An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House review by Joe Bonamassa

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  • Released: Mar 12, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (14 votes)
Joe Bonamassa: An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House

Sound — 8
Highly acclaimed guitarist Joe Bonamassa has been wowing audiences with his signature style of guitar driven blues rock for the past two decades. His captivating string playing and powerful vocals have continued to wow his ever growing fanbase throughout his eleven studio albums and countless live performances, as well as his work as axeman for the rock supergroup Black Country Communion. Joe's masterful guitar playing has even captured the attention of multiple similarly legendary artists as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Glenn Hughes. Capturing the dynamic musician purely in his element, while also showcasing his new take on some old original classics is Joe Bonamassa's new live album, "An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House". As the title implies, this release shows Joe in an intimate acoustic setting, and performing an expansive collection of songs hand picked from throughout Joe's musical career. Spanning from 2009's "Palm Trees, Helicopters And Gasoline", to 2003's "Woke Up Dreaming", the variety showcased in the setlist is quite the enjoyable feature. Plus, hearing Joe's creative acoustic take on such heavily circulated hits is something that any fan should be able to appreciate. Joe gives a simply solid performance throughout the entire show, which leads to a standout release with very little room for improvement.

Lyrics — 9
Joe has continuously proven to be not only incredibly talented at the guitar, but also when it comes to lead vocals duties throughout his multitude of solo releases. When it comes to "An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House", this is no exception. Perfectionistic vocals from Joe on this one, and when backed by stunning acoustic guitar work allows you to just sit back and allow one track to transition into another, without ever touching the skip button.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, "An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House" is another standout live release by Joe Bonamassa, that shows the renowned guitarist masterfully utilizing an alternative take on some of his more seasoned and recent blues rock classics. Any established fan of Joe's previous work, as well as blues rock in general, should definitely look into picking this live album up for themselves, as it would be a fine addition to your ever expanding musical collection.

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    very nice. seems like im gonna have fun listening to this later
    Likely the great equalizer, money, is what happened. Supergroups are great but being the most noted of the four as a solo artist, Joe probably realized he was giving up a lot of cash from headline work to play with the talented (but over-hyped) Glenn Hughes. Jason Bonham is great and so is Derek Sherinian but only musicians go looking for instrumentalists to see live. Joe B. has the most success in front of hime of the four. Can you blame him for not wanting waste time?
    I lost all respect for this guy for what he did to Black Country Communion..
    and what did he do to them? Glenn Hughes even appears on the dvd in the special features. It would have to be a very legitimate good reason to lose respect for Bonamassa after all of his successes and great contributions to music.
    I feel like some of the BCC fans are dramatizing the entire situation a bit too much. No matter what the deal is, Joe B is the friggin' man.
    I lost respect for the band not manning-up and finding a new guitarist to replace him. Instead, they bitched about how it was all Joe's fault. There are plenty of out-of-work guitarists that could fill his role. If Megadeth can do it, so can BCC.
    Bonamassa told them that they can not use the name anymore. ''...just so it's crystal... BCC is over... Joe left & will not allow us to keep the name... nice huh? Jason Derek and I will continue with a different name when the time is right..'' thats from Glenn