Morning Is When Jenoah Wakes Up Review

artist: Jenoah date: 08/08/2005 category: compact discs
Jenoah: Morning Is When Jenoah Wakes Up
Released: 2004
Label: Drive Thru
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 5
This is a well constructed EP. It strays from the mainstream and every song doesn't sound the same.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Morning Is When Jenoah Wakes Up Reviewed by: citizen44, on august 08, 2005
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Sound: The sound on this album is perfect. It is recorded with precision and accuracy but still has a free-flowing, energetic, and up-beat feel to it. The two guitarists, Lucky Rodrigues and Robbie Halbert, combine Lucky's quick-witted and frantic style with Robbie's smooth and classical-like riffs to achieve a tone and vibe not felt in most of today's music. Jenoah is a great new band that brings a new feel and tone to the music scene, so there isn't a distinct style used on this EP. The band brings so many new, non-mainstream instruments to the table and delivers them with passion. For example, the uncommon "moog" is present along with vibra-tones and Jenoah blends them into their music as if they were just another guitar or backup vocalist. // 10

Lyrics: At first, the lyrics of Jenoah seem to be out of the ordinary and obscure, but after close analysis one discovers that there is a layer of passion and inspiration behind them. For example, on "Ex-Suits" the band shows us how different cultures and populations are being labled and stereotyped by their view from the general public and how originality and creativity taking a nose dive into a mountain of bland, un-original, piggy-backing ideas. With such lines as "Alone, with beliefs and a dream" and "So many stupid kids/playing follow the leader/all the way to the grave," this song is just one example of how Jenoah uses creativity and originality to bring a new flare to the music scene. The singer, Stephen Joshua Martinez, is a skilled singer with a new approach to vocals and breaks a new threshold in the land of lyrics and vocalism. He and Jenoah not only blend the music with the lyrics, but, as mentioned earlier, use originality to write their lyrics. Their approach is dreaming. Every song on this EP is inspired by dreams that the band members have had. Even the name "Jenoah" comes from a dream by the drummer, Zachary Blizzard. This truely shows how Jenoah reaches for a new kind of inspiration. // 8

Overall Impression: From "Wish For Alliance" to "Jamie," Jenoah's innovative talent has created a new style of music sure to bring modern music to a new realm. The album itself has a perfect blend of songs throughout, with punky, jazzy, up-beat, and a dark vibe all at the same time. What I love most about this album is that you can listen to it from start to finish, over and over again, and feel as if you are on stage with the band, feeling what they are feeling, knowing what they are knowing. I would buy this album 100 times, just so I could share it with others. The album is definately worth buying and I recommend to anyone looking for something different to put this in their CD player, crank up the volume, and get lost in Jenoah. // 10

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