Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock review by Joe Satriani

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  • Released: Apr 1, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (146 votes)
Joe Satriani: Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock

Sound — 9
As usual Joe's tone is spot on, at least from where I stand. The use of fuzz and that Daft Punk-esque synthesised vocals thing really are brilliant additions to his normal sound. Satriani says that the strange album name came from just merging song names together. I think every song is at least 70-80% listenable, and should have you air guitaring your nuts off. However, there are some bits, mainly intros, that aren't really that good, or don't flow that well, specifically Overdriver. Don't worry though, when the solo kicks in it's all good. The album does have a certain discourse in that it gets a bit more dramatic/epic near the end, culminating in the flamenco-esque final song Andalusia.

Lyrics — 9
No lyrics apart from on I Just Wanna Rock, and they add the cheesiness to this song that it so rightly deserves. The Daft Punk vocals are in this song, and it fits in with the story that Joe is telling with the song. It's about a robot who goes to a gig and asks everyone 'What is your purpose? ' and the reply 'I just wanna rock'. Then the robot informs us that he want to learn how to rick for us, and plays us a quite robotic sounding solo. So I'd have to give it a 9 here too.

Overall Impression — 9
I find that I can listen to this Satch album straight through no matter what mood I'm in, somehting I couldn't quite do with his previous offerings. Impressive songs, in order of impressiveness: Andalusia, Revelations, I Just Wanna Rock. Overall I'd give it a 9, simply because in my opinions 10 is reserved for perfect albums, and those parts that just don't flow detract from the awesome-ness. And yes I'd buy it again.

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    wow what a great album this is. i especially loved Musterion i thought the guitar ryth with the whammy bar was amazing. and Diddle-Y-A-Doo-Dats guitar line right at the begining was immence despite the intro that i thought wasnt quite keeping with the rest of the songs mood. but not everything songs perfect Going to see him on May 15th in Manchester guna be Immence keep up the gr8 work satch we all luv ya
    As usual satch delivers awesome music in a different way than the last album.....totally awesome!!!!
    Aw snap I didn't know the album came out! Darn it! It's nice to know people liked it, but I don't care about your opinions, I care about mine! *runs to some music store/website*
    C.C. Deville
    i love this album, i just wanna rock is my fav song, its been stuck in my head since saturday =/ i really like revelation and adalusia
    Can't w8 to get it! Satriani IS god! cnt w8 to see him when he comes to switzerland! i think its just as good that his music hasnt changed, otherwise well...its different, and the old/now satriani music is awsome so....why change? however i admit i havnt heard album yet so... keep playing Satch!
    I'm going to see him on May 12th I loved this album, the bonus DVD is hilarious too, Satch is a funny man!
    It's an enjoyable album, but nothing new really. There was really no "wow" moments on this album, at least not for me. Some songs are just really fun to listen to, like Professor Satchafunkilus!
    I think that this album is as different from the others as they are from each other, it's more of a progression from Super Colossal than anything else and that's how i've always found his albums. Yes there's a distinctive sound but that's his own sound. Alot more enjoyable than the fretwankery of most others nowadays. I love it's simplicity and it's generally upbeat vibe which is crucial with an album such as this. An excellent display of skill with no possibility of dissappearing up its own backside. I love Joe Satriani's work above all others, as it's purely about music and very little else, except of course his impressive compositional skills. Now I have it, I can't wait for the next one. \m/
    I think OldHairyOne used "esque" too much in this reveiw btw, isnt that a talkbox in "I wanna rock"?