Continuum review by John Mayer

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  • Released: Sep 9, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (125 votes)
John Mayer: Continuum

Sound — 8
This record is a much better album than his previous efforts in my opinion, unless you count the John Mayer Trio's "Try." Continuum really has that homey comforting feeling, and doesn't feel at all like pop mush that he gained popularity for early in the decade. Continumm really bring back blues-rock and gives it a new life so that it can exist with popularity in 2006. John Mayer really knows how to rock that dirty stratocaster tone, although after awhile the songs start to blend together and the production is quite average.

Lyrics — 8
His lyrics are great. I love his use of modern experiences and everyday cliches or sayings. They tug at your heartstrings and bring back memories of times gone past. Overall I'd say they generally fit well with the music. Mayer is a not the best singer in the world but that doesn't matter at all as it helps him keep his down to earth tone.

Overall Impression — 9
This record is a beautiful work. Buy it whenever you have the chance it's much better than his other works in my ears. I really don't like some of the songs though, but they outweigh the bad and the good really shines. I'd would replace this immediatly if it were lost. Get Continuum today!

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    Battery Chicken
    Dude I've got dark rings around my eyes too and I've been off the gear for 10 plus years. If John is anything like me, he just doesn't sleep to well. Anyway kick arse album, apart from Vultures, I dig every song on Continuum. This guy really knows how to wail on a Strat, I think any strat player worth his salt is searching for the sound he gets out of it.
    Would everyone stop ragging on Johnny? The album is really well done in my opinion. Gravity was less manufactured on Try!, but the point of making an alternate version of the song was to shed a new light on it anyway. "Belief", "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room", and "I'm Gonna Find Another You" are all great tunes and add a lot of depth to the new grounds his writing is reaching. He's a great guitar player, but he doesn't overplay on any of the songs and he writes solos so that they fit into the context of the music. He's not looking to be a guitar god because he's not the greatest guitarist out there; he's just looking to write good music. His cover of "Bold As Love" isn't as good as Hendrix's version, but do you have any idea how many people in the world had never heard "Bold As Love" before Johnny covered it? I was in the car with my friend Jared the other day and we were listening to Continuum and he was like, "I really like that new song of his, 'Bold As Love'." He's creating a bridge for people who weren't around to experience SRV and Hendrix before their untimely deaths. Johnny is the man.
    great CD, a few songs sound a little too "pop" for me but other than that the lyrics and guitar are amazing...also if you look at the very end of the lyrics sheet that comes with the cd, in small letters, you will find "If your reading this with an instrument in your lap - get to work, and deep in it, We all need you." i read this (with my guitar sitting in my lap) and was just blown back, so awesome
    This guy knows what he's doing. He's exposing raw, heartfelt music to a teenie generation; and he's doing it with class. Every bit of music he writes, he writes it for a reason. I give the album an 11, and John an 11 as a person. Spectacular musician. John Mayer is truly greater than pop.
    Yes, This album is quite the beauty i was expecting it to be and just think of what he can do in the next couple years/111