Doom review by Job for a Cowboy

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  • Released: Dec 6, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (115 votes)
Job for a Cowboy: Doom

Sound — 9
Job for a cowboy has always attracted me with their guitar harmonies, heavy riffs and gutteral vocals. There genre is very unique as it mixes grindcore with death metal. Unlike a lot of really heavy bands, their riffs are suprisingly intricate and well written. I will say their culd be more guitar solos. Also, the drumming is very intense and machine like. It adds new diensions to the songs. Overall they own!

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics (if you can figure them out) are shockingly intelligent ranging more from just death. The singer's screaming voice is very unique featuring a wide vocal range from high pitched shrieks to menacing growls. Also there is his signature wheat-brie vocal style (listen and you'll know what I'm talking about).

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this is a must for metalheads. If you don't get hooked from the opening of entombment for a machine or the riff from knee deep I don't know what will. I do wish there were "real" guitar solos in the songs besides the little licks and fills that show up, but they make up for it in style. Also unless you listen closely, you sometimes find yourself wondering when one song ended and a new one began. Still a great CD so check it out.

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    Ummm... Grim_necro_kvlt. Your the biggest douch bag ever. Have you no taste in music? Your a faggot!!!
    MexiChriS wrote: ahaha, this shit is so funny. first JFAC isn't grindcore, death metal, hardcore, or metalcore. because each and every one of those has a certen thing to it that makes it its own genre and only their own genre. makeing it unique. JFAC is deathcore, why? because basicly music has been abused and deathcore has taken just about all those other genres i listed above... and its been ****ed with to much. am i saying shit about JFAC? no, not at all. i love the band and i respect them, for their category of music and for still playing even though peps like us write comments about them online. lol all in all, their an amazing band with lots of different genres tossed in their style, so their not just one ****ing genre wich you would consider to be the main genre like hardcore, grindcore, death metal or any other shit.... their just a deathcore band makeing the same tunes all of us have heard before. but its still good. :] oh, and Napalm Death is grindcore and did in fact come in the running years when grindcore was created... they've pretty much created our music today BE THANKFUL and please learn your shit! oh and wecamewithbrokenteeth and circle of dead children are grindcore, but thats modern day grindcore that has been evolved from the past.... i'll take it [IBZ-Iceman] is one of those young kids like me, except he doesn't know his damn music... so sad! oh and As Blood Runs Black... most tallented deathcore band out their? shit man, you don't know your music and haven't expanded or gone out and heard other deathcore bands.... they are all right, not amazing. but i love the band, my homie Ernie is in it. but thier not amazing bro. :]
    Thanks for saying that people are always like "as blood runs black, through the eyes of the dead, bring me the horizon, and jfac are the coolest metalcore bands ever when im always calling the deathcore.
    Deathcore Dude
    as blood runs black is awesome but they harmonize waaaay to much....i call them the iron maiden of deathcore pretty ***** jfac took away the squeals too