Futures review by Jimmy Eat World

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  • Released: Oct 19, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (44 votes)
Jimmy Eat World: Futures

Sound — 9
After picking up the band's 'Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World' album I thought I'd pick up another one and so I gave this one a wack! The overall sound of this album was very much different to 'Bleed American' a little bit more guitars than usual and a few more synthesized sounds and some interesting strings on some tracks! The opening title track "Futures" is awesome, it hits you with this positive vibe the moment you press play, which is great; couldn't ask for a better opening number in my eyes! I noticed that 'Bleed American' lacked a lot of meat in most songs and it did sound a little tame (still a fantastic album!). This album provided a little bit more of a punch which I liked, even in some of the more steady tunes like "Work" and "Kill". The only downfall is that putting these two tracks together, you sort of catch the same vibe of the two, however this is easily seen to with the next track "The World You Love" which is nice, nice and almost heart warming! Guitar tones and playing style is a little bit more sophisticated than before; not like the guitar solo in 'Bleed American' where it's sounds messy and wild, but don't worry there's still some great riffs and licks etc. Listen to the guitar work in 'Just Tonight', simple but really cool! Overall I think the layout of the album is pretty much perfect besides slapping those two tracks nest to each other! I've picked up that Jimmy Eat World are very much well known and respected for there softer tunes anyway so this is pretty much what you expect with a few little surprises when needed!

Lyrics — 9
I think compared to their previous album's the lyrics are a lot stronger, the majority of Jim's lyrics remain simple and affective as always; for some reason I quite like the line "If I'm hated then it's not my fault I swear" in there bonus track "When I Want/Non-Musical Silence". Not sure why I like it, I just think it's nice and innocent, the way the vocals are layed out for it is also rather nice with harmony conisting of just simple higher octaves. I'd like to think Jim's voice has improved in this album, there's definately evidence of a lot wider vocal range. I still love his whispering and wheezy like vocals especially in 'Nightdrive' a really cool slow rocking acoustic track with great gang vocals; I can imagine that would be a great song live!

Overall Impression — 10
I think it's definately a nice change from 'Bleed American' I apoligive for comparing it to that album so much, but these are the only two I've heard so far! My favourite songs?: 01. Futures - 02. Just Tonight - 05. The World You Love - 06. Pain - 08. Polaris - 09. Nothingwrong - 10. Night Drive - 11. 23 - 13. When I want/Non-Musical Silence - If you purchase the 2 Disc Edition, you'll see there are 13 tracks [2 Bonus Tracks] I think it's well worth buying for the extra two bonus tracks. The second disc consists of the Demo recordings of each track you hear on the album. It may seem weird to some people because you may feel like you're buying the same disc but the recordings aren't as good. It's actually a bit better than that, it sort of shows you how each song had been developed and changed around etc. Quite interesting when you compare each Demo to the finalized versions! There are also some notes made by Jim and Tom in the booklet about each song and the writing process/how they came about writing them! You will alos have noticed that I have chosen the majority of the album as my favourite tracks...What do you think I'm suggesting? Those that weren't my favourite doesn't mean that they're not good either! This is a promising album, it's not that much a change and it's got a good healthy balance of hard rocking tracks, slow rockers and some great ballads! Hope this review has been useful! I'm quite looking forward to purchasing my next Jimmy Eat World album! All the best! Daniel

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