Letur-Lefr [EP] Review

artist: John Frusciante date: 07/19/2012 category: compact discs
John Frusciante: Letur-Lefr [EP]
Released: Jul 17, 2012
Genre: Electronica, Synth-Pop, Experimental, Hip-Hop
Label: Record Collection
Number Of Tracks: 5
"Letur-Lefr" is a walk through the mind of one of the greatest musicians of the last 20 years, and his constantly evolving styles and genres.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Letur-Lefr [EP] Reviewed by: Sir9ToeSexy, on july 19, 2012
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Sound: John Frusciante has recently shared his new musical innovations with us on "Letur-Lefr". Recently stating on his website how he has started experimenting with electronic music and synthysisers, and moving away from rock music which he is most familiar with. While John still plays guitar on "Letur-Lefr", it's not meant to be the lead instrument, and is usually in the background. John has really reached out now and collaborates with rappers such as RZA and Rugged Monk on songs. Over all, although this is a entirely new sound for Frusciante, and while it may take a while to get into, after 3-4 listens, you'll love it. Just a warning though, this is nothing like any Red Hot Chili Peppers album, don't buy it thinking it's going to be "Stadium Arcadium II"! // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in "Letur-Lefr" aren't as memorable as other records he has sang on, such as "Shadows Collide With People" and even "Niandra Lades". Of course, John's voice is still amazing, and his vocal range is incredible, but some of his lyrics are as cryptic as ever. There is also a feature artist on every song, such as "FM" and "In My Light", which features RZA's rapping, and in the latter, some pretty cool add-ons to John's verses which I love. "Glowe" is completely instrumental, and there's not too much singing in "909 Day". John's wife Nicole Turley also features on "IN Your Eyes", the albums first track. The lyrics work so well with the synth and drum machine beats! // 8

Overall Impression: "Letur-Lefr" is a walk through the mind of one of the greatest musicians of the last 20 years, and his constantly evolving styles and genres. The only thing I didn't like was how short it was! 15 minutes is not enough to satisfy, thankfully "PBX" (John's other synth-pop record coming out this year, search it up) will be out soonish. "Letur-Lefr", according to Frusciante, is about two people becoming one, and this links the first song to the last up like a 20 tonne chain. Stand out tracks are definitely "In Your Eyes", "FM" and "In My Light". "Letur-Lefr" is a eye opening experience into John's new genre he's experimenting with, and it's great. Although extremely short (and absent of guitar, it IS there, but there's so little of his awesome little riffs and fills!), this is a really, really great EP, if you into electronic music like Depeche Mode or even the Wu-Tang Clan, I recommend this EP. It's probably the best EP to come out at all this year, get it! P.S. If the review seems shitty, don't blame me, it's my first, and you gotta start somewhere! // 9

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overall: 8.3
Letur-Lefr [EP] Reviewed by: Jmoarguitar, on july 19, 2012
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Sound: An important note to enjoy this album is to not compare, instead listen. Unique timing patterns and drum beats keep you locked in, while well placed synthesizer parts make the songs feel complete. "In Your Light" displays both of these greatly, with wonderful synth runs. Immediately after, you are disoriented by this hectic wall of noise. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on how far you want to dive into that experimental area. John is able to bring his style of chord progressions from guitar, over to synthesizer in 909 Day; so make no mistake that this is undoubtedly a Frusciante record, just unique. "Glowe" may sound familiar to those who listened to "The Empyrean", as it's a remix of the melody found in the last half of that song, which will give you a good idea on exactly what this album is all about. Since this is on Ultimate-Guitar, I have to talk about the guitar! No need to panic, there is plenty of guitar mixed into this EP, guitar has simply taken a different role this time round, mainly supplementing the music, rather being the leader. "In Your Light", and "909 Day" contain very signature styled solo's you'd expect. This EP is solid soundwise for the open minded. // 9

Lyrics: I really like the lyrics, they have a surreal feel to them, where you can just let your mind float off and enjoy the music. The lyrics fit well with some rather epic parts in the album. For example, in "In My Light", John sings "I see the sun looking down at me, in my light, I can't read the signs", all the while this entrancing synth sweeps is playing in the background, making for one of the more memorable moments on the album. "FM" features rapper, famous from Wu Tang Clan RZA, and the lyrics fit out from the rest of the album, taken out of the trippy surreal world of John, and into the almost cold world of rap and hip hop. Lyrics like "Got a fully loaded notebook and my tongues the gun, spit like an ak, Come from Compton C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A" give it that old school rap feeling, which should be no surprise. While it fit out from the rest of the EP, it's a breathe of fresh air. "In My Light" and "In Your Eyes", contain those addicting falsetto vocals that Froosh & Chili Pepper fans love so much, and those two songs are strong enough vocally to keep coming back for more. // 8

Overall Impression: John's experimental attitude leads him to progressive synth pop. With heavy emphasis on drum tracks and synthesizer, Chili Pepper fans may be left shocked and confused, while dedicated fans of John's music will feel right at home with this EP. It may take a few listens to get the feel for it, but it doesn't take long before you're coming back to listen to the addictive "In Your Eyes" or "Glowe". What I love most is that this is just an EP, merely a taste of what we will be getting in "PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone", which will have more of everything. More guitar, more synth, more drums, more John. // 8

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overall: 9.7
Letur-Lefr [EP] Reviewed by: JFisJC, on july 19, 2012
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Sound: John Frusciante is back with his new 5 song EP, "Letur-Lefr", an electronic album unlike anything we've heard from him thus far. All of the sounds are primarily done on a computer with some guitar work as well. John has switched from his trusty Strat to a Yamaha SG which provides a different tone than some of the classic JF riffs. // 9

Lyrics: Once again, John knows how to tickle me with his deep and profound lyrics. In my opinion, the 5th and final track, "In My Light", are some of his best to date. The tracks John only really "sings" on are "In Your Eyes" and "In My Light". He is briefly heard on "909 Day" and "FM". Multiple rap artists can be heard on this EP including RZA, Masia One and Kinetic 9. Now, I've never heard of any of them, and rap isn't really my cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed each song they were on. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this was a fantastic little dose of what John Frusciante has been up to as of late. In my honest opinion, this is one of his best. It stacks up with "Shadows" and "The Empyrean". I felt pure elation when I put the first song on and it lasted long after the final track was over. The thing I love most about it is his lyrics. They are beautiful, they do something inside of me when I hear them and I love it. The thing I hate about it is also the lyrics. Or the lack there of. Only 2 songs have real, actual lyrics for the entirety of the song written by John. Only briefly do you hear him on "909 Day" and "FM" is are written by the mc's. If it was stolen from me, I'd beat the guy with a lead pipe, then hug him for loving John Frusciante as much as I do. *Fun Fact: the first track, "In Your Eyes" is the sequel to the final track, "In My Light", making the album come to a full circle. This is a must buy, not just for a John Frusciante fan, but for a music fan. // 10

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