Blood Folk review by Jenny Dalton

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  • Released: Sep 8, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
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Jenny Dalton: Blood Folk

Sound — 8
Singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton takes a departure from her usual acoustic folk-rock sound and adds more haunting prog rock guitar rumbles and ambient synths in her new EP, "Blood Folk". Accented piano keys in "Shotgun Wedding" are fringed in hard rock trimmings with vocal overdubs that create an echoey vibration burrowed in the melodic passages as wavy strings move in and out of the track. The rhythmic changes produce agile dynamics as the tempo shifts from an ambling trot to thundering flusters. The guitar riffs turn to gusty atmospherics in "Nightmare" and wane in "Awake" as the light tambourine shimmies are sprinkled in phat bass drums gently kindled by choir-toned tremors. The booming drumbeats along "Colorado Song" have a tribal tone towing the light pulse of the piano keys moving from a shallow sound to an amplified flurry garnished in rumbling guitar riffs. The twinkling embers of the piano keys in "Tuesday With Zooey" are draped in ambient instrumentation as the vocals tread like shadows making soft imprints on the chord progressions.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are profound using metaphors and symbolic messages like in "Tuesday With Zooey" as Dalton describes, "Autumn landing on the tip of my shoe / Kicks are treading the walks in my hood / Clouds and sweaters must come from heaven / And what awaits on page 55." Dalton's thoughts are personal in "Awake" as she narrates, "'It's time to wake her up,' those demons say / They're the restless winds of play when I'm trying to sleep / And we're two severed friends under a harvest moon / Two burning silos in a prairie field." Other lyrics reveal an internal struggle like in "Nightmare" as Dalton envisions, "It went down, it went down / All around it was a nightmare / I made it, my sweat beading / I can't wake up but it's a nightmare / A showdown in my town." Besides looking inward, her lyrics turn outward like in "Shotgun Wedding" as she questions, "My veil is laced / With the drugs of cactus flowers from your desert / Which side of the veil will you stand on / The magician or of the fool?"

Overall Impression — 8
Jenny Dalton takes prog rock to another level on her EP, "Blood Folk". From tracks that induce a pensive mood to those that stimulate activity of the sensory system, Dalton's songs have the potency to touch people emotionally particularly those emotions that are hidden and buried deep.

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