To The Sea Review

artist: Jack Johnson date: 06/18/2010 category: compact discs
Jack Johnson: To The Sea
Released: Jun 1, 2010
Genre: Acoustic Rock
Label: Brushfire Records, Universal Records
Number Of Tracks: 15
It will take a couple listens to get used to it, but it will grow on you.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
To The Sea Reviewed by: Jmoarguitar, on june 18, 2010
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Sound: When it comes to Jack Johnson, most people think about acoustic guitar. Well in this album he probably uses an electric 3/4 of the time. It's hands down his most diverse album he's ever written. He's got some little guitar solos in there, with some effects like tremolo and chorus that are effective enough to take you to a beach on Hawaii. I think a lot of older fans will not enjoy it as much at first, but this album grows on you, so much that it turned into my favorite album by him. If I were to describe the sound I would say it's Jack Johnson thrown into the grunge era. Maybe it's the long hair that sparked his imagination? I'm giving this a 9 because for a Jack Johnson album, it's great. I'm not comparing this to anything a guitar virtuoso would write, but what Jack would write. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are like all other lyrics he writes, pretty straight forward and organic, but great. He has a song on here written for his daughter I believe, which is a very emotional song. It's hard to explain his lyrics, they're just so simple, for example in the song "When I Look Up", it goes "When I look up at the stars as I walk in the night down the street it feels good." Straight forward, right? Some people may not like this, but I love him for his simple approach to music. // 9

Overall Impression: Like a previously stated, this album is by far my favorite. There's so much variation in it, it's a like a big breathe of fresh air. He puts out his happy vibe like always, but knows how to mellow it down with songs like "My Little Girl" and "Only The Ocean". I love every song, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite, but the songs that I always find myself singing is "Only The Ocean", it's just so relaxing and happy, and "Turn Your Love", who has a female singer in the background, who I believe is Paula Fuga, who is also featured in a more upbeat version of Better Together that came with this purchase. If this was stolen from me, I'd be very very mad, and then I would go and buy it again. It will take a couple listens to get used to it, but it will grow on you. // 10

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