Live At Rockpalast [DVD] review by Joe Bonamassa

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  • Released: Feb 7, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (7 votes)
Joe Bonamassa: Live At Rockpalast [DVD]

Sound — 10
Since I discovered Joe Bonamassa, he's been like a god to me. I first found him in a magazine ("Guitarist") doing some video lessons. He was incredible. His technique was literally breathtaking and he had some completely awesome sounds. So I immediately bought some CD's and this DVD (Joe Bonamassa Live at Rockpalast [recorded at the Burg Satzvey, Mechernich, Germany on June 28 2005]). His sound is similar to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan, but there is a lot of evidence of Eric Johnson's influence in his playing. Many solo's mimic his tone pretty perfectly. He mixes the sounds of many great blues players over the past half century, to create his own, fantastic sound. In the DVD, he uses his instantly-recognisable Gigliotti Telecaster-shaped guitar, which is very metallic! Other guitars include several Les Pauls, and a slightly unusual Strat. His music is all incredible. The songs are fantastic. They blow your mind technically and sound like 'proper' songs. He plays lead guitar, and is the only guitarist. Then there's the bassist: Eric Czar, and the drummer: Kenny Kramme. Both are a wonderful complementation to Joe's fantastic playing.

Content — 10
This is a 'no nonsense' DVD with no lengthy 'production credits' to sit through when you load it up. It's literally plug-and-play. You can pick "Play All", select a song from "Set List" and change the audio: Stereo or DTS. When you play the DVD, again, there's no introduction or credits, it's straight into the first song. The set list is as follows: Takin' the Hit; A New Day Yesterday; Blues Deluxe; Mountain Time; You Upset Me Baby; The River; Burning Hell; Had to Cry Today; Heart of the Sunrise; Starship Trooper; I Don't Live Anywhere. Each and every song is fantastic and none will disappoint. Particularly spectacular are "Blues Deluxe", "The River" and "Had to Cry Today". But as I said, they're all incredible and there's not a bad track on the DVD.

Production Quality — 10
The quality of the audio is fantastic. I'm not sure if it is high-definition, but it sure sounds like it. There are camera's all around the venue, and they capture the show from every angel. The quality of the video is also very good. The many camera angels show Joe in all his glory from everywhere - far away, panning across; or rising from below. Transitions from one camera to another are clean and 'sensible' without any silly effects.

Overall Impression — 10
I've watched this DVD hundreds of times because I love it so much. It gives a little insight into Joe's playing, though even after watching it, odds are you won't be able to play the guitar like he does! It is one of the best music DVDs I own (up there with the 'big boys' like Crossroads Festival). There isn't a 'most impressive thing' on the DVD, because the entire thing is impressive! It will blow your mind. I love absolutely everything about it. If it were lost or stolen I would definitely purchase it again. Highly recommended to any Bonamassa/SRV/Hendrix/Clapton fan!

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    Sounds wicked...if only I could find them up here, nobody seems to stock them! Hmm, Amazon...
    It's not actually a tele... It's a "tele-look-alike" made by a company called "Giglioti". But yeah, it is awesome!
    Great !!!! I am from Hungary and he is not a known player here. Fortunately It has been changing. He is very good player. He is dazzling. Thank's God there are still some players who give us such a amazing music.