Bleed American review by Jimmy Eat World

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  • Released: Jul 24, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (27 votes)
Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American

Sound — 10
This album has an excellent sound to it. I bought it after buying Futures and realising the band is excellent. The album has a mix of upbeat, heavyish and slow light songs. The songs are great to listen to, this album confirmed Jimmy Eat World as one of my fave all time bands. It isnt a bad guitar album either, the songs arefun to play, some of them are quite easy but still fun. There are some great sounding solos on the album, such as in Bleed American itself, Hear You Me and The Middle. I downloded a video of them playing The Middle live and it was perfect. Great album from a great band.

Lyrics — 10
I love the lyrics off this album. Some of them seem quite random, Salt sweat sugar on the asphault and The sweetness will not be a part of me, but some of the lyrics are very emotional a song for a heart so big, god wouldnt let it live, may angels lead you in and you rip my heart right out. Jim's voice is amazing. I can't explain but he has a very unique voice which goes well with the style of lyrics. And when playing live he sings in tune and time.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is one of my favourites, I'm glad I bought it. It is different to the new album Futures, but not for better or worse. The most impressive songs on the album for me are The Middle, Hear You Me. I really can't choose they are all excellent. I love the solo in The Middle and Hear You Me. I basically love everything about the album. I don't hate anything.

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    This is one of my fav albums of all times(and I listen from stuff Cradle Of Filth to Lenny Kravitz).Bleed American has something special on it,the lyrics are meaningful and completely Emo,the guitar work is simple and interesting,the bass lines are cool,the drum work ir pretty good and the vocals are outstanding!Jim Adkins is one of my fav lead singers ever because he's got an awesome voice(both in live and in studio) and he really knows how to gather his feeling and write kick-ass songs with the rest of the boys.My personal favs songs are "Sweetness","If You Don't,Dont","My Sundown","Hear You Me","The Authority Song","Bleed American" and "The Middle".All the songs are beautiful,they all have a deep feeling and they're all different(songs like "Sweetness" or "The Middle" will make you jump and sing around for days,while songs like "My Sundown","Cautioners" or "Hear You Me" will almost make you cry).In my opinion those guys are te best Emo/Pop-Punk band around(Motion City Soundtrack and Dashboard Confessional too)!Go ahead and yes,this is a must-buy for everyone!
    Ely Rosetta
    bleed american is Jimmy Eat worlds dive into the mainstream. To many reviews to write a review, but it should be known that this is an excellent album. This leaves all J.E.W's emo roots behind and good riddance!
    This album is their best so I'm wondering why it has the lowest score out of all of them? The middle is awesome and the woman who sings really makes the songs unique
    I love this CD. it is one of my favorites. These guys are cool too. I follow them on twitter @jimmyeatworld they give away stuff. Anyhoo, awesome band. I have the Believe in what you want video. I think thats what its called. ok, bye.