), Hope, All At Once. I will admit this, Jack is the type of artist that you need to hear the songs more than once to appreciate them for what they are. This CD requieres extra Patiance. He evolve with this album but not too much. I still prefer the old stuff. But I will still hear this CD about 40 more times today and then realize that I like it a lot more then I do now and wish I wrote a better review. O well, Se La Vi. // 9

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