Shine On review by Jet

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (156 votes)
Jet: Shine On

Sound — 9
The sound on the album Shine On is reminiscent of the beatles. Songs like Eleanor and Kings Horses, display this. While songs like Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, display the characteristic tone and sound that is Jet. Don't expect a heavy riff laden song like Cold Hard Bitch though, the hardest songs here are Holiday, Put Your Money and Hey Kids. The Sound however is stunning. The Blend between a sound not unlike the beatles, and Jet themselves is quite good. There are more piano and strings here as well.

Lyrics — 10
Jet lyrics always surprise me and in a good way. The lyrics are deep, and for anyone who enjoys the sound of Jet, match the music. Beware however if you assume Jet is like any other alt. band. They are not. The lead singer can reach those high notes, and it's evident in the song Holiday. Even Kings Horses, which is played higher on the guitar, is an example of this.

Overall Impression — 9
I personally enjoy this album. I think it's a bit more mature than Get Born. there's more maturity in song and music. The album is a different approach to music. The beatles sound is not copied however, it is customized. I enjoy Kings Horses, Hey Kids, Holiday, Shiny Magazine, and Come On Come On.

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    i don't like that crap about jet being "unoriginal"... i mean, AC/DC's music is unoriginal. they have about 5 songs that are different, and the rest are just all the same blur. but my point is, that all of those AC/DC songs are still good, and their music is very easy to get and straightforward. nothing too fancy, just down and dirty rock. we need more music like that. stuff that dosn't make you think hard, but reminds you of the good times in your life, and sets the pace for the good times to come. that's what all music is to me anyway...
    thankyou. it's so good to see jet fans fight back. jet are one of the best bands out at the moment. it's such a relief when a jet song comes on, it gives us all a break from that rap and emo stuff that on.
    Cobalt Blue
    P.S. anybody see them on Conan O'brien the other night? Nic sounded like shit, I think he threw out his voice in Toronto the night before.
    Don't have the album yet, but I was a big fan of the first one.Plus, one of the reasons I like Jet is because they remind me of the great bands of old.Like they said in Guitar World Magazine,"How can something that was written last week be dated?Isn't that contemporary?"I hate most of the bands around today and I'm supposed to be their target audience.A 14 year old teenage boy.Too bad for them though, because I'm listening to my dad's Zeppelin cds and my Pink Floyd and Doors cds.Shine On people.
    I hear alot of shit about these guys but I love em,and for some reason I also think of "the trews"another great band...will definately pick-up jets newe albummm...
    Listen to Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Oasis and then try and tell me this is an original album.
    Tapir-man : What is is with Aussie bands like Jet and Wolfmother apeing old bands. It's like they just heard Led Zep, or Ac/Dc down under and now the cover bands are arriving. Point is, Jet's unoriginal.
    Better than the majority of the shit coming from the States. So what if Jet and Wolfmother are influenced by the legends, but every punk band has. the same vocal tone and the same shit guitar riffs. Cheers for these aussies for showing us what down and dirty rock really is supposed to sound like.
    Please stop arguing about whether Jet is a rip off or not. Checked.
    i hate how nowadays we have this mentality that music is either good because it has a certain trend or image to it or its extremely hard and technical. This is what I say: If you enjoy listening to it, it's good music. Some of the greatest bands in history didn't have super amazing technical skills. Sure, the guitarist for Dragonforce can woop ass on Jimmy Page for speed, but Zep is infinitely better than Dragonforce, and there are ways to prove it. I like Jet, I lo0ve this album, and its only because Its fun 2 listen to. And about being unoriginal: Gimme a dam break. They play this stuff cause its fun to play, and it gets them going and havin a good time rockin out. If thats not true rock n' roll, then rock surely is dead.
    to all the people saying "oh there just a rehash of the stones or the beatles, why listen to them when you could listen to the originals" well, uh geuss what dipshits when the stones and beatles started out they were just rehashs of chuck berry, the everly brothers, elvis presly, pretty much every 50s rock act. But geuss what with time they EVOLVED. give Jet some time, this is only there 2nd major label release, and obviously there still working on getting a sound that is uniquely theres, its very hard as a young artist to not sound like your influences. Case in point listen to the BBC sessions of the Beatles, any of their early work etc. Same with the Stones. Essentially they were just singing Chuck Berry with a British accent. Give Jet some time, once they really discover who they are as a band I'm sure they'll develop a more individual style. BTW whats wrong with sounding like the Beatles or the Stones? if your gonna sound like someone, why not sound like the best
    Ok so im listening to hey kids right now. The lyric is NOT "hey old man, remember Vietnam, you hated Vietnam, but now you dig Afganistan," but rather "but now you love Uncle Sam,". I thought it was a great album. I'll admit, Nic Cester does sound impressively like John Lennon or Paul Mccartney, but that doesn't mean that they ripped off the Beatles, or ACDC or any other Australian band for that matter (not to say the Beatles are Australian). They may not have a sound uniquely theirs yet, but I agree with rock_and_blues here. They are relitively new and are still experimenting with different sounds. And I would like to hear from anyone a better-sounding, modern, really rock band. Panic! its the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Hinder, and most other current, well-known bands can't hold a candle to Jet's sound. Even Green Day's American Idiot has some competition with Jet's Shine On, in my opinion. Give Jet a few more years, and I think they'll come up with some really big stuff here.
    Eamon Fethers
    Jet r shit, they sound exactly the same on both albums, y don't they take a look at the living end, with all 4 of their albums they have experimented with different material, and to be really honest i rekon jet r try hards.