Doom review by Job for a Cowboy

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  • Released: Dec 6, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (115 votes)
Job for a Cowboy: Doom

Sound — 10
Job For A Cowboy. I have never heard anything like them. When you pop in this CD you cannot help head banging. This is my best CD buy in the past year or two. The main music types that come to mind when mentioning Job For A Cowboy are Death Metal and Hardcore. I think they created they're own genre "Deathcore". The guitars come in melodic and fast and the next second, they are extremely low and heavy. Tempo changes and breakdowns are present to no end on this album. The sound of the guitars, Johnny Davy's amazing vocals, and Elliot Seller's extreme drumming creates Job For A Cowboy's own unique, new sound.

Lyrics — 10
Job For A Cowboy's lyrics on Doom are typical metal band. Slaughter, war, gore. What more could you want? The lyrics are not as revolutionary as Job's sound as a whole. Johnny Davy's incredible vocals make up for the typical lyrics. Davy has the most well rounded, distinguished voice I've heard in metal. Johnny pulls of an extremely low growl as well as a ripping high scream. Pig squeals are incorporated on this album which to some may be a turn off, but Davy uses them effectively and brings his own sound to the vocal style. To sum up Job For A Cowboy's vocals in one word: incredible!

Overall Impression — 10
I love all kinds of metal: Classic, Thrash, and Death. This is the one album I would listen to over any other metal album I've listened to. I'm serious here, I feel really stupid giving an album a perfect 10, but how can I not when it's so innovative and fun to listen to. Every song from the eerie opening "Catharsis For The Buried" to the drumming masterpiece "Entities". My personal favorite on the album is "Suspended By The Throat", with it's varying guitar parts and sick tempo change. What I love most about this album is how I haven't heard anything like it before.

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    I find that there are only 2 opinions to Job For A Cowboy its either you love them...or you hate them. personally i love them
    All of you who put down this album... you only base it on Suspended By the Throat and you will not admit how ****ing awesome Entities is.
    I love the kickass death metal riffing combined with sick hardcore breakdowns, but it's progressive too, there's plenty of riffs in every song ... I don't think this band can be labelled :p
    i saw them at the sounds of the underground...they sounded really muddy...everybody flipped out when they played entombment. The 2 guitarists are nice doods tho kinda cool to meet them.
    X\Chazza/X wrote: Why are new genres invented now just by putting 'core' on the end of something? I can understand because I know the type of music you're talking about but isn't it a bit lazy? Anyway, I haven't heard much JFAC but from what I have they're pretty technical and heavy as ****
    the "core" is at the end cause it combines one style (in this case death metal) with hardcore (which sucks)... I love their newer album genesis way better cause its more death metal than deathcore and deathcore is too repetative... JFAC did a great job on both of their albums tho!!! And i guess i like sum other metacore/deathcore too, but more the thrash metal-ish stuff in the genre such as shadows fall and melodic stuff like all that remains... but jfac, children of bodom, black dahlia murder are way better (death/melodeath)... old school thrash like possessed, testament, megadeth, slayer, death and metallica are metal gods tho!
    saw these guys live... Entombment of A Machine is the greatest song live I've every heard