It Might Get Loud [DVD] review by Jack White, Jimmy Page, The Edge

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  • Released: Aug 14, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (8 votes)
Jack White, Jimmy Page, The Edge: It Might Get Loud [DVD]

Sound — 8
This DVD is not so much about, "Hey, look at what this artist is doing now musically!" It is showing a lot of "This is how I got here." The DVD shows clips of Jack Whites old influences, many old clips from U2 music videos, and discusses quite a bit of Jimmy Page's first real gig, where he played with a skiffle band. This DVD never shows one entire song, so sound is a bit hard to write about.

Content — 10
This DVD features the documentary itself, a few deleted scenes, commentary with the director, and some coverage of the Toronto Film Festival Press Conference. This DVD shows you the musicians in their element; Jack White is shown in what we are lead to believe as his home, you see The Edge in concert clips, as well as Jimmy Page in concert clips. Seeing all the legendary guitarists together, teaching each other their songs is really neat to watch, cause who can imagine Jimmy Paige playing a U2 riff? Overall, this content makes me happy. Knowing a bit of background on White myself, I don't feel like anything in his history is left out, and from that I'm willing to bet that The Edge and Jimmy Page are accurately portrayed as well.

Production Quality — 8
The film quality is fantastic, the sound and lighting is all perfect. This DVD wasn't filmed with documentary quality equipment, it was filmed like a movie. None of the technology/tricks used in this film show what time it's from. There's no transition inbetween scenes, it's just scene to scene. Some of the old clips of Jack White's influenced are very poor quality film, but you can tell that time was taken to try and restore them.

Overall Impression — 9
The opening scene is what caught my attention, and immediately told me, "I know I'm going to watch this more than once." It shows Jack White walking around a field in Tennessee, picking up random objects, and building a very basic guitar out of them. When all the artists are meeting, you can really tell the respect they have for each other. I never thought that The Edge from U2 would know much about Jack White, but he speaks respectfully of him. Davjis Guggenheim was very smart in the musicians he picked to do this documentary. He took 3 musicians from 3 different genres and put them together to talk about their influences. 3 guitarists with different styles, signatures, and levels of fame and got, what I see, as the best result possible. When all the musicians meet in the centre room, you see Jack White stare at the Edge, as he shakes Jimmy Page's hand before his own, but of course White doesn't show any dismay in this, because of course he knows Page is the more respectable guitarist. I love that an equal amount of all the musicians is shown. You would expect, Jimmy Page to have the most coverage, but in fact it's not by a landslide. All the musicians are given a fair opportunity to talk about whatever they feel needs to be spoken about. I hated the songs chosen by the White Stripes to be displayed. Jack White is portrayed as a country musician. The house they show him in is in the middle of nowhere, with a field of cows around it. They show him playing "Hotel Yorba" at a Home in front of many seniors and that's unfair to mainly showcase that sound. I disliked how none of the Edge's really good songs are shown, they show him doing the riff for "Elevation" which is just two barres, I believe, and not a whole lot else. Jimmy Page had fair coverage in his skill level. If this were stolen, I would buy it again. It was 25.99 at my local HMV, and it was worth it.

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    After watching this movie, I have a lot more respect for Jack White as a musician, but also surprisingly, Jimmy Page as a person. He just seems like an all around chill guy.
    I was curious about this film. I might check it out. This kind of stuff is right up my alley just as much as progressive stuff and shred stuff is.
    han tsholo
    i have never liked Jack White - no idea why - but after watching the film, i think i'm going to be listening ot more of his music. i was very impressed by his passion.