Zero Order Phase review by Jeff Loomis

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  • Released: Sep 30, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (74 votes)
Jeff Loomis: Zero Order Phase

Sound — 10
Unbelievable! That's the best way to describe this whole album. There is not one song that is not an epic song front to back. This album is by the the best instrumental guitar album front to back with each song being just as badass one after another. His guitar tones are outstanding and flawless. And on top of this album has amazing drums with it, very technical. This album is not all shred like some would think but actually more Riff and melody line based but don't get me wrong there is plenty of shred. A most have for any guitarist Jeff Loomis's unique style would make any guitarist want to throw in the towel this album is just simply amazing! On top of that Jeff Loomis must be the most interesting guitarist I have ever heard.

Lyrics — 10
Who needs lyrics with this album? The guitar melody's are equivalent to a vocalist, they have so much emotions and expressions, you can completely feel his emotions through his guitar on this album every song is an epic journey. And it is not all shred like some of these instrumentals it's very understandable and you know exactly what is coming out of his guitar.

Overall Impression — 10
This album has it all and personally gives me goosebumps to every song I listen to and I honestly cannot see any guitarist not liking this album period. The album is amazing from the sweet into of the first song to the amazing chord choice interlude of the last song please people I urge you to listen to this album it will inspire you trust me no other instrumental album is quite like this and it has perfect song structure unlike most instrumentals. This is worth every penny!

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    Devil Theory is one of the best metal instrumental / shred tracks of all time. The most amazing metal album I've heard in years. Jeff Loomis went from legendary to demi-God with this album. They'll be deciphering and talking about this album for years. MIND-BLOWING.
    Azure Haze is beautiful,my favorite track off the album. Loomis is my BIGGEST influence and i knew this album would blow me away.Nevermore have been my favorite band for a long time...been waiting so long for this album. Long Live Jeff Loomis!
    I love this album, devil theory ftw! Jeff loomis seriously is the most under-rated musician/guitarist out there, its a shame
    Wow I knew this album was going to be good the minute i heard about it and it definitely didn't let me down at all 10/10
    Amazing stuff. Easily one of the greatest shred albums I've ever heard. Jato Unit is a simply amazing track, and the entire album is simply beautiful. Long live Loomis!
    Also, I apologize for the double post but, these reviews don't do the album too well. May have to write one of my own I suppose.
    Miles Of Machines is the best instrumental piece I've ever heard! Jeff Loomis is a living legend!
    yay! i made the user rating go from 9.8 to 9.9 whith my vote! he deserves it!!
    did anyone notice that the chords on departure are exactly the same as on This Godless Endeavour. LOL whatever, the album rules
    yeah i just got it and yeah its amzing jeef said in his interview that he wanted to show that he could do more than shred and oh boy did he. This cd is all over the place in a good way and what he did with azure haze was just crazy. Def one of the best players out there right now.
    IainDavies_2 wrote: did anyone notice that the chords on departure are exactly the same as on This Godless Endeavour. LOL whatever, the album rules
    Yeah I noticed this, but it doesn't matter, it's cool. Opulent Maelstron has the best riffs on the album, in my opinion. But the award for best song on the album has to be Miles Of Machines. It's just brilliant.