Boondh review by Jal

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (52 votes)
Jal: Boondh

Sound — 10
Released on 3rd of October 2004, "Aadat" an everliving piece of work from one of the best Pakistani rock bands "Jal" surely did leave an impact on everyone who heard it. Their distinct style of work left everyone attentive towards them. Now after three years of waiting. Just when we all thought Jal was gone, it's back with a brand new album Boondh, a drop of Jal. The word Boondh means "a drop" by this the band wants to tell, they have a lot more to offer the audience and this is just a drop from thier musical ocean. Simple yet melodious guitars, prominent bass and beautiful vocals blends together perfectly to give us this record which is a 'must buy'. A lot had been expected from this band as thier debut album "Aadat" was a massive hit. But now after listening to their new album I can say that they haven't let us down, after all it was all worth-waiting. it's all original, things no one heard before. First track of the album Sajni falls into soft rock genre and truly follows the jalish trends of music. Video of this song (also the album launch video) is amazing and something truly innovative. After sajni comes "rangoon mein" of this album "Raatein", starting off a bit hard compared with the rest of the songs. Then it's "Hamain Itna Pyaar" after that is "Moray Piya". Secret to the fifth track "Main maast hoon, Dhamaal" is the folk touch given to it. "Mahia" is next after which there is a ballad full of feelings and emotions "Payal". "Chup Chup" is a tragic love song and it's the eight track on the album. Ninth Song "Kia Se Kia" is something very different and one of favourite tracks on the album. "Yeh Mera Pakistan" is a patriotic song something jal didn't do before. Album finishes off with slow versions of "Sajni" and "Hamain Itna Pyaar" and I guess it's a perfect ending which would make one listen to the album again. Music on the album is outstanding. it's a lot more mature than before. Everything is neatly done on all the tracks and everything is perfectly placed wherever it belongs. Music differs a lot from thier previous album "Aadat" but acoustic guitar gets the same emphasis as before. Bass is quiet strong throughout the album. Getting off thier style, Jal made use of keyboard here and there. Unlike before instead of putting unplugs as extras, they have got two slow piano versions on the album of the two songs. As for guitars I think Goher Mumtaz (lead/rhythm guitarist) made use of a lot of guitar effects which is something new. Guitar solos through out the album are simple as before but they are very melodious and fun to hear. Drums on the album are noticeable on all the tracks as two of the most well known drummers of Pakistan, Gumby and Salman Albert, have given in their touch.

Lyrics — 8
Vocals are a lot more mature than before. Perfection can clearly be noticed through out the album when we talk about vocals. Both "Farhan Saeed Butt" the main vocalist and "Goher Mumtaz" occasional vocalist have done a great job with singing. Lyrics now I think this is something which could have been a bit better, I am not saying it's bad. But lyrics aren't outstanding or anything as they were on "Aadat". Magic of "Teri Yaad" or "Aadat" like lyrics is missing. Although "Payal" and "Moray Piya" have been pretty close but not exactly there. Still they are not bad at all. In my opinion "Kia Se Kia" a song with fairly simple lyrics holds a very strong message in it and I think lyrics fits in perfectly and no words could have been better in this place. The compliance of the lyrics and the music is done in a brillant way, mellow vocals on the album combines perfectly with the music.

Overall Impression — 9
"Aadat" was a mega hit because of that band had a lot pressure on them. They had to come up with something better than aadat this time. In my opinion "Aadat" was one of those albums which can never be made again. It was an ultimate album. That's why we should see Boondh on it's own and not compare it with aadat. Jals second album was one of the most awaited albums, and finally it's realeased and I think every decent listener of music all over the world who understands urdu should get a copy of it. The most impressive songs on this record includes Sajni, Raatein, Mahia, Kya Se Kya, Moray Piya and Payal.

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