Black Rock Review

artist: Joe Bonamassa date: 04/29/2010 category: compact discs
Joe Bonamassa: Black Rock
Released: Mar 23, 2010
Genre: Blues Rock, Blues
Label: Premier Artists
Number Of Tracks: 13
This album was overall quite a good album, it doesn't compare at all to his previous 2 albums, but an average Joe Bonamassa album is still a good blues album.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7
Black Rock Reviewed by: Smokinjoerules1, on april 29, 2010
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Sound: Being a devout Joe Bonamassa fan for about 4 years now, I struggled to love this album like I loved his previous 2 albums Sloe Gin (2007) and The Ballad of John Henry (2009). Like classic Joe Bon, his sound has remained the same which is a very important factor for him at this stage of his career =]. He has experimented with more european influences since his album was recorded in Greece (Black Rock Studios) as far as I can remember. So for sound he gets a big thumbs up.

01. Steal Your Heart Away: the opening of this track kinda sucked really but got better as it went on. I would consider this track to be a typical blues rock song really; basic lyrics, basic guitar parts. Yet the song still manages to sound quite good.

02. Know A Place: the guitar parts for this song arn't fantastic but still flow with the song, but the song sounds the same all the way through and doesn't really stand out for me.

03. When The Fire Hits The Sea: this song starts off better than the first 2 and stands out a bit more. It doesn't lack any rhythm at all with the whole song being pretty upbeat. However the solo doesn't feature a great amount of creativity and proves to be quite boring.

04. Quarryman's Lament: this song starts off much better than the first 3 tracks and has a good upbeat sound, however when the song reaches the verse the beat somehow seems to get lost somewhere until the chorus. It is still however a pretty good song.

05. Spanish Boots: this is more like the Joe Bonamassa we all know and love! The album seems to finally have kicked in, the guitar parts are interesting and the general sound is better.

06. Bird On A Wire: a fantastic song! Even if it is a cover, he still manages to make the song his own and experiment at the same time with different instruments. The song is slow paced and flows well. The solo is short but still exceptionally emotional. This song also ends perfectly.

07. Three Times A Fool: this is quite simply a classic sounding blues song =) Classic Joe and classic sound, upbeat and catchy! =]

08. Night Life: this song features a great performance from blues legend BB King, the whole song sounds excellent! The King influence is pasted all ove the track and so is Joe's and I must say, they sooooo have to record an entire album together! It would be superb if they did!

09. Wandering Earth: the beginning of this track is somewhat quite boring, but, like the other tracks at the beginning of the album, it gets better. This track doesn't really stand out much.

10. Look Over Yonders Wall: this track immediately begins with and upbeat guitar riff and lead part, which continues throughout the whole song leading to a generally good song.

11. Athens To Athens: one of the more popular songs on the album I've noticed on my youtube channel. This song is quite soft yet still upbeat so is an overally enjoyable song.

12. Blue And Evil: another good song on this album I can say =] It has the same overall sound of the album resluting in a rather good song.

13. Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind: where do I begin with this track? It's completely different to the rest of the album, yet still good, it wouldn't sound out of place on a Robert Johnson album to be honest haha. // 7

Lyrics: Typical Joe Bon lyrics in the songs he's written, great in places and slightly tacky in others. The lyrics in general are overally good to listen to and catchy most of the time. Joe fails to falter in his singing voice, if anything he experiments more with his vocal pitch in some songs like track 2 and 10. // 7

Overall Impression: This album was overall quite a good album, it doesn't compare at all to his previous 2 albums, but an average Joe Bonamassa album is still a good blues album. I like how he experimented a lot in this album as it works well with a lot of the songs. However some of the riffs are a bit stale in parts =[ Overall it's a pretty good album really, the songs that stand out make it more worthwhile. // 7

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