The Best Of Joe Walsh review by Joe Walsh

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1978
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (19 votes)
Joe Walsh: The Best Of Joe Walsh

Sound — 9
I'm a big Eagles fan, and that was my main reason for purchasing this CD. I wanted to hear some more of Joe's stuff, and to listen to what the original versions of some Eagles' songs sounded like (i.e. Funk 49). Much of his stuff sounds pretty funky, but not by a very modern standard. There's some really cool, yet simple guitar on this CD. Joe isn't known for being an incredible guitarist, but he certainly isn't a bad one. There are very few tracks on the CD that you won't love! "Funk No. 48" is perhaps a lesser version of "Funk No. 49" (also included on the CD), but it's still great all the same. "The Ashes, The Rain, And I" is a great acoustic tune, which will stick with you for a long time. Another of my favourites that I've heard the Eagles do is "Walk Away", and the original will not disappoint. And then, of course, there is "Rocky Mountain Way", which seems to find it's way onto every rock compilation CD in the past 10 years. He's got a great sound, and adds other elements to the music, such as a string quartet on "Collage". It's slightly reminiscent of the Eagles, though not drastically.

Lyrics — 9
Joe Walsh has a really 'interesting' voice. It's actually sometimes funny to listen to his voice on the CD, because it's so high and almost 'squeaky' sometimes! But his voice is indeed very good. He has lots of ability, and is very good when harmonising with the Eagles, though there is no harmonisation on this CD. The lyrics aren't incredible, but they're good enough to have you singing the songs for months to follow.

Overall Impression — 10
Joe Walsh & the James Gang don't really compare to the Eagles, though this CD is still very, very good! "Rocky Mountain Way" and "Funk No. 49" are unquestionably the best songs on the CD. If you like the Eagles, or ever have liked them, then you should certainly buy this CD. Even if you've only ever heard (and liked) Joe Walsh playing "Rocky Mountain Way" on a compilation CD, then it's well worth buying this CD for the rest of the tracks, because they're all brilliant. And another major selling point for me was that it was only 3.33 on

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    Cobalt Blue
    it's a kick ass CD, he kicked ass long before he was in the eagles and long after
    Joe isn't known for being an incredible guitarist, but he certainly isn't a bad one.
    I disagree with that statement 100% I think he is a great guitarist. Being a huge Joe Walsh fan myself, I highly recommend the James Gang album titled Rides Again. Many of the songs you mentioned (Funk #48 and #49, Walk Away, Ashes, The Rain, and I, and Collage) were James Gang songs, so I will bet that if you liked those, you will like Rides Again. Good to see some more Walsh fans out there
    personally i think his stuff beats the eagles but the eagles are still tight
    i like joe walsh. expecially his style. he really plans out his solos and nails them clean. one of the smoothest playing guitarists around.
    funk #48 is by no means a lesser version of funk #49, although they've got a similar feel to them i actually think #48 is more creative in some ways, although both are great songs.
    Cobalt Blue
    : \ i must have a different version (even though it has the same album cover. mine doesn't have Funk #48, if has Funk #49 but no 48.
    Joe Walsh is a God and it pains me to see you refer to his James Gang songs as Eagles songs but, "originals". Everyone should buy "James Gang Rides Again"